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One more thing—this isn't to insult Hawkfrost in any way. I think he's cool. But he IS demanding and controlling.

Dark Sunshine Screams


It was dark. The musty scent of dirt, reeds, and fear filled the den. Her eyes were as wide as twin moons, staring into nothingness. The right side of her face was pressed against her nest, and although her right leg was twisted in an uncomfortable angle, she did not shift.

The only light came from outside the den, which spilled inside, yet did not reach her. Sunshine, sweet sunshine. How she longed for it—some bright glow to lift her spirits. Yet, it could not, for his silhouette blocked it's glorious light.

Her eyes were focused on him. Her heart was beating so rapidly, she felt like it was about to leap out. She was so afraid—so afraid.

But she felt so lost. So empty. So dark.

Her inner legs were sore and throbbed from the previous, terrifying activity. Every breath she took was torture. She couldn't believe...She just couldn't...

All she had wanted to do was to lay down and rest...

Now she was wide-awake, and torn from herself.

"Hawkfrost." His name was a broken whisper that escaped her lips.

The powerful tabby lifted his head at his name. His brilliant ice-blue eyes mesmerized her, only for a moment.

"Why did you do that?" Was her next raspy sentence. She felt cold, and a long shiver ran down her spine.

Hawkfrost continued to gaze at her, his eyes hungry, and lustful and dark.

He remained silent.

"Hawkfrost," Swallowtail repeated, this time a bit more forceful, "Why did you do that?"

An evil, smug grin spread across his face. "I need you, Swallowtail, my life is nothing but anger and shadows...I need light...I need bliss..."

She stared at him, frightened for her life. Her insides shook and trembled. Her mind swirled in confusion, and everything came back.

The SCREAMS of pain, the pleads and sobs, begging to stop...The shadows swallowing her up menacingly as flashes appeared before her closed eyelids...The mighty, fiery figure above her, brushing against her fur...

And the twisted ecstasy that came with all of it.

"I need you, Swallowtail, I need light..." He whispered into the horrifying silence, "You are my sunshine..."

"I am not your sunshine," She began, but he cut her off—

"Yes, you are," He hissed, ears flat, pearly white fangs glinting in the faint light, "Yes, you are, Swallowtail..."

Stare. All she could do was stare. Then, she heard it all in her head again...She heard the pleads, the moans...



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