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A small note to begin with: This is a story about Riza's father. I will only use a few components from the manga, but they won't surface until the last few chapters. These will all be little flashes of his life. This one takes place when he is about 5/6. Everything will make better sense as the story of his life progresses. All that's crucial right now is that Jacob Rosen is Jacob Hawkeye. Note that nothing of his Mr. Hawkeye's past has been given to us by Himoru Arakawa, and all of these first few chapters are purely fanfiction with nothing factual from the manga aside from the Ishbalan's coloring and their basic beliefs.


A woman, not unique because of her clothing style, but her skin tone and eyes, walked along the crowded dirt road, stopping occasionally to speak with shop owners that caught her attention with their calls and others that recognized her on the street. Few noticed the small blond boy clinging desperately to a bundle of the cornflower blue fabric that billowed behind her in the windy desert as she walked. It only took a few minutes for the shops to give way unto houses, made mostly of adobe since wood was scarce in their dry land.

The woman raised an ivory hand and knocked on the polished oak door of the otherwise adobe home.

"Mom, you don't have to," the boy pleaded.

"I didn't force you to come, Jacob, but this does have to be done," she reminded him.

"But look at their door," he whined.

"People can't get away with acting like that just because of their wealth," she remarked, ending the conversation as she heard someone calling to them from the other side of the door. The door opened to reveal a woman of darkened skin and red eyes, whose clothing was of richer color and a higher quality of those the clothing the fair-skinned woman wore.

"Oh, Mrs. Rosen, what may I help you with?" the woman asked, opening the door all the way and gesturing for the other to join her inside.

"This will only take a minute," she replied, taking a step back to indicate her will to stay outside.

It wasn't until the woman stepped out of her house that she noticed the boy hiding behind his mother. "Oh, how big he's getting. He's in the same classes as Aaron, right?" she asked.

"Yes, that's actually the reason for my visit today, Mrs. Cohen. It would seem that Aaron and his friends have been giving Jacob a hard time. Every day for the past week he's been coming home with new cuts and bruises," she explained.

"Are you implying that my son is the reason? I'm sure he was just defending himself," the red-eyed woman huffed, sending a weary eye in the direction of the patch blond hair that was visible of the boy still cowering behind the blue skirt.

"Mrs. Cohen, I've talked to their sensei already, and he said he has tried to talk to your son and his friends before, but it hasn't worked. He'd be here talking to you right now if I hadn't insisted on doing it myself. My boy has the same beliefs and faith as everyone else here, no matter if his mother is of Ishbalan blood or not. There is no need for them to ridicule his light skin and eyes. I recommend that whatever gossip is being spread about me is not mentioned in front of children, they have a way of hearing it too. I better get home, I need to start dinner. Jacob, tell Mrs. Cohen good night," the woman said flatly. When Jacob didn't emerge from behind her she turned and gave him a look that he knew meant business.

With clenched fists and a frown he stepped out into Mrs. Cohen's view for the first time, and the lady gasped at the sight of his puffy skin that was more than a few shades darker than his cobalt eyes. "Good night, Mrs. Cohen," he mimicked his mother's flat tone and he gave her a small bow.

"Go-good night," she stammered to the pair as they walked away. As Mrs. Cohen watched Jacob follow less then half a pace behind his mother she found herself wondering if all Armestrian women were as confident Mrs. Rosen. Her eyes followed the woman's graceful walk until she reached the end of the small street and turned out of view, then she re-entered her house and sought out her own son.


A.N.-Part one of the tale of Mr. Hawkeye. The title will make sense as I go along. I am going to warn you of time jumps, only the important events will be told. I have a plan for each chapter already, and I hope that I can do this properly. Riza's eye color is always being called into question, and that is how this story started to build itself in my head. This is spun from the theory of her father being part Ishbalan, so going from that, I started to wonder why he would ever become an alchemist if he was in fact Ishbalan and the practice of alchemy was blasphemy to them. Hopefully, this little series will answer that question. Manga spoilers(ch58-61) will come in later chapters. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask. Constructive criticism is very welcome, I always take my readers' suggestions into account.