Yuki and Ayame are sitting at their mother's hospital bed. Their mom had passed out at Aaya's house, while she was staying there for about two weeks until her house is repaired. Yuki looks at Aaya as he starts to talk about the day when their mother passed out.

"It was a cool day it the afternoon when I hear a cry of despair. I rushed into the kitchen to find my assistant, Mine screaming at a commonly seen horror. Yes, my dear little brother it was another women fallen victim to the oh so horrid crime of being overweight and wearing revealing clothing." Aaya paused.

Yuki breathed a deep sigh of despair. He couldn't believe that he was stuck with older brother Ayame. Poor Yuki started to list off the places where he'd rather be at the moment instead of stuck here. Even being with Akito would be better than here.

"It was absolutely dreadful, but never the less Mine and I are always ready to help someone in need, no matter how hard it is. So Mine and I went out of our way to help the her. We put her on a one of those workout programs."

"Wait don't those cost money how could you afford one?"

"Oh my poor ignorant, little brother I didn't put her on one of those official plans, I put her on my own slender plan. It include turning the treadmill's speed up from three to twenty during her morning work out."

"You what! No wonder our poor mother is lying in the hospital! What were you thinking Aaya?! When mom is spending two weeks at your house until her house is repaired! How could you do that? Um Ayame just how long was she running on that thing before you stopped it?"

"Not to fret Yuki I only made her run for eighteen mins. I was going for twenty but she passed out before that."

"Our mom isn't fat Ayame!"

"What would give you the idea that she is fat?"

"You said that it was another woman fallen victim to the horrid crime of being fat and wearing revealing clothing."

"Oh that I was talking about the maid. Didn't you hear the pause it was the signal of me moving on to the next subject."

"Oh, but why did you put her one a workout plan?"

"Why that's simple she said she needed a good sweat so I gave her one."