Celebrity Jeopardy: Danny Phantom Edition

By: Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom or SNL or Jeopardy, this is just for fun.

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Clueless Phantom: I'm glad you liked those last ones.

Acosta Perez Jose Ramiro: A pity for Trebek that future isn't going to happen.

Chapter XX: Foreigners and Ladies Men

"Live from California, it's Celebrity Jeopardy, Danny Phantom edition!" the voice of Johnny Gilbert announced as the Jeopardy Logo flashed on the screen for a second before the jeopardy stage appeared, let's meet today's contestants," he continued as the camera zoomed to the podiums.

Our first contestant is from Finland where he works as a Tennis player, please welcome Björk," Johnny says as the camera zooms to the sports star where the stands saying something in Finnish.

"Our second contestant is from the Ghost Zone, where he works in Law enforcement, please welcome Bullet," the announcer says as the camera zooms towards the ghost cop.

"So far he is playing by the rules," Bullet informs the warden via his communicator as the camera goes to the third podium.

"Our final contestant is from Amity Park, Illinois where he attends Casper High School and hopes to be fabulously wealthy when he grows up please welcome Tucker Foley," Johnny says as the camera zooms in on the teen who's spraying on his cologne like there's no tomorrow and pans to the host's podium.

"Now please welcome the host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek," he says as the host comes out followed by some ghost cops.

"Yes I am Alex Trebek and this is Celebrity Jeopardy or as I call it the Black Hole of network television. Are you ready… what is that smell," Trebek says as he pinches his nose in disgust and Tucker buzzes in, "Yes Mr. Foley," he asks the Team Phantom member.

"It's my body spray, Foley by Tucker Foley," the Technogeek tells the host who shakes his head before Bullet buzzes in.

"The human as a chemical weapon, get him," he yells as ghost cops swarm around Tucker and about to arrest before Trebek sounds the buzzer.

"PLEASE CAN WE JUST GET ON THIS GAME SHOW SO I CAN RESUME MY LIFE," the host yells as everyone settles down and he calms down," Thank you; now the categories are The Internet; Time's Man of the Year; People who are named Poo- all you have to guess the person's name; Dennis Franz- that is where you show me a picture and you tell me if it is Dennis Franz; Commodore 64; Wii; and Danny Phantom does impressions- that is where I will show you a video of Danny Phantom doing an impression of someone famous and you tell me who he's impersonating. Björk, you're up first," he tells the Tennis star.

"My veins look like little blue spiders," he says as Trebek rolls his eyes.

"Are you Finnish or insane, Bullet you pick," he tell the ghost.

"Fine, I'll take the impression one for 200," Bullet says as the host sighs.

"Fine for 200, Danny Phantom Impressions," he says as a video of Danny comes on. His normally white hair is dyed green and white makeup adorns his face with his lips painted red and smiling. His jumpsuit is purple with white in the middle.

"Wait till they get a load of me," Danny says trying to sound menacing and laughing insanely as the screen freezes and Tucker buzzes in.

"Yes, Mr. Foley," Trebek says turning to the geek.

"The inventor of the Apple Lisa," he says proudly as the buzzer rings.

"No, anyone else. We would have accepted either Jack Nickelson or the Joker," the host says, "why don't we take a break and return for double jeopardy," he says as the lights go out and he goes backstage to try to buy his soul back to Skulker so he can sell it to Satan.

"What's wrong Trebek did you girlfriend breakup with you," the voice of Sean Connery says as we walks up to the stage and gags, "goodness man, are you keeping corpses on this bloody stage," he exclaims coughing.

"No that's Mr. Foley body spray," Trebek informs the actor wearily.

"I think your mother wears it as well," Connery booms laughing, pleased with his insult.

"I'll have you know that…," he shouts before the lights come back on and he sighs, "I welcome our viewers back to Celebrity Jeopardy and as they can see we are joined by Sean Connery so we will skip ahead to Final Jeopardy," he says as Bullet buzzed and ghost cop swarm around the host.

"Alex Trebek, you're under arrest," he tells the host turning to Sean, "you, you're the host you are to finish this game according to the rules," he says as he goes off to incarcerate the host.

"All right ya sissies since that Canadian Rogue is gone, we're going to play the way the game was intended and not how his ancestor butchered it. So here 's what you do insult Trebek and you live," he says as the music starts and the lights go out.

A few seconds later, the music stops, "All right let's see what ya wrote," the actor says going over to Björk, "You, the weird one what did you write," he asks as the sports star wrote down a bunch of incoherent symbols. "I can't read this, you get to meet the Scottish Maiden," he says as two Scotsmen come out dressed in kilts and bring out a guillotine like device.

"I already have a girlfriend, how this isn't a maiden," the star says confused as he forced to the ground.

"Oh yes it is," as Connery signals as his henchmen to release the blade as the screen goes green.

"This scene has been censored by me, Technus, for being too bloody, in the meantime please enjoy my latest CD, 'Technus yodels Mozart's Requiem," but before the music starts the screen goes back to Jeopardy.

"Darn the Technus Communications Commission, ya missed the best part. Anyhow, you the nerd what you write down," Sean asks Tucker as he walks over to him.

"I wrote down "Alex Trebek is a moronic ponse," the teen says nervously as fearing his fate.

"Hmm, not bad, judges what do you say," he says turning to the two Scotsman who nod, "We'll take it you're lucky, you get to free," he says as he turns to the audience. "Tune in tomorrow where I'll execute another sissy until then long live Scotland, down with the Canadian invasion, and may Guy de Ponse le Trebek's grave be spat on," he says saluting as his henchman play the bagpipes and the lights go out.

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