LoveHate Relationship

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Scorpius looked round the room with his suitcase clutched tightly in his hand, swallowing a lump in his throat and taking in the sight. It wasn't the biggest room ever, especially not now that there was two beds in it, and the walls were decorated with gold and red. He knew which bed was his though; it was the one with green and silver sheets, and a little snake soft toy on the pillow. He smiled softly and walked over to it, picking it up and glancing at the other bed which had a stuffed lion the size of his torso resting in the corner.

"Is it okay?"

He turned to the door; nodding wordlessly and looking about again, feeling his throat go dry. "I'm sorry to intrude like this."

The boy in the door way grinned brightly and waved his hand. "I'm sorry it's red and gold. We can change the colour of the room," the boy bit his lip. "Though if we made it green and red it might look like a Christmas tree."

Scorpius chuckled, shaking his head. "It's fine. I like it. It's very Riley."

The grin widened even more. "Thanks, I am proud. Kim could never figure out why I wanted my room to be in my house colours, she said Yuna didn't feel the need to go around constantly in blue and bronze- her room's lilac- but Yuna says it suits me."

"Thanks for sharing your room."

"It'll be nice, I miss having roommates while I'm at home."

Scorpius smirked. "You miss having Phil while you're at home."

Riley flustered slightly, but smiled sheepishly. "Guilty as charged."

The two boys stood, staring down at the snake toy.

"I'm glad to have you back."

Scorpius looked up and smiled. "I'm glad to be back."

"Boys!" called a soft feminine voice. "Time for dinner!"

The two grinned and abandoned their luggage, bolting down the stairs, eager for Dean Thomas' skilled cooking.


Albus sighed wistfully as he stared out the window, elbows resting on the counter and chin in his hands. The woman in the room rolled her eyes and wiped her hands on the towel before placing it in front of her son.

"If you're going to sit around and mope dry the dishes while you're at it."

He groaned and picked up the towel as his mother sat with a cup of tea, dragging his feet over to where the sink was with the freshly washed dishes. "Why do we have to do the dishes by hand anyway? Granma enchants them."

Ginny smiled at her son, taking a sip of her drink and turning to look out the window. "You know the answer to that, Al."

"It builds character."


Albus huffed, going back to drying the plates and turning to his mother with an innocent look on his face. "So, what are we doing tomorrow?"

"The Thomas' are coming over in two days, Al. Surely you can wait that long," she said with an eye roll. "Honestly, stop acting like such a girl."

James entered the room, reaching out and grabbing a biscuit from the bowl in the middle of the table, heading to the back door. "He's gay mum, he can't help it."

"Jamie, don't make insensitive jokes in front of you brother!" Ginny scolded half-heartedly. "And there's fruit in that bowl, why don't you have a banana?"

The eldest Potter scoffed, opening the back door. "You can't tell me not to make gay jokes and then give me that line, mum."

"James Sirius Potter!" she said, scandalised. "Don't be so rude!"

The boy merely gave his mother a cheeky grin before disappearing into the back garden. She turned to her youngest son, who had stopped drying the plates in favour of laughing. "Well, I'm glad you stopped drying, I'd hate it if one of those plates broke; they're the good plates."

"Can Scorpius stay over one night?"

"Your boyfriend is now perfectly capable of visiting us without having to spend the night, Ally. I don't let James have his girlfriends over for nights."

Albus pouted, putting away another plate. "I guess."

"Why don't you send an owl and ask if you can go see him tomorrow?" Ginny suggested, finally caving.

Green eyes lit up like fireworks. "Really?"

"Yes, once you've-!" she sighed, watching the boy bolt out of the room like it was on fire. "-Finished the drying. Honestly, children these days."

There was a chuckle as another boy stepped into the room, watching Al run off. "I take it he misses his boyfriend?" Teddy asked, turquoise hair bright and eyes sparkling. "They've been gone from school a week and he's spent every day acting like his pet owl died."

Ginny huffed, smile lingering on her face. "I don't remember ever being so hung up and annoying over a boy."

"According to Uncle George you spent every waking minute of your second year hung up and annoying over one Mr Potter."

"Oh, be quiet and go find Jamie, he's off doing something reckless in the garden, no doubt," she said waving her arms to get rid of him. "And take some fruit, he needs to eat more than just biscuits- honestly, you'd think he was still a child! He'll be an adult soon and I still have to watch over his shoulder every minute of the day."

Teddy grinned, grabbing a couple of oranges from the bowl in the centre. "I can't imagine you'll stop watching over his shoulder until he's got a wife to do it for you."

"He's just like his uncles sometimes, I swear."

"Mum, I'm going to Yuna's house! Will be back for dinner I think!"

"Oh no you don't Albus Severus you're going to wait for a reply to make sure you can go, you can't just turn up in their fireplace unannounced, it's rude- Harry! Control your sons!"


Two days later found 12 Grimmauld Place full. The Thomas family arrived via muggle transportation, parking their car outside the house, Riley leaping up the drive and ringing the doorbell with a bright grin, Kim hurrying after him. The door was opened by Lily, who grasped Kim by the hand and insisted the girl come and tell her all about the muggle school she would be going to, waving at Yuna with a bright smile. Riley dashed into the house, racing into the living room where the others were. When Scorpius and Yuna finally got there, Dean wandering off to make sure everyone was okay in the kitchen, they found Rose's family and Phil's family there also, the living room squashed with four men and six teenagers. Riley was chattering away at Phil, asking Rose whether or not she thinks she did well with her OWLs and Merlin he was nervous about the results.

Scorpius ducked behind Yuna slightly as he felt the familiar glare from one of the older Weasley brothers.

"Welcome, come on, sit down," Harry greeted, ushering the three new people in. "Where's Dean and Kim?"

Luna smiled softly. "Dean has gone to make sure everything's okay in the kitchen, and I believe Lily was eager to hear about Kim's new school."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Of course she is," he turned his attention to the two blond teens. "Al's in the kitchen helping out with the dinner, quiet a talented little chef."

Yuna turned to her companion. "Shall we go find him?"

With a nod Scorpius followed Yuna out the room, feeling rather heavy and awkward behind her graceful steps. They entered the kitchen which was bustling with three adults and one teen. Ginny turned to greet the two newcomers first, the other woman smiling slightly awkwardly when she saw Scorpius.

"Yuna, Scorpius! It's so nice to see you both!" Ginny cooed, moving to them and giving them both a hug. Yuna greeted her in a similar fashion, Scorpius slightly shocked by the friendly hug. "Please, sit down; dinner will be ready any moment. Al, go get the others will you?"

Albus was too busy throwing himself at Scorpius however.

Dean smiled and patted the redheaded woman on the back. "I'll go get them, don't worry."

Ginny returned to seeing to the food, picking up some dishes to put on the table, her sister-in-law helping her. Yuna left her two friends to offer her assistance while Al gave Scorpius attention.

"I missed you!"

Scorpius rolled his eyes. "You saw me two days ago."

"I know, but I still missed you. I didn't spend nearly enough time with you. Are you still enjoying the Thomas' house?"

"Yes," he nodded. "I am; I'm eternally grateful for their help."

The room was soon piled up and the two were forced to sit, Riley on Scorpius' left and Yuna on Al's right. A bright haired boy popped in between Riley and Scorpius, pouring a vial of liquid into Scorpius' drink with a bright smile and an 'I thought you might want to be of more assistance!' Ginny scolding him and her brothers questioning Teddy's odd behaviour.

"The least he could do is help Teddy out, mum," James said, glancing at Scorpius with a light smirk. "I can't imagine Teddy will kill him."

Scorpius picked up the drink and tipped his head back, causing a Cheshire grin to spread across the metamorphagus' lips.

"What are you working on now, Ted?" George asked with bright eyes. "Something interesting I hope."

Ginny glared between the three men. "Honestly, leave the poor boy alone! I've already told you not to go testing your little potions on Al's boyfriend, honestly do you never listen to anything I say?"

"Sorry Ginny!"

"And stop being so rude, Jamie."



Scorpius let out a burp that had the entire table fall silent. A bright red flushed across his cheeks and his hand covered his mouth as he looked at his cup in shock, grasping his stomach.

George was the first to laugh.

Teddy ruffled the blond hair, moving to sit back between James and his father. "I'll put that down as a side effect, shall I?"

"Excuse me."


Draco shifted uncomfortably, clearing his throat as he stood on the doorstep of the Potter residence. The brunette man in front of him had his arms folded against his chest and held his head high, thankful that the step added some extra height.

"I assumed Scorpius would be here," he explained.

"You assumed wrong then," Harry snapped.

Draco sighed, tugging on the Muggle shirt. "I just want to talk to my son."

"You've had plenty of time to do that."

"This is a complicated matter-!"

"It's really not, Malfoy," Harry said in almost a threatening tone, gripping the door frame, "Your son needed you, you abandoned him: simple."

The blond started to snarl. "Don't try to simplify this, Potter. That is not how pure-blood politics work!"

"He's your son, for Christ's sake!" Harry ignored the confused expression. "Not a political move! You can't decide what he does and does not do! It's hardly his fault he's gay, or different!"

Draco straightened himself, looked behind Harry. The man spun around and flustered slightly to see Scorpius standing at the end of the hall. In the kitchen doorway Albus and Riley were poking their heads round, trying to be discrete. Harry nodded at the boys, who disappeared, Scorpius heading towards the two men.

"Thank you, Mr Potter," Scorpius said, his voice soft. "I wish to talk to my father."

Harry nodded with a smile, patting the boy on the shoulder. He turned and gave Draco one last threatening glare before following his son into the kitchen.

"Mr Potter said you were not here," Draco said, almost smugly.

"I do not live here," Scorpius filled. "I live with the Thomas'. We are visiting."

Draco visibly relaxed. "I have confidence that Professor Thomas is more than capable of dealing with your type of problem."

Scorpius sucked in a breath. "Why are you here?"

A pause. "Your mother is pregnant. She is due next February. She wishes to see you, but requested that I came to invite you in her place," he held his head high.

"So this is an errand run?"

Draco's face betrayed him slightly as he cringed. "This is me requesting your forgiveness."

Scorpius looked at the floor, mildly confused. "For fourteen years, you've avoided me like the plague."

"I know."

"I'm not moving back home, if that's what mother wants. You're already replacing me with a child," he snarled. "And I'm much happier with the Thomas' than I ever was at the Manor."

"I know."

They stood in a tense silence, and Scorpius knew he couldn't refuse. As much as he didn't want to go back to the Manor, he wanted to see his mother. He wanted to collect trinkets and sit on the grey couch in his room where he would spend rainy afternoons reading books. He wanted to go to the place he considered home, even if he didn't enjoy being there. He knew his father knew this. But he wasn't about to give up without planting a little bit of doubt in the man's head as he said; "I'll think about it."

Draco sucked in a breath and nodded. "I look forward to hearing your answer."

They both knew that wasn't entirely true.

"I-I'm sorry, son. That I will never be able to accept what you are. Who you are."

"I'm sorry too, father, that I will never be who you wanted me to be," he said, holding his head high and frowning as he added; "I'm sorry you'll never be able to form a real opinion of your own."

The man smiled humourlessly. "Let's call this a start and leave it at that."

"How is grandfather?"

"Ill," Draco admitted, his eyes downcast. "He's unaware of my visit here, if that's what you want to know."

"I think I could have guessed that."

Draco ran a hand over his hair, cringing at the line that was pushing further back every time he seemed to look in the mirror. "Thank you. I must be going. I hope to hear from you soon."

And Scorpius had to double back as he watched the man leave, stunned at the sincerity in the words that were spoken. The man walked to the end of the drive, stepping into the rather expensive looking car and driving off without looking back. The boy shut the door, resting his forehead against it and letting out a breath he didn't realise he was holding, feeling weary after the exchange.

"Score?" spoke a soft voice. "Is everything okay?"

He looked up and smiled as he turned, seeing brilliant green eyes staring at him, hands wringing together nervously. He nodded, smile widening as his boyfriend beamed, trotting up to him and wrapping his arms around the pale neck. Scorpius snaked his own arms around the waist that was slightly bigger than when they had left school. "You'll be getting pudgy if you don't watch what you eat more."

Almost pouted, looking unimpressed. "Not my fault the women in my family cook so well. Perhaps you should think about eating more."

"Ally! Scorpius! Time for desert!"

The two looked in the direction of the kitchen before Albus took his hand, smiling brightly as he lead the Malfoy boy toward the kitchen, entering to see everyone still sat round the table, Ginny putting the last few things on the table. Yuna was chatting away with the other three girls, giggling along with them to one of Rose's stories. James sat with Teddy and Fred, making dubious plans with his partner in crime. Phil and Riley were sat with their heads together, the latter talking away as usual. The two older woman were catching up and joking about when they had been at school, while Ginny sat next to Luna and Hermione, announcing everyone could begin to eat.

The group quietened as the two boys entered the room, looking on expectantly.

"Jamie! It's rude to stare, and finish the food that's in your mouth, honestly, the Thomas' will think I never taught you any manners!" Ginny scolded.

James munched on the bread that was hanging out his mouth. "I can't be to blame for things I was never taught."

"Clearly I need to try harder then," she threatened.

Luna smiled softly at her ward. "Is your father well?"

"My mother's pregnant, due in February," Scorpius explained, feeling slightly awkward as he sat back next to Riley, Al following his lead. "He was extending an invitation for me to go see her."

"Oh, you will have to send our congratulations," the woman said knowingly. "Of course, that's assuming you're going."

The boy grimaced slightly. "I don't think I could say no to my mother."

Dean passed the salad round to Harry. "I'd be happy to take you when you go, make sure you're okay."

"Thank you, Dean," Scorpius said, still feeling slightly awkward about the use of first names for the adults. "I'd appreciate that."

"I'm sure the big bad wolf can hold off a couple of spineless-!"

"James Potter!"

Scorpius found himself laughing along with the others as Ginny scolded James for being insensitive once again, surprised at how he wasn't offended by said insensitivity. He turned to look at Albus, who turned to look into the stormy eyes, smile softening into fondness as he found the pale hand under the table, squeezing lightly.

This was what his life had become. Instead of the secrecy and constant shame he was under at his home, he was surrounded by people he considered the enemy just over a year ago, people who had little reason to trust him. Friends who he had known and lost as a child, that had taken him in when he feared no one would. Forgiveness he had never had before. And a father who seemed to be trying to make up for what he had done.

He smiled down at Albus, love in the green eyes he didn't every think he could forget. Love he would never think he deserved, but he'd be damned before he threw it away.


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