Note: Okay, this is my final chapter.

Dean put his clothes in his bag slowly. He felt like he was betraying his wife. But he couldn't let Sam go off alone, either. Not with this demon after him. He closed his bag and turned to her. Unshed tears shone in her eyes. She wrapped her arms around him, stepping up on her toes to kiss him.

"Tell me we'll see each other again." She whispered against his neck.

"We'll see each other again."

"Tell me we'll win this fight. That you'll come back."

"I'll finish this and come back." He tightened his arms around her. "I'll come back." She buried her face in his chest, trying to believe the words, repeating them in her head like a mantra. When he finally pulled back, she felt like she was crumbling. He grabbed his bag, and dipped down for a final kiss before walking past her and out the door. When she heard the front door close, her knees gave way and the tears in her eyes finally fell.


Sam stood at the car. He'd argued this. He didn't want Dean to leave. He had to leave but that didn't mean that Dean did too. He was terrified of the lengths that the demon would go to. What if it went after Buffy? But the demon wasn't after Dean. He looked up when Dean walked out. He waited until Dean came around to the drivers side of the Impala before opening his mouth for on more protest.

"Don't, Sammy." Dean cut him off, and got into the car. Sam stood there for a second.

"Sam, you comin'?" Sam sighed, and got into the car.


"It's time to hold up your end of the bargain." She said. She thought of herself as a she, at least. Well, when she was in female form. She looked at the demon before her. He said nothing, simply turned into the small town, and gestured to, of all things, a church.

"I think you'll find him suitable." She looked over at him.

"I'll see you around." He said, and disappeared into the night. She smiled and willed herself into the church. Her target was there, at the alter. She changed forms. No, he didn't need to see her yet. He turned when she walked towards him.

"Hello, Caleb. I have a proposition for you."


Sam walked into the motel room with two coffees. He handed one to his brother, who was looking over newspapers spread out over the table. He wished Dean would talk to him. He could tell his brother was hurting but Dean refused to talk about it.

"Dean." Sam started, intending to try and get Dean to talk but when his brothers green eyes hit him, the words died on his tongue. "Find anything?" He asked instead. He didn't miss the grateful look that passed over Dean's eyes.

"Yeah. Some kids have gone missing in a town near here. I checked in dad's journal and there are, of course, several things that kidnap children. But from the reports, I think we're dealing with a rawhead. We should check it out."

Note: So, I'm finished! I wanted to do a sequel, though. I wanted to see what you guys think first.