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"Ziva, are you okay?" Tony asked.

A million thoughts raced through his mind.

Is she okay?

Is her memory back?

Will she remember all that they shared?

Will she want to continue what she'd started?

Would he be able to walk away if she didn't?

"I'm … oh … my head!" She grabbed her head.

Tony pressed the buzzer for the nurse's station and pulled Ziva back into his arms.

"Tony…." Ziva murmured her eyes squeezed shut against the pain.

"Ziva? Ziva!" Tony voice was filled with concern and something deeper.

"Argh…" Ziva moaned again and Tony pulled her closer whispering that everything would be okay.

"Agent DiNozzo, Mrs. DiNozzo?" a nurse questioned as she rushed into the room.

Ziva gasped.

"Mrs. DiNozzo, tell me what's wrong." The nurse said. She moved to the side of the bed and started taking Ziva's vital signs.

"It's her head." Tony said looking at her with fear in his eyes.

The nurse pressed the nurse's station buzzer again.

"It's very normal to have shooting headaches as a result of the concussion. We'll just get Dr Munroe to take look at you and then we'll give you something for the pain. Now just relax in you husband's arms while I check your vital signs." The nurse said.

Tony waited for Ziva to react. All she did was lean in closer to him, her eyes close as she tried to breathe through the pain.

Quick minutes later, Dr Munroe examined Ziva. She ordered a CT scan and administered a shot of morphine as Ziva complained that the pain was very bad. Tony watched as Ziva was wheeled out of the room. Getting back into his own bed and ignoring his throbbing ribs and wrist, he called Gibbs.


"Mrs. DiNozzo?"

"Relax in your husband's arms?"

When did we get married?

Ziva fought through the pain in her head to make sense of what she had heard. Tony had not denied it. He had held her close, caressed her head and even kissed her brow. He was so familiar with her and … being held … by him had felt so right … so good.

I need to remember what happened!

The meds started to take effect then, making further coherent thought impossible.


40 minutes later Gibbs arrived with Dr Bianca and Ducky.

"Where's Ziva?" Gibbs asked.

"CT scan." Tony replied.

A moment later McGee and Abby arrived. McGee opened the drawer at Tony's bedside and slipped the box of condoms into it, his cheeks bright red. He gave Gibbs the receipt and change and moved to stand in the far corner of the room.

"That may not be necessary anymore." Tony mumbled.

"What do you mean?" Dr Bianca asked.

"Ziva was having a nightmare." Tony started.

"What about?" Abby asked.

"She mentioned Tali and Ari and then screamed my name." Tony said.

"What else, Tony?" Gibbs asked.

He could sense there was more and he prayed that Ziva had not revealed exactly who Ari was or what had happened in his basement.

"She asked me what happened." Tony said. "And she asked for you."

"What did you say?" Dr Bianca asked.

"Nothing. She started complaining about the pain in her head and her Doctor ordered her to be taken for a CT scan pronto."

"I still don't understand." Dr Bianca said.

"She asked for 'Gibbs' and not 'Dad'. She reacted and sounded just like… well like Ziva. The old Ziva." Tony said.

"You think she's got her memory back?" Gibbs asked stepping up to the bed.

Now he understood.

Tony had confessed earlier that day that he loved Ziva. If she had her memory back, it would bring everything to a halt and Tony would probably pretend to have no interest in her, even if it killed him.

And Ziva… how was she going to react to all that had happened. Would she hate them? Would she think Tony took advantage of her? Would she hate him? That would destroy Tony.

Just then, the door opened and a sleeping Ziva was wheeled into the room.

"How is she?" Gibbs asked and Tony stared at her face.

"Dr Munroe will be by to give you the CT scan results shortly. Mrs. DiNozzo's asleep now as a result of the pain meds." The nurse said, pulling the curtain around Ziva's bed.


But Ziva wasn't asleep. She was groggy, lethargic but awake and she listened as her colleagues openly whispered about her and Tony.

"So Ziva knows that you're not married and Gibbs isn't her Dad and I'm not her sister and Ducky's not Grandpa and McGee isn't my intended and Bianca isn't Gibbs' new 'lady'. Oh, that would mean that she wouldn't want to fall pregnant with your baby! Oh Tony…" Abby gasped.

What?! Ziva was shocked at what she heard.

"Abigail that was not what Anthony needed to have summarized in such a clinical and harsh manner." Ducky admonished and Abby apologized.

"I don't know what Ziva knows, remembers, believes or thinks." Tony said his voice flat.

Oh Tony… Ziva couldn't even imagine what she had put his through although bits and pieces of her holding him and kissing him, came back to her.

"If she remembers everything, do you think, she'll remember how we all pretended to fill the roles she placed us in." McGee gulped. "Oh Boy, I told you all she would kill us when she found out."

Tim… No… I wouldn't … I mean I don't know what I will do… The meds made concentration difficult.

"Shut up, McGee." Tony growled. He didn't need to be told what he already knew would happen.

"Everyone out." Gibbs ordered.

He needed to speak to Tony and reassure him. It was the first time in a long time Tony had admitted he loved a member of the opposite sex. After Jeanne, Tony had steered clear of relationships even casual encounters.

When they were alone, Gibbs sat on the edge of Tony's bed.

"DiNozzo, you can tell her how you feel about her." He said.

Ziva held her breathe.

How do you feel about me? And how does Gibbs feel about it?

"Boss, I can't. She doesn't see me that way." Tony said.

"DiNozzo, her mind told her that you were her husband. Why? Because, she feels something for you." Gibbs said.

Oh Gibbs… Ziva didn't know whether to be relieved that Gibbs sensed something or not. She was becoming sleepy but she needed to know more.

"But, what if her feelings don't run as deep as mine?" Tony whispered.

Oh God, Tony what are you saying? Ziva stained to stay awake.

"Tony, if you don't tell her, you'll never know. But we first have to find out if she has her memory back." Gibbs said.

Memory back…

I don't … I … What actually happened to me…

I don't … remember it all…

Only Tony… kisses … touches…

Tony … my husband?!

"Wait a minute, are you saying that, once she has her memory back and if she feels the same way as I do, you will give us your blessings?" Tony looked at Gibbs, shock evident in his voice.

Ziva tried to hold onto the edges of consciousness. She needed to know what Gibbs would say.

Dr Munroe walked in at that moment, stopping Gibbs' response.

"Doctor, how is she?" Tony asked.

"Her CT scan came back clear."

"But the headache?" Gibbs asked.

"Some times as a result of the trauma, certain nerves fire erratically as they try to get back into their normal rhythm. Also the blood vessels constrict and dilate depending on the stimuli present. I believe she had a nightmare before the headache struck."

"Yes, but she also spoke as if she … mmm … remembered who she was." Tony said.

"The CT scan won't reveal if her memory is back. We'll have to wait until she's awake to find out more." Dr Munroe said before leaving the room.

I will not let them know … that I remember…

Not yet…

Ziva decided as sleep overcame her.


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