Of Faerie Wielders and Former Quincy


Summary: Inoue x Ishida fluff

Disclaimer: I don't own it…



Inoue understood Ishida's loss of his Quincy powers. She's lost her own ability to fight, it wasn't entirely when Tsubaki was wounded.


On a daily basis, Inoue fell and Ishida was always behind her to catch her. She would always giggle a little and pull herself up, using Ishida's arm for balance. Then, she would say that she'd momentarily forgotten how to stand, or that her faeries had tripped her.


Ishida didn't laugh. He would smirk and Inoue would always just understand. One day, she'd asked him why and he took her face in his hands. He smirked and kissed her nose briefly. "You're laughter is enough for the both of us." And then, he laughed.

Every so often, Inoue would forget to pick up her own clothes for after her shower and end up wearing Ishida's pants and top while he stood befuddled in the bedroom, holding up a skirt.


Inoue would shower in the evening, while Ishida would bathe in the morning. When a water conservation program began in the summer, Inoue had ended up in Ishida's morning bath. All the while, she wondered if the water was too warm, as her shy, former-Quincy boyfriend crimsoned.


Ishida had always cared about being able to protect Inoue. She knew about his obsession to protect her. She knew, even without his powers, he was her knight in shining armour, but she was the one holding the sword.


While they lay on a blanket in the park, they remembered their first date. Inoue had remembered inviting over her friends to watch shooting stars with her, when Kuchiki and Kurosaki had devised a plan to get Ishida and Inoue together. They'd left the two of them alone that night. They lay on the blanket making silent wishes and holding hands.

Ice Cream

Though Ishida had told her no the first time, Inoue had convinced him, evil bunnies and all, to get his tonsils removed with her. Her exact words had been "It'll be just like getting tattoos together, only with laughing gas!" Afterwards, Inoue had stocked their freezer with ice cream, forcing the former Quincy to eat it and not cook or else she'd "sic her faeries" on him.


Their first kiss had been awkward, a clash of teeth, noses and a mess of arms. Their second had been his initiation. It was everything they wanted it to be, soft, slow and passionate. The third, Inoue had asked him to give to her. The fourth, and every one after that had been at least a bit awkward and interrupted by a phone call. (Either from Kuchiki or Tatsuki asking about whether they knew about different birth control or from Chuzuru telling her she'd made a mistake on whom she was in love with.)


Ishida didn't believe in PDA (public displays of affection). He liked for their romantic relationship to be a personal thing, keeping his kisses behind closed doors. Inoue, however, yearned to go out and kiss her boyfriend in public. She obliged with his wish of no PDA until his birthday, when she kissed him fully on the mouth in front of Kurosaki, Kuchiki Tatsuki, Sado, and an angry Chuzuru.