A Love-Hate Relationship

A/N: FOR ALL NEW READERS! This story was started a long time ago, shortly after the release of the book so many of the characters are NOT CANON! That is right, this story is written with only the information GIVEN IN THE BOOK! Not all the 'extra' nonsense that was added afterwards. Therefore, it does have maaany OCs, of varying involvement, however simply by reading slash you're probably not all that into canon anyway so CONTINUE ON! (and it may have been started long ago, but I update like twice a week so wtv.)


He was doing it again. Staring absentmindedly at the blond boy sat a good few tables from him. He loved the way the blond hair would shine in the light; the grey eyes would sparkle with mischief to match his sly smirk. The green Slytherin colours suited him well, the silver making his eyes flash somewhat. And yet there he was, in the same library, the same room, not even a mile away, and he was untouchable.

"You're doing it again," chimed a dreamy voice. Flustering, he snapped his head round to the girl opposite him, who was flicking through pages in her potions book with a small smile. Long, blond hair in two plaits and blue eyes scaling the words, making her tanned skin look darker than it was. "Sighing helplessly."

"Whatever," he grumbled, folding his arms over his own potions book and resting his chin on them. "Not my fault."

"I know," the blond said. "But last time I started explaining about the hormones and chemicals in your brain that make you feel and think the way you do, you ran away."

"Sorry about that, Yuna."

"Oh, don't worry Albus, not your fault if you don't like Science. It's relatively boring," Yuna said, the same air in her voice that her mother had.

The dark haired boy jumped a little when a pair of hands slammed down on his back. Looking up, he saw the familiar grinning face of his elder brother looking down at him. Albus gulped when he saw the look in James' bright brown eyes.

"Ah? All I caught from that conversation was 'Sighing Helplessly'; my little brother isn't crushing is he?" James teased

Yuna let a smile settle on her face at the pure embarrassment on her best friend's.

"C-crushing? Don't be so weird, James! I'm not crushing on anyone," Albus shot back. "Stop trying to find reasons to bully me."

"I'm not bullying you!" the older Potter defended. "I'm lightening a damp moment."

Albus flopped his head back onto his arms where it belonged, eyes straying to another table for a split second. "Correction, you're dampening a damp moment."

James sat down next to his younger sibling, following his gaze unknowingly with a harsh glare. "At least it's not Malfoy ruining a moment! Did I tell you what he did the other day?"

"Yes, James," a redhead sighed, walking up behind him. "You told us- twice. Or at least three times for me."

"Hey Rosie!" Albus exclaimed, glad to see a friendly down-to-earth face. She smiled softly, nodding. While her hair was the Weasley red, she had her mother's curls and eyes.

"Hey Al, are you two doing your potions homework?" she asked.

"I am," Yuna said, barely there. "I'm almost finished. It's really easy you know."

James leant into his brother a bit. "No wonder she's in Ravenclaw…though I doubt that brain sometimes."

Just as Albus started to snigger, Rose sat next to the blond girl and gave them harsh looks. It silenced them immediately. Yuna remained oblivious.

"So," James tried, changing the subject. "Me, Seamus and Fred were going to go back to the common room to finish…our homework."

"I'm sure you were," Rose muttered. "Or, was that a large carrier bag from his dad's shop Fred was carrying going elsewhere?"

Yuna smiled knowingly at Albus, who cocked a brow before he saw another blond emerging from Yuna's side of the table. The air seemed to freeze a little, and a smug look decorated the handsome face.

"Malfoy," James spat. "What an unpleasant surprise!"

"Likewise, Potter," Scorpius replied with equal hate. "Where's the other one? Little flower girl was it?"

James was up in a second. The two large men standing just behind Malfoy stepped forward from the dark. "You leave my sister alone."

"Seems we hit a soft spot, Potter," the piercing grey eyes looked down to the younger boy at the table. "What about you? Not sticking up for your pathetic little sister?"

Albus frowned. He was never referred to as 'Potter' or some other ridiculous name. He was always 'you' or 'him'. "I do have a name you know, Scorpius."

The Malfoy looked almost offended.

"Whatever, I don't have time for this," he scoffed, striding off to the door, cronies following obediently.

"They're like trained dogs," James muttered, still standing with his same rigidness. Albus looked to Yuna helplessly.

The girl cocked her head a little and gazed at James. "Aren't you being harsh?"

"Harsh? Harsh? Did I not tell you what they did-?"

"The other day," Rose supplied in tired voice. "Yes, yes, yes already, we know!"

Another redhead approached the table, goofy grin and a look in his eyes spelling trouble, hooking an arm round James's neck. A sandy blond came up next to him, a small twang of Irish he'd picked up from his father showing through.

"Come on then, Jimmy-boy!" Fred exclaimed. "We need a little help with our homework!"

James laughed and nodded, while Fred pulled a face at the look Rose was giving him.

"You're welcome to join us, Rosie my dear," Fred teased.

The girl snorted. "I'd rather not."

"Thought so, what about you, Albus?"

The boy shook his head. "I'll stay here with Rosie and Yuna."

"Suit yourself!"

The three strolled out of the library, the redhead easily towering over his companions who held books and a bag each. Rose sighed and shook her head at her cousins and their friend, while Yuna returned to her potions book.

Albus looked down at his own potions book, silently wondering why he'd decided to stay with the girls. They were so much better at potions than him.

"Hey, Rosie," he started. "I don't get question three…"

It was in their third year that Yuna came to the conclusion that Albus was, frankly, gay. This was only because she'd been reading dozens of science and psychology books over the summer and could read him like said books. In their fourth year Yuna came up with the strange idea that Albus was crushing on a certain Malfoy. And now, at the beginning of the fifth year and not seeing her much over the holidays as she was on holiday looking for…something, he knew for a fact it involved Goblin pets. Of course, no one else knew…as of yet.

And his brother James remained oblivious to the crush; thank heavens, as he was worst enemies with the Malfoy boy. He knew that if his uncle Ron found out…well, that would end in tears. Yuna however, was very supporting. Too much so.


"That's just so immature," Rose stated with her arms crossed over her chest. Lily was holding onto her cousin's sleeve, wincing somewhat.

James grinned, throwing an arm around the girl. "Come on Rosie! It's just a bit of light hearted fun! To pay back for putting slugs in Lily's bag!"

Albus stood between his brother and their cousin Fred, trying not to laugh.

"Yeah, lighten up a little," Fred said while zipping the rucksack closed and running back to put it on the table it came from. "Light hearted fun never hurt anybody."

"Of course," the eldest Potter said with a sly tone. "Our target isn't anybody."

"It's Malfoy," the three boys chorused, Albus with a slightly softer smile than the other two.

James stood, holding his hand out to his younger sister. "We best get you to class, Lily, or you'll be late! What did you have again?"

Fred, James and Lily exited the Herbology room, Lily in the middle holding hands with her brother and dear cousin. Rose sighed, shaking her head a little, while Albus beamed at her.

"Why in Professor Longbottom's class though?" she whined. "It'll be disrupted…and he works really hard."

"At least he'll go easy on the punishment?" Albus hoped.

"As if, I'm going to tell him to send a letter home! Then you three will get howlers from mum!" Rose shot.

The sheepish look on her cousin's face was adorable. "Uncle Ron will be happy…so will Uncle Gorge."

A blond male entered the class room, his two body guards behind him following him to the table. Rose tried to ignore them as they passed, but Malfoy caught Albus's green eyes.

"Lookie here!" he chimed, "A Weasley and her cousin; what a find!" the two behind him sniggered. "I hope you haven't messed with my stuff, you."

Albus looked away. There it was again- though, what was he to expect?

Time to try James's tactic: "Why would I touch your stuff, pretty boy?"

"Wh-what did you just call me?" Scorpius demanded a light flush of pink rising to his cheeks.

Albus decided he liked that look and smirked. "What, pretty boy? Well, that's what you are. As pretty as a girl. How long did you spend in front of the mirror this morning?"

The blond sucked in a breath, biting his bottom lip and glaring. Rose was looking at her cousin as if he'd lost his mind.

"I see you've been taking lessons from your brother, that hard to come up with an insult?"

Albus let his tongue poke through his lips. "Just stating facts."

The Slytherin stormed off to his table, reaching for his bag and going to open it. Rose looked round the full class nervously, while Albus swallowed a lump in his throat.

As soon as the zip was undone, a loud explosion filed the room, sparks shooting from Malfoy's bag and swerving everywhere. The pale face seemed paler if possible, and his immediate reaction was to look at a Potter or a Weasley.

The two were looking back at him innocently.

Professor Longbottom burst into the room with a flustered face, recognizing the strange fireworks immediately. All the girls were screaming madly, some clinging to each other and others diving under tables, or running around to avoid the things. The boys on the other hand seemed to know what the things were, laughing and joking, ducking so they wouldn't get hit and catching them with their wands.

A loud voice boomed in the room as a bright pink spark shot out the bag, hovering in the air a moment.

"Happy Payback, pretty boy!"

The spark exploded in the air, splattering slightly on two Slytherin robes, and covering Scorpius in a bright pink paint-like substance from head to toe. After a moment when everyone had calmed down, all the Gryffindor's in the room burst into hysterical laughter.

Even Rose couldn't keep herself contained.

Grey eyes looked up under pink paint, locking with cheerful green.

"Potter!" Malfoy roared, grey eyes locking instantly on green ones. "I'm going to kill you!"

"At last!" Albus replied. "My name!"

"Silence!" Professor shouted, causing the laughter to die down into sniggers and giggles. "Now…Mr Malfoy, would you…erm, like to go try clean yourself up?"

The boy stood, casting death glares at two particular people. He stormed to the door, passing the teacher.

"And don't worry if it doesn't all come out…it's meant to stain for a day…or two!" Professor called after the boy before walking into the classroom and putting his things down.

"Well…" he started, clearing his throat, "That was…interesting?"

The now pink boy came back into the room, a dangerous twinkle in his eyes. "Sir, can I have someone try help me? I'm not used to these Weasley products…"

Rose's hand balled into a fist, holding Albus's robe tightly.

Mr Longbottom seemed to think it was a good idea, however. "Of course, could someone help Mr Malfoy?"

Several Slytherin's hands shot up.

"Actually Sir…I thought Potter should help. He'll know them best I think."

Rose's second hand joined her first, and Albus' eyes grew wide. This wasn't what was meant to happen.

"Well, Mr Potter? Would you like to take Mr Malfoy here to clean up?" their professor asked.

The bewildered boy felt his cousin push him to the door, making him stumble a little and almost fall off the chair. Scorpius was already making his way down the hall by the time Albus left the room, obviously not one to wait. Stumbling after him, the dark haired boy soon caught up, following the other into the washrooms.

Scorpius glared. "How do I go about getting rid of this vile then, you?"

Fuming somewhat, Albus walked to the sinks and turned the taps on, pausing a little. Now…what was that trick again? Ah, yes.

Scorpius cringed as cold water blasted him from the tap. When he looked over, Albus was pointing his wand at the tap, which had lifted slightly and was squirting most of the room. When it finally stopped, Scorpius was dripping wet, a puddle of tainted pink water on the floor. Looking into the mirror, he frowned at the stained pink of his appearance.

"It'll take about a week for the pink to fade," Albus informed.

Malfoy made a note that Albus was, indeed, pissed.

"What's stuck up your ass?" he hissed. "I don't see you being a dyed pink."

Grey and green clashed again for a moment as the two looked straight at each other. Albus was the one to break the contact, not trusting himself under the piercing gaze.

"I'm going back to class," he muttered. "Good luck, pinky."

"Hey!" Scorpius shouted, storming after the other. "Potter, get back here!"

So that's what it takes to have my name said.