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Pregnant? Version 2.0

This was it. The Day. The day that Edward had managed to guilt trip Bella into telling Charlie. About the baby…and the engagement. Things were not looking good. Shit was going to go down.

It was a few weeks after the stair incident, and the Cullens were becoming more accustomed to knowing that not only did they have a human practically living in their house, but said human was also pregnant and practically disabled.

Alice assured Edward, Bella and Carlisle that Charlie would be fine about it… After a little while. Bella was nearing hyperventilation as she was leaving with Edward, practically being dragged, into the car.

As Bella and Edward got nearer and nearer to the house, Bella's panic and stress level rose, with Jasper breathing a sigh of relief that he was not trapped in that car with an over stress and freaked out pregnant woman. Bella got out of the car. Edward got out of the car. They both looked like they were about to puke or pass out, or both. The prospects weren't too promising. They walked to the door, and entered.

As soon as Edward walked into the door, Charlie gave him a dirty look. Edward gulped. Oh! Bella's home! Charlie thought, Oh, she looks a little pale, and scared… Is that boy beating her or something? And of course, the man whore came with her… He doesn't deserve my little girl… I swear if he did anything to her I will personally ruin his life. Everyone thinks that I don't have connections, but I do, oh I do… His ass will be grass!!… I will have him registered for sexual assault in all 50 states…and Canada!!!!!

"Hi, Bella sweetheart!" Charlie cheerily rang out, putting a somewhat fake and pathetically trying to be shining smile on his face, "Oh, and…you…"

"Hello, Chief Swan," Edward said, his voice wavering slightly, the panic starting to take over.

"Chief Swan?! I told you to call me Charlie, boy! What the HELL have you done! Cause I know you did something! Coming in here, calling me Chief Swan like that will make a difference in the outcome of you little mishap!" Charlie yelled, enjoying the look of terror that had crossed on to Edward's face.

"Um, daddy…" Bella started, trying to play the little innocent daughter card. Charlie's expression visibly softened at her voice, "Can you come in to the living room for a second… I—well, We have something to tell you…" Bella said, Charlie visibly paling at the word 'we'…

As they walked into the living room, Edward checked to make sure that Charlie's gun was hanging up on its peg like it should. The three of them walked into the living room, Bella and Edward sitting down on the couch, Bella starting to shake.

"Well, Daddy…" Bella started, "We have an announcement to make… Well… You know how much I love Edward, and how much he loves me…" Charlie was becoming paler at the second, "Well, we decided that since we love each other so much, that, um, we decided to, um, well…get inmphung…." Bella said her last word unrecognizable.

"What was that, sweetheart…" Charlie whispered, almost silently.


"OK…Well…" Charlie couldn't get coherent sentences out. This wasn't going good.


"There's more?!?!" Charlie spluttered.

"I'm pregnant…" Bella said.

Silence. Complete total and utter silence.

"Well… Should I be happy for you? Should I yell at you? I don't even know anymore…" Charlie thought out loud, musing, while Bella and Edward exchanged worried looks, "Aha! I know! I shall say congratulations, but I will not help support this child. If you two are foolish enough to think that you can support a newborn and a wedding, then all the power to you. But I think you two need to learn your own lessons. Hell, look at me! I married and had a kid young, and they were the worst mistakes of my life!"

Awkward silence.

"Opps…Um, Bella, sweetheart… I didn't really mean that… I LOVE you…"


It had also taken a few weeks, but Emmett, too, was starting to be convinced that Bella was pregnant, and that she WOULD get fat, but only after a couple of months. Upon realizing this, Emmett, too, was ecstatic.

So ecstatic, in fact, that he decided that some warm wishes were in order…

The Monday morning was average for Bella. Wake up to Edward whispering in her ear, and rubbing her stomach; running to the bathroom moments after said wake up to dry heave into the toilet; argue with Edward that she wasn't hungry, but nauseous, and shouldn't eat breakfast; drive to school in silence; go home and sleep. A normal, average routine.

However, her schedule today was rudely interrupted, upon arriving at school. Edward was tensed up sitting next to her in the Volvo.

Bella gave him a puzzled look, and stepped out of the vehicle. She was greeted with silence. Complete and total silence. Just like when they had told Charlie she was pregnant! Everyone was looking at her, and Lauren was standing there with a smug look on her face. Bella looked over at Edward, who was slowly exiting the car, with an angry look on his face.

"What is it?" Bella stupidly asked.

"Umm…. It seems that everyone has found out about your pregnancy…I mean our little bundle of joy arriving in a few months…" Edward said, a vein popping out of his already tensed jaw. Bella paled, then grabbed Edward's hand and started to pull him towards the building in which their lockers were located.

Since Bella and Edward and the same schedule, their lockers were side by side in Building 1. In a nice, crowded, busy hall. As Bella dragged Edward along to their lockers, they spied what had caused the commotion.

Attached to Bella's locker, spilling over onto Edward's as well, was a huge "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" sign, with baby pink and blue balloons (AHHH I HATE BALLOONS, THEY ARE EVIL!!! EVIL!!! And scary…) attached everywhere. Underneath the huge sign, there was a sheet, adorned with Emmett's neat, yet some how messy scrawl, where the words stating "Congratulations Bella and Edward on your new addition to the family!!! Sign here to wish them well!!"

"Hey Bella!! Edward!!" Emmett's cheerful voice screeched. Edward growled. Oh, yeah. His days were numbered. "Do you like the sign I put up?!!? I made it all by myself!! Oh, and I borrowed some of Esme and Alice's glitter, too…"

The rest of the "underage" Cullens were standing behind Emmett, looks of death all on their faces, but one…

"Good job, sweetie…" Rosalie purred, patting a proud looking Emmett on the back, obviously ecstatic at Bella's, now ruined, social status.

"EMMETT!!! How could you!?!??!" Alice shrieked, whacking him on the back of his head.

"Emmett!!" Jasper roared, feeding off of the rest of the family's anger, "You're such an idiot!!"

Rosalie's face showed confusion, then quickly changed to obviously false rage, "Oh, I mean, Bad Emmett!! That was bad!!" Rosalie restated in a flustered tone, after hearing everyone else's response to the situation.

Edward just gave Emmett a look, causing Emmett's joy and pride created smile on his face to slowly wither, dim and die. Emmett looked at Edward, let out a wail at doing something wrong, and ran out of the school. Rosalie quickly ran after him, causing quite a scene.

"OK!!!" Alice screeched out, causing everyone to look her way in alarm, "Here's how we're gonna do this!!! All of you will forget this ever happened, or else I will set all my legions of chavs on you, AND YOU WILL DIE."

Everyone sat there in silence, looking at Alice in shock and horror.

"Um, Alice…? You said you never used your chav connections…" Jasper said in a small, scared and wimpy voice.

Suddenly, Jasper, feeding from everyone else's emotions, jumped up and shrieked at the top of his lungs, "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!" And ran out of the building.

Everyone sat there, and suddenly turned towards their friends and started to talk again, not about Bella, though. About the, now dubbed, "Weird Jasper Hale".


Bella looked down at her stomach. Ugh, she thought, I am getting fat… Peering down at the non-existent pudge.

"Bella…" Alice said, bouncing into the room, "You are only 10 weeks along… I don't think you're going to become fat for awhile… LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!" She finished with a jump and a shriek.

"Alice…" Bella grumbled, trying to get up from Edward's couch without falling over. Edward ran into the room. Edward was still dealing with some issues after he wasn't there to help Bella down the stairs… Now Edward was being more over-protective and over-bearing than usual.

"Bella, love!! You're awake!! No, no!! Don't get off the couch, I'll carry you!!! We don't want you to fall again, hey?" Edward finished with a chuckle.

"HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS, I WAS PUSHED!!!" Bella shrieked, pushing away Edward's arms as he tried to help her up.

"Sure, sure, sweetheart…" Edward said his voice taking on his 'humour the fat pregnant human' tone, "Now, be careful, we wouldn't want you to lose another one of my babies, now would we?" Bella paled at the words 'my babies'…

"OK, BELLA!!! SHOPPING TIME!!!!!" Alice shrieked, pulling up Bella and dragging her into the hall, "Now… this time do you have your vitamins??"

"Yes, mom…" Bella groaned, then sighed, "OH!! But I have to stop by the house and grab my bag…"

"Cool, we'll stop there then," Alice said, pushing Bella into her YELLOW Porsche. Alice screeched out of the Cullen's driveway, and headed towards Forks. In less then 10 minutes Alice's 'baby' had screeched to a stop in front of Bella's small house.

"Be back out in 5 minutes!!! 'Cause I don't want to wait longer than that…" Alice said which caused Bella to pale slightly, and jump out of the Porsche. Bella ran into the house, and up into her room. Spying her bag, she grabbed it, and ran back out to the stairs. Walking carefully to the stairs, Bella stopped, and felt a horrific wave of nausea come over her, causing her to run as if for her life to the bathroom.

After regurgitating her entire day's consumption of food, Bella woozily walked back to the stairs, patting her stomach. Bella looked down at said offending stomach, and said with disgust that would have made any other content, hormonal and 'glow-y' pregnant woman cry, "Will you stop that?!? I HATE YOU!!! And I hate running for the bathroom every five second!!!" Absent-mindedly walking back to the stairs, Bella suddenly felt a cold, hand shaped rock like thing push her back. Bella tumbled down the stairs for the second time in a month, and all was black.


"Bella! Bella!!" Edward yelped franticly, looking at Bella's lifeless form, the rest of the Cullens standing behind him. Bella opened her eyes, and took in Carlisle's crowded office.

"Bella," Carlisle said sternly, as Edward started to kiss her face and plopped her into his lap, "I said to be careful around stairs! Now look what happened! You miscarried—" Rosalie started to giggle, looking triumphant, "—another baby! Bella, you were originally carrying fraternal triplets, but now there is only one left! You need to be more careful!! I'm putting you on bed rest!" Rosalie's face dropped noticeable, and took on a sour quality. She didn't even bother to act sorry for Bella again.

"Well," Rosalie said, her voice thickly coated in malice, "Know that we know that Bella defiantly can't properly walk down stairs, can we NOW go hunting??!!!" And with that, Rosalie stalked out of the room.

"Well, Bella," Edward said picking her up, and starting to walk towards his room; "You've had quite an eventful day, haven't you? Falling down the stairs—again. I think that's a new record for you…" Edward placed Bella on their bed, getting her comfortable. After all… she WAS going to be spending 7 months in it…

Alice burst into the room, looking disappointed. "Aww!! Bella!! You just HAD to keep falling down the stairs, didn't you! Now look what you've done! NO SHOPPING!!!" Bella breathed a sigh of relief, "Oh!!!!!!!" Alice suddenly squealed, "I forgot all about INTERNET!!! OH!! I'm TOTALLY getting my laptop all set up!!! We can still go shopping together!! EEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!" Alice squealed, and ran off, obviously to grab her laptop, which was most likely pink.

Bella sighed again. Stupid baby. Stupid dog. Now she was stuck in bed for almost 7 months!!!

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