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The Love, Pain and Tears of Uchiha Sasuke

by emichii

Hi everyone!! This is my new Naruto fanfic- The Love, Pain and Tears of Uchiha Sasuke!! I hope you'll like it!! It's a romance/angst sasuhina fic.

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Chapter One: Pathetic Hyuuga Loser!!!

Lady Tsunade looked intently at the paper with the mission assignment details written on it. She looked through her lists of chunin ninjas.

Uchiha Sasuke… She narrowed her eyes. Okay, he'll do, but who else?

"Lady Tsunade, I heard you were looking for another ninja to do this mission."

Lady Tsunade looked up at the sound of the voice. "Yeah…?"

Hiashi Hyuuga stood still and stern in front of her. His eyes were harsh and cruel as usual. He said in his demanding tone: "Send Hyuuga Hinata."

"What?" Lady Tsunade said in an unbelievable tone. "I can't send Hinata! She's too… weak…"

"Exactly." said Hinata's father.

"No! She'll get hurt! She could die!"

Hiashi made a sniffing noise. "I'd rather she die in a mission then disgrace the Hyuuga name as such a pathetic ninja."

Lady Tsunade could see that Hiashi wasn't in a compromising mood. But she couldn't just let Hinata take on such a dangerous mission.

Hiashi could see that Lady Tsunade was hesitating. He just needed something to seal the deal.

"Well, there's that Uchiha boy, isn't there?" he said gruffly.


"Huh… well, he's that perfect ninja from that Uchiha clan, isn't he? He's going on that mission, so even if you put my pathetic daughter with him, she should be okay." Hiashi grunted, "If the Uchihas are really that great…"

"…" Lady Tsunade didn't know what to say. She slowly let out a withdrawn sigh. "…If you wish, Hiashi."

It was later on that day that Sasuke and Hinata were given the news and their assignment.

Hinata just kept her gaze lowered as she left the Ninja Assignment building. Her heart was beating quite fast.

Why me? She wondered. Why would they choose me? I'm weak… and useless… I'll be a burden!! She snuck a look at Sasuke. Her heart fell even more. Especially… since I'm paired with him…

Hinata was fourteen and she was finally a chunin. Her indigo hair had grown longer and was now halfway down her back. She still had the same pale white eyes with the tint of lavender.

She hadn't changed much from two years ago. She still had a crush on Naruto and she still stuttered and averted her eyes when she talked.

Hinata blushed a tiny bit as she lowered her gaze even more. Naruto-kun… if only I could go on a mission with you…

Sasuke was pissed. He grunted with annoyance.

He got even more annoyed when he noticed Hinata acting all coy. CRAP!! There she goes looking all goofy again… anyone can tell when she's thinking about that baka Naruto!!!

Fifteen-year-old Sasuke hadn't changed much from his genin years. He had obviously gotten taller and was still very much the heart-throb of Konoha. He had also gotten a lot stronger, but his attitude had probably gotten worse.

But if you had girls fawning all over you every day of your life and jumping you all the time, you'd be screaming to give a statement too.

Sasuke grunted. Shit, why'd they have to put me together with the Hyuuga loser? Seriously, what the hell were they thinking??

Anger consumed him and his thoughts. Hinata is useless!! She can't do anything!! She's the weakest person in Konoha; I don't know how the heck she became a chunin!! And she's meant to be a Hyuuga…? I can already tell I'm gonna have to do all the work and fighting… not like she's gonna be any help… crap, she'll just slow me down!

Sasuke was glaring ferociously at Hinata even while he walked. She wasn't noticing because she was still thinking about Naruto.

Just then she looked up and said, "U-Uchiha-san, t-tomorrow we're going to leave, aren't we?"

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO TALK LIKE THAT?!?? Hinata's stuttering set Sasuke off.

Before he could try to control his flaming emotions and the hurtful words that came flying from his mouth without warning, he yelled at her.

"Don't think I even wanted to go on this mission with you, Hyuuga!!" He spat out. "All you'll do is drag me down!! You're completely weak!! You can't do anything!! You're the weakest there is!! And you're meant to be a Hyuuga?!? You're worthless and useless!!! You're completely pathetic!!!"

Hinata froze, his words hitting her hard. Her lavender eyes were wide open and filled with fear. She trembled slightly.

Sasuke glared with tremendous hatred, a tiny smirk on his face. "You're feeble and pitiful!! You're completely pathetic, you loser!!"

With that, he walked off. And Hinata was left there, staring after him. His cruel words still echoing in her mind.

"You're feeble and pitiful!! You're completely pathetic, you loser!!"

That's the first chapter!! Yep, Sasuke's really cruel, huh? Well, that's Sasuke!! He'll grow to love her… Sasuke has his own problems, so that's why he's the main character here!! Thanks for reading!! Please review!!