Inoue seemed to drag Ishida to the theatre every chance she got. Ishida always wondered if it was because she wanted to kiss in the dark or if it was because of the romantic dinners afterwards.


Words didn't always explain emotions between them, so they would watch one another from time to time. Upon occasion, their gazes would catch and hazel would meld with blue. Their stares said it all.


Every week, they would clean the house, from dusting to beating out rugs to laundry. And, every week, he would put a specific frame face down. And, every week, she would put it back up, dust it and smile at it. For she adored how cute her husband had been when he was younger and she loved how handsome he'd become.


She'd brought a book home a week after finding her pregnancy test positive. Ishida was tense because of it, looking over names with Inoue was not something he wanted to do at twenty. Because of it, Inoue had picked forty American names and eleven Russian names. In the end, though, Inoue was not even pregnant.


Ishida didn't like surprises for many reasons. One, he was afraid that it would eventually mean his death. Two, he was afraid it would mean Inoue's death. Third, he was afraid Inoue would surprise him with another 'How To' book on sex.


They worked together for weeks on one quilt in sewing club. He worked on one end, and she worked on the other. Upon occasion, her eyes would meet his and they would delve into each other's thoughts, before returning to sewing, simultaneously pricking their fingers.


Date number two was extremely calm, simply walking down the beach and having a simple picnic, until Kurosaki and Kuchiki invited people to join them, stealing their romantic moments.


Inoue went through a stage where she took her camera with her everywhere, and took pictures of everything. However, she was completely confused when she developed the film and found all of the pictures had Ishida in them somewhere.


Ishida thought that fate was on his side when she agreed to be his girlfriend, but Kurosaki thought it was just dumb luck and Inoue being too nice to say no. However, when Inoue held his hand and giggled with him sweetly, he changed his mind, especially when she wouldn't shut up about how good a kisser he was.


When they'd left for different colleges, they'd promised to meet at a large tree in the middle of the park.

When she'd gotten back, she sat beneath the tree night after night, waiting for him to sweep her up in his arms. When he'd gotten back, he stood among the branches morning after morning, awaiting her return. Days passed, nights passed, and still neither had seen one another.

When an eclipse covered the city in darkness, they both went to the tree and found one another. They gathered each other up in hugs and showered them with soft kisses. It was at that moment that they decided to get married beneath that same tree.