Here's a story that's been nattering at me for a while. While remembering, this story is totally original, I own no characters. Enjoy. BTW, take this as an allegory, a story with two meanings, one for the raving fan girls and one for the people who can understand Bella's level of devotion to Edward. Oh, yeah, and I haven't read anything but Twilight.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to touch Edward? Well, if you live in a cold country, go into your bathroom (if it's tiled) and touch the wall with your cheek. If not, go to your fridge and put an ice cube on the base of your throat. Wrap a marble in wet cloth and freeze it; that's what he feels like.

Have you wondered how Edward sounds? Go find a piece of velvet. Play a low note on your piano. Go touch the side of a warm bus; the vibrations are like his voice. Pour honey from a bottle to another one. Go listen to a poem. That's what he sounds like.

Have you ever wondered what Edward looks like? Go look at the Taj Mahal. His face has the same colour, and the same imprint of romance. Go look at the Egyptian Pyramids. He inspires the same awe. Go to Space. That's what he looks like.

Have you ever wondered what Edward smells like? Go and pick a passion flower, and sniff until your lungs could burst. Go smell the dew on the grass in the morning. Go smell a bar of Cadbury chocolate. Go smell the spray of the ocean. That's what he smells like.

Have you ever wondered what Edward tastes like? To kiss Edward? Take a cold, ripe blueberry, dip it in clotted cream and crush it in your mouth. Take the most luxurious chocolate you know, make a fondue, and fondue rich ripe strawberries. That's what he tastes like?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be around Edward? You know the feeling when your mint is so spicy; it feels like it's cleared out your entire head? That's what Edward is feels like. Edward is like a puff of wind, and a hurricane. Edward is like a red rose, and Edward is like a ray of sunshine. Edward is like all the sorrow in the world and Edward is like all the hope. Edward makes me feel so empty inside; it's an aching, hollow sweet pain. It reminds me of tears, but I can't tell if they're happy, or sad.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to love Edward? It hurts; it hurts so bad I could cry. It hurts like someone stabbed me in the heart. It hurts so bad I sometimes wish I could die. It hurts like betrayal, and like lies. It hurts so much, my heart could burst. It hurts so bad that I know he's special. It hurts, and that's why I cry. Because I know, I love him. And perhaps, he does not.

Okay, I know it turned out kind of scary. Like, crazy type scary. Or scary type crazy. Whatever. It wasn't intentional. Or does that make it worse? No, don't abandon my stories. Not all of them are as creepy. Anyway, again, I own no one, and I hope ya'll like it. :D:D