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Chapter Twenty: Finally Happiness

Sasuke, Hinata and Kitake stood together outside the building of the Otokage. Across from them was Jetsuuki. He had a black eye and cuts and bruises all over him, as well as a limp when he walked, and one arm in a sling. Hinata and Kitake had worked hard to bandage and help him as much as possible.

Sasuke stood there, full of remorse, yet he couldn't truly forgive Jetsuuki either.

Jetsuuki bowed his head deeply and said slowly, "Uchiha-san, Miss Hyuuga, Minabi-san… I'm… really sorry for everything I've done. I have done something… most unforgivable. And I am grateful that I'm still alive and that you would have helped tend to my wounds. I… I really have been so awful. I can't ask for forgiveness because I don't deserve it… so all I can do is say sorry. Gomen nasai…"

Jetsuuki looked so sad and miserable, even Sasuke started to feel sorry for him, though he didn't say anything. Kitake just glanced at Jetsuuki and then at Sasuke and Hinata.

"Jetsuuki-san…" Hinata spoke softly. "It's all right."

"What?" Jetsuuki was shocked. He looked so confused as he stared at Hinata.

Hinata smiled. "I believe that… everyone must have had something unfortunate happen to them… and they get hurt, so they want to seek revenge. They want to do something that will make them feel better, or make them forget about the pain from the past. And I… also think that everyone deserves to be forgiven. Even… you, Jetsuuki-san."

Jetsuuki's eyes widened. Then he sighed and smiled back, as hard as possible.

"Thankyou… so much…" He said, bowing his head.

Sasuke just made a little grunting sound, and looked the other way. Finally, he turned to Jetsuuki and said, "I'm sorry… for becoming so evil… like the Uchiha you said I was like. I'm really sorry."

Jetsuuki shook his head. "Nah. You were right. It was my fault."

The four of them stood there for a while in silence. Then Hinata spoke up, "Where are you going to go now, Jetsuuki-san?"

Jetsuuki smiled sadly. "I… ran away from the Sand Village where I grew up… and I haven't been back for a long time. I think… I will return there and become a better person than I have been. Besides, it's been a long time since I visited my mother's grave."

"Oh…" Hinata said.

Jetsuuki turned his back towards the others and started walking away.

"Thankyou again for everything… perhaps one day we will meet again. I'll greatly look forward to our next meeting, especially you, Miss Hyuuga."

They watched Jetsuuki's figure disappear into the distance.

Sasuke said, "What about you, Minabi? What are you gonna do?"

Kitake shifted his eyes towards the ground. "I… really don't know."

"Renn's gone, and the person I worked so hard to defeat has become an ally, so… I guess… I'll have to find a new thing to focus on." Kitake sighed, and then quickly grinned cheekily at Hinata. "Like winning Hinata-san's heart."

"What?" Sasuke cried.

Hinata looked shocked and flushed bright red.

"Ya know…" Sasuke said, starting to walk off towards the direction of home, pulling Hinata along with him, "If you… need a new place to call home… you can come to Konohagakure with us."

Kitake's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Yeah." Sasuke looked a little embarassed. "It's kind of rare for me to have a friend like you, so if you wanna come, you should come."

Kitake still looked very surprised. He watched as Sasuke and Hinata started to walk off. Then he quickly ran after them. When he got to Sasuke, he gave him a little punch on the arm.

"So we're friends now, huh?" Kitake grinned.

Sasuke shrugged. "I suppose."

Kitake, quick as a flash, pulled Hinata's hand away from Sasuke's and dragged her further forward. Sticking out his tongue cheerfully at Sasuke, "I suppose you're going to have to learn the difference between a friend and a rival!!"

Konohagakure, day after Sasuke, Hinata and Kitake arrived


She jerked up as Sakura ran up to her.

"S-Sakura-san!!" Hinata was bewildered at why the pink-haired girl wanted to talk to her.

"I see you and Sasuke are back from your mission," Sakura started.


Sakura frowned. "Hinata, ever since you came back, you've been so deep in thought and looking so miserable… You… Hinata… you've fallen in love with Sasuke, haven't you?"

Hinata was incredibly flustered. AAAAAARGHHH!! She found out!!

"Wh-what…?" she squeaked.

Sakura said angrily, "Do you realize how unfair this is?? I've been in love with Sasuke since the day I met him!! And you've been so infatuated with Naruto!! You were lucky enough to get to go on a mission with Sasuke, but you come back and now you like him!! I know I shouldn't be so angry at you but…" Sakura's voice shook with emotions, "…it's not fair!! I liked him first!!"

Hinata trembled. Her hands were clutched in fists and she tightened them. "S-Sakura-san… you're right, you have every right to be angry, but you know that being me, I'm… a wimp… and pathetic… so it's not like I'd have a chance with Sasuke. Sakura-san, you're so smart and pretty… so… why are you so angry?"

Sakura stopped looking so angry and dropped her head down sadly. Her voice softened, "You're right Hinata… I'm much more outgoing than you are… but that's not going to help." She stared Hinata straight in the eyes. "Don't you get it?? Sasuke loves you!!"

Hinata's jaw dropped. And it stayed there. She froze and didn't move.

Sakura avoided Hinata's gaze. "I can tell by the way he acts now. After spending time with you, he's changed and it's because of you. He avoids you as much as he did before, but I can see him gazing at you when your back is turned." Tears appeared in Sakura's eyes. "And the worst thing is, I can see that and it really hurts!!"

Hinata found her voice and tried to comfort Sakura. "S-Sakura-san, you must be mistaken. There's no way he'd feel anything for me!!"

Sakura glared at Hinata with her teary eyes. She snapped, "THAT'S THE PROBLEM, HINATA!! You're in love with him but you're such a pathetic little wimp that you won't even try to talk to him about it!! Hinata, if you love him so much then stop being so stupid and tell him!!!"

"But Sakura-san-"

Sakura brushed away tears from her eyes and smiled solemnly and sadly. "If you were to do that, then I'd be able to get over him… and look for someone else…"

Hinata started to blink back tears herself. "Sakura-san!!"

Sakura turned away from Hinata and said hurriedly, "Hurry up, you idiot."

Hinata watched as Sakura walked away. Her heart thumped nervously. She knew… this was something she would have to tell her severe father.

Hinata wandered into her house. Of course, she wished she could keep this whole thing about her liking Sasuke to herself, but… if Sakura could tell, then her father would obviously suspect it too.

Hinata bit her lip. And if her father knew, and she didn't tell him, he'd be furious. Also, he would be pissed that Hinata could succumb to such weakness in liking Sasuke Uchiha.

"Father…" Hinata said softly.

Hiashi stared at Hinata grimly. "What is it?"

Hinata frowned and looked at her feet. "Father… I've fallen in love with someone…"

She could feel her heart thumping away so loudly in her chest. She still knew her dad hated her. And he was going to be furious for her to show such signs of weakness.

Hiashi sighed loudly. "It's Uchiha, isn't it?"

Hinata was astounded. How did he-??

Hiashi glared at Hinata. "I don't care." He said harshly. "I don't care and I never will care even the least about you, Hinata. You are still a disgrace to my family even if you become close to an Uchiha."

"H-hai, Father." Hinata lowered her head.

Hiashi was silent for a moment, and then quickly turned away from Hinata and began to walk away. Hinata looked at his back moving away from her and was startled when he spoke one last sentence.

"Just don't… let yourself get hurt, Hinata."

Hiashi walked away.

"UCHIHA!!" Kiba yelled as he found Sasuke.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked, sounding pissed.

Kiba glared at Sasuke with hatred. "Uchiha, how could you?"

"What??" Sasuke asked, frowning hard. What did the dog boy want?

Kiba flung out an arm and punched Sasuke in the face with all of his might. Sasuke took a couple of steps back. He straightened himself and glared at Kiba, rubbing his cheek with the back of his hand. "What the hell was that for??"

Kiba angrily ran after Sasuke and let fly with another punch. "Damn you, Uchiha!! You know what I'm pissed about!! Stop playing stupid!!"

Sasuke narrowly dodged Kiba's punch and angrily sent one back. "I don't know what the heck you're talking about!!"

Kiba was furious and flaming mad. He yelled out, "You were such a bastard for ever thinking so badly about Hinata and treating her like crap!!!"

Sasuke jumped away from an incoming kick. He yelled back, "I know and I'm sorry!!!"

Kiba shouted, "Uchiha, after you were so cruel to her, how dare you fall in love with Hinata???"

Sasuke flinched. No way! How had Inuzuka discovered that??

Kiba ran after Sasuke and while Sasuke was in confusion, fired a punch at his eye. Sasuke bit his lip as the pain raced through his head.

"You know, don't you??" Kiba screamed. "Hinata is way too good for you!! She's way too good for both of us!! But how the hell could she have chosen you?!?"

Sasuke glanced at the fiery Kiba. This boy… he had loved Hinata from the start, hadn't he?

Sasuke darted forward and narrowly missed Kiba's attacks.

"You realize now, don't you, Uchiha!!" Kiba shouted. "After spending that time with her, you finally know what Hinata is really like!!"

Sasuke growled, "I know already, dammit!! Why are you so angry at me??"

"I have every reason to be angry, Uchiha!!" Kiba cried. "For so long, you've hated her without even getting to know her!! You've never accepted the beautiful soul that she is and you've pushed her down and made her weak!! You've treated her so cruelly and so horribly and now you can just change your mind and decide you love her???"

Sasuke stared at Kiba and noticed that the angry guy practically had tears in his eyes. "Finally, you understand who Hinata really is!! Only now, you realize the innocent and unselfish girl she is!! Now you know that she never thinks for herself and she's a precious person to so many of us!!"

Kiba bit his lip as he tried to stop his emotions from exploding. He punched and kicked and fought with all his might, so as not to let his love for Hinata and the tears building up in his eyes be seen. But he couldn't stop it.

Kiba flung a feeble punch at Sasuke and stopped. He stood there, panting hard from exhaustion and pain. He sniffed as stubborn tears fell from his eyes.

Kiba spat out, "Even after all you put her through… even though I've loved her for so long… how… how could she like you??"

Sasuke stared in amazement at Kiba for a moment. Kiba was really suffering and so angry and in pain.

Sasuke grumbled as he finally spoke. "It's all your fault. You're the one who was in love with her but didn't do anything about it."

Kiba looked up and sent a death glare at Sasuke. He opened his mouth to speak but Sasuke spoke first.

"Inuzuka… you are right though. Only now, I realize what Hinata really is like. I… I've spent time with her and I can see how pure she is." Sasuke said, not looking at Kiba.

Kiba was breathing in and out hard from exhaustion. He was still glaring at Sasuke.

"I know that she is such a gentle and compassionate girl… and I've realized how many people she has touched, and that there are so many that love her…" Sasuke said slowly.

Yeah… she had managed to reach so many people's hearts… like Kiba's, obviously, and Jetsuuki… Kitake, even himself…

Sasuke continued, "And I also know that she is too pure for me… Love… really sucks but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love her."

There was a silence.

Kiba angrily wiped away tears and snapped, "Dammit. I already know that!!"

Sasuke watched him in silence for a while. Finally, Kiba let out a slow and painful breath.

He stood up straighter and gave Sasuke one last glare. "Uchiha… If you ever hurt Hinata or let her get hurt, you'll have to answer to me."

And with that, Kiba ran off.

"S-Sasuke!" Hinata cried out timidly as she found Sasuke.

Sasuke blinked in confusion at the violet-haired girl. "What, Hinata?"

"Uh… um…" Hinata struggled but couldn't say anything. Her voice faltered and her shoulders dropped. She said, "…Sasuke, you have a black eye."

Sasuke watched as Hinata wearily turned away and punished herself. He felt his cheeks grow warm when he looked at her. GAAAHH!! Not again!! Sasuke was furious. This was stupid!! It was most unsuited for him to act like this!!

But… he couldn't help it. He really, really, really… loved her.

"Hinata!" he shouted suddenly.

"What?" Hinata looked at him, face bright red.

"I… er… I…" Sasuke stammered. He hated himself right now. No!! No stuttering!! That was Hinata's thing, not his!! Dammit, he really was stupid!!

Sasuke couldn't find the words. The only thing he could do was grab her hand and pull her towards him.

"Wha-??" Hinata started.

Sasuke pulled Hinata close and kissed her.

Hinata felt her entire face burning. But she couldn't help but to kiss him back.

When they finally broke away they were both flaming red and embarassed. Sasuke lowered his gaze and said, "H-Hinata… I love you,"

He saw Hinata with her eyes wide and her jaw hitting the ground, looking completely shocked with what just happened.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and quickly tried to gain control. "Dammit!! I can't help it!!" he said angrily.

"Sasuke…" Hinata murmured.

"What??" he snapped.

"I… I really love you too." she said quietly.

Sasuke blinked at her in complete wonder.

"You…" he started slowly. "You're still an idiot." he said and hugged her.

Sakura and Ino watched Hinata and Sasuke from afar. Sakura let out a little sniff. "Hmph. Now they're happy together and we're still alone."

Ino sighed and put her head in her hands. "Yeah. I can't believe a little frail wimp like Hinata could've won Sasuke's heart."

Sakura sighed as well. "But… if you think about it, all along, Hinata was the kind of person that would be able to get Sasuke to love her."

"Mm." Ino mumbled. Suddenly, the blonde lifted her head and gasped.

"What is it?" Sakura wondered.

"Oh my gosh!!" Ino cried. "Did you see him? That guy over there!!"

Sakura followed Ino's gaze to a stranger she had never seen before. She felt her heart thump a little.

"He's that guy who came back with Sasuke and Hinata!! He is so hot!!" Ino cried out. "Kyaahh!! He's looking towards us!!" she freaked.

Sakura looked at the boy with the deepest green eyes she had ever seen. To her shock, he was looking at her too. Sakura felt her face turn red and she quickly looked away.

Kitake simply smiled like he always did and kept walking along.

Sasuke held out a hand towards Hinata and gave her a smile that he would never give anyone else but her. Because she was the one who unlocked the deepest and darkest pain and secrets inside him and somehow, just by being Hinata, was able to heal him.

Hinata smiled shyly and placed her hand in his.

Sasuke gripped her hand tightly, hoping that he would never have to let go.

It is… a tough and tiring journey… full of twists and turns, evil and darkness, and pain and suffering. But… it is still possible to reach it.

Love… even when you find it, you realize it sucks. And it hurts so badly and you discover you can't have love without pain.

Pain hurts deepest and it brings out all the suffering and hurt you have hidden and that has tormented you. Even so, pain comes hand in hand with tears.

Tears that you have tried to hide gradually seep out, no matter how hard you try or how much you swear you will stop them.

There is all this turmoil and darkness around you. It seems to grip you and hold onto you tightly, so much that you feel you are being enveloped by it. You try to run but it surrounds you in every direction.

The suffering and hurt you face, and have faced in the past, is always there and seems to stop you from moving away.

But even through all this hurt and darkness, a tiny spark of light peers through.

And slowly… ever so slowly, the darkness fades, if you are just willing to reach out your hand and grab it.

That little spark of light.


The Love, Pain and Tears of Uchiha Sasuke

The End

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