Disclaimer: I own the plot, but I don't own Digimon.

Big Business

There it went again.

Gatomon had just woken up after having a nice, peaceful catnap, one where she relaxed in a batch of dandelions under the summer sun in the first part, ate fish in the second, and chased gigantic dogs in the end. This became a serious cliché for her, but from a little cat's view, who would not want to relax comfortably on flowers, eat fish, and especially chase humongous dogs to where they would crash in a trash can like that yellow-furred alley cat from New York?

But all merry crashed like glass hitting a wall.

Next to her bed was another one, and someone was occupying it. She was hunching down, and her hind legs had risen to where a human would cramp a groin if they tried it. All the while, ears bopped back and forth, oh, so fluently, like a comb caressing long hair. Like a true professional, nothing failed her whenever taking care of a task so monumental (or, to look the other way, so easy).

Now, why could humans not do this, a thought rang? Why do something that required so much soap, water, and privacy when they could do so on the bed… or in public? Why hide it all when they could just flaunt it, especially where and when everyone could watch?

A blasphemy, it was! This mindset needed to be reversed at once!

Gatomon needed not to witness, and she left the room, screaming "Yuck!"

"What's the matter, Gatomon?" asked Kari curiously one minute later.

"Miko's what's the matter!" Gatomon motioned to the grooming cat, particularly where she groomed. "She's taking take of 'big business'!"

From the couch, Tai gulped down spring water.

"Must be a holiday, then."

Author's Note: This drabble is based on conversations between Mom and I whenever we see our cats occasionally groom the, ahem, nether regions (or, as we say it, the "big business").