Naruto/Final Fantasy VII
Lost Son of Konoha

AN Whilst reading try to imagine the theme to Final Fantasy VII playing in the background

Gates of Konoha open and we see a bruised and bleeding Naruto carrying Sasuke on his back after their battle at the Valley of the End

Naruto Uzumaki, you have been found guilty for the attempted murder of Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha clan. You are hereby banished form the city of Konoha and its territories for the rest of your natural life. If you are found anywhere within city limits you will be killed on site.

Naruto walks through the city gates, he stops just outside and looks back to see the crowd who have gathered to see him leave. His eyes fall upon Sakura who looks at him in disgust. The gate then closes concealing Naruto from view.

Sakura falls to the ground a trail of blood running from her mouth. Standing over her is Tsunade her clenched fist trembling.

You must be very proud of yourself. Go to your precious Ushiha traitor, the one Naruto worked so hard to bring back for you. Go to him and get out of my sight, you disgust me.

Tsunade spits on her and walks away, the crowd then disperses. Sakura is left alone, she looks at the ground, a tear rolls down her cheek


15 Years Later

A shot of Konoha, the sun rising over the Hokage monument. Cut to different scenes showing several characters

Seated at the breakfast table of the Hyuuga branch house are Neji, dressed in an ANBU uniform minus the mask, Tenten, dressed in a simple pale blue kimono that reveals a slight bulge in her waist, and a small girl who looks no older then 5 with dark brown hair done up in panda ears and also has Byakugan eyes.

Sitting on the doorstep of a large house is Kiba, dressed only in his ANBU pants, surrounded by a group of dogs, Akamaru included. Hinata emerges from the door behind him dressed only in an oversized shirt. She kneels down, wraps her arms around him and kisses him on the cheek.

Ino is seated behind the counter of her flower shop. She is talking to Shikamaru, also dressed in ANBU gear, is drinking tea trying to tune her out.

Shino, wearing in his trademark black hoody and dark glasses, and Choji, wearing his clan's armor, seated at Ichiraku Ramen stand.

Lee is at the training grounds, giving his students Gai's 'Fires of Youth' speech.

Tsunade is sitting at a bar. The door then opens and a person walks up to her, looking round see's Jiraiya standing there. Smiling she gets up and punches him with enough force to send him flying back out the door. Outside we see Jiraiya lying on the ground, the camera then pans upwards to the sign that says 'The Happy Fox'.

Kakashi is seated behind a desk in an office wearing Hokage robes, surrounded by paper work. He glances about the room with his Sharingan eye to make sure no one is around and from under a pile of papers pulls out his infamous copy of Icha Icha Paradice and begins reading.

Sakura emerges the hospital, having just gotten off shift. She then looks up at the Hokage monument

Cut to the monument. A figure wearing black stands on Yondaime's head. Moving in closer revealing it to be Cloud Strife wearing the same outfit he wears in Advent Children.

Looking out he see's black clouds gathering on the horizon.

The music changes to One Winged Angel

Cloud races towards a large group of Sound Nin on Fenrir. The compartments on Fenrir open and Cloud Pulls out First Tsurugi. A group of Sound Nins throw kunai and shurikens at Cloud who uses his sword to block them.

Sakura and the remaining members of the Konoha 11 at the gates of the city, watching the large battalion of enemy Nins they prepare to defend their home.

Cloud races through the streets of Konoha on Fenrir sword in hand, at the end of the street in front of the Hokage's tower smirking is Orochimaru.

Cloud battles Orochimaru. He kicks Orochimaru in the gut forcing him backwards several feet. Cloud prepares to strike when Sasuke appears.

Bahamut SIN stands atop the Hokage's tower and lets out an inhuman roar.

Gaara's eyes glow red sand rises from the ground and swirls around him.

Cloud disengages part of First Tsurugi and battles both Orochimaru and Sasuke.

Sakura surrounded by Sound Nins, one attempts to attack her from behind when something red races past Sakura and tackles the Nin, revealed to be Red XIII.

Kabuto is knocked to the ground, looking up reveals Tifa Lockhart standing over him.

Orochimaru, atop a giant hydra like serpent, sneering at a figure on the Hokage's tower. Moving in closer reveals the figure to be Vincent Valentine, who leaps into the air and transforms into Chaos Death Penalty appearing in his hand.

Sasuke attempts to stab Cloud through the chest with Chidori. Cloud jumps out of the way and uses his Braver Limit Break which hurls Sasuke at Orochimaru.

Vincent and Tifa kiss

Neji Kiba Shino Shikamaru and Choji stare at Cloud who has his back to them. He turns to face them revealing whisker marks on his face.

A close up of one of Sakura's eyes a tear emerges from it.

Cloud and Sasuke glare at each other. Sasuke activates his Cured Seal whilst Cloud powers up one of his Limit Breaks. They then charge one another.

Sephiroth amongst the flames of Nibelheim

Final Fantasy VII:
Lost Son of Konoha

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An image of Cloud sword in hand, surrounded by red charkra in the shape of a fox with nine tails. His eyes glow red his ears are pointed his canines are visible as well as the whisker marks on his face. He lets out an inhuman roar and the screen goes black.

AN Ok not an actual chapter, more of a taste of things to come, provied anyone's actually intrested in this story. For any who hs gussed it yes this is based off of the english trailer for Advent Children. Just an idea I came up after watching AC then the episode where Naruto beats Neji as well as an image of Minato Namikaze on the internet and thinking 'Wow, both Naruto and his dad kind looks like Cloud.' Anyway thought I'd write this and see what the general responce to it would be like plus this would be my first crack at Naruto fiction so please be gentle. Anyways tell me what you think you like it and you want me to continue or you hate it and think its a waste of time, let me know. Well till next time (maybe), later y'all.