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Naruto/Final Fantasy VII
Lost Son of Konoha

Chapter 28
Eve of War Arc I

As the dust and debris of the ruined statue began to clear a figure could be seen standing amongst who appeared to have their back turned to them, carrying a sword in his right hand whilst in his left was what looked like a book.

"When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end

The goddess descends from the sky

Wings of light and dark spread afar

She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting."

The man standing in the dust cloud snapped the book shut; the sound created a loud noise that blew away the dust cloud that surrounded him, reveling a man with this back turned to them, his auburn hair clad in a long red coat. Turning around he was revealed to have unnaturally piercing blue eyes.

"Greetings," He told the Akatsuki members, "I wonder, have any of you been blessed by the Goddess?"

The gathered Akatsuki members looked on in stunned silence at the presence of the man that now that stood before them. Not moments ago the Meifu no Ō statue, the effigy that had been used to contain the extracted essences of the acquired Bijuu, had been destroyed and from its destruction this man had appeared.

"OK, someone tell me I'm not seeing things?" Raiga spoke up, "Did the Statue just crumble into dust or did I get caught in a really strong Genjutsu?"

"You aren't seeing things Raiga," Sumaru informed him, "Not unless we all got trapped in the same Genjutsu."

Madara meanwhile was glaring at the auburn haired man, he had no idea who he was or how he got there but that wasn't what concerned him. What did trouble him was his appearance clearly coincided with the destruction of the Meifu no Ō statue, the key component in his plan to subject all life on this planet to his whim. Without it and the power it had been containing that plan was crumbling much like the statue had.

"You…you, who the hell do you think you are?" He barked out at the man, "Do you have any idea just what you have done?"

"Me, I am merely a wandering soul that spent his life seeking bliss everlasting." The man replied, undeterred by Madara or the other Akatsuki members, taking a moment studying them he quickly took note of Madara's Sharingan and Pein's Rinnegan. "I see; the two of you have been blessed by the Goddess."

"The…Goddess?" Gurenn said, confusion in her voice.

The man let out a chuckle in response, holding the book up it fell open and he read the passage before him.

"Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess

We seek it thus, and take it to the sky

Ripples form on the water's surface

The wandering soul knows no rest."

"Enough of this prattle." Madara spat, "I will ask you again, who are you?"

"Me, I feel insulted that you bumpkins don't know who I am." The man replied, he then pointed his sword at the group of ninja; "I am Genesis Rhapsodos, SOLDIER First Class."

"SOLDIER…" Kimimaro said, despite being unfamiliar with the man before them thanks to the reputation of Sephiroth even the former servant of Orochimaru was somewhat familiar with the existence SOLDIER as were many throughout the ninja nations and those who knew it knew that a SOLDIER First Class was not to be taken likely.

"Enough of this, do you have any idea what you've done? Because of you the Meifu no Ō statue has been destroyed. Now tell me, what have you done with my Bijuu?" Madara demanded.

"You assume that you are entitled to ownership of such creatures." Genesis replied, "That statue of yours has served it purpose, to be a vessel of rebirth. And as for the beasts that you sacrificed they have left this world and have become one with the planet."

"They've done what?" Madara snapped, "You…you incompetent, have not the slightest idea what you've done? The Bijuu were crucial to my plans and because of you those plans are in ruins."

The ancient Uchiha then glanced over at Pein. "Nagato, this annoyance has become a torn in the side to both of us. I believe it would be prudent to deal with this intruder before we settle our differences."

"Very well, if I must." Pein replied, "But make no mistake, once he is made an example of I will not hesitate to do the same to you."

Hearing this caused Genesis to chuckle, putting his book away then pointed his weapon at the Akatsuki members. "Very well then, come on then." He said confidently, "Come cross swords with the true hero of this world."

"TSUBAKI NO MAI! Dance of the Camellia!" Multiple bony spikes protruded from Kimimaro's shoulders that he pulled out of his body to wield as if they were swords and moved into engage the man before him.

As the white haired ninja charged forward, Sumaru conjured up a large cloud of purple chakra that manifested from his back that had the appearance of a peacocks tail feathers. "NINPU KUJAKUMYŌHŌ!" The former Hoshikage then flipped through more hand seals and his 'feathers' morphed into the image of a wolf. "KUJAKU MYOUHOU: KEMONO! Mysterious Peacock Method: Beast!" He then sicked then snarling creature at Genesis.

At the same time Raiga reached into his robes and withdrew a pair of tanto blades, the weapons he'd been forced to wiled since the lose of the Kiba blades due to his death, and channeled his lightening chakra into them causing the blades to crackle with electrical energy. "IKADZUCHINO UTAGE! Lightning Bolt Feast!" The former member of the Seven Swordsmen then impaled the ground with his weapons sending the electric current racing through the earth where it split into multiple tendrils.

Genesis did not seem deterred by the three hostiles that made to engage him, from his right shoulder his single protruded outwards and unfurled itself outwards. With a single powerful wave of it he blew away Sumaru's construct along with knocking Kimimaro aside, with that done he avoided Raiga's lightning by side stepping it effortlessly.

A smirk on his face Genesis ran his left hand along the blade of his sword causing it to glow with burning energy.

As he did so Raiga and Sumaru were getting themselves together whilst Kmimaro picked himself up off of the ground. "Damn, this guy…" Raiga muttered, he then channeled more lightning chakra into his weapons, "RAITON: RAIKYUU! Lightning Ball!"

Drawing his two swords together, an orb of crackling forming between them that Raiga then hurled at the man before him.

"I think not." Genesis replied, as he said these words energy began to gather in the palm of his hand that he then hurled that split up into multiple smalls fireballs that intercepted Raiga's jutsu as well as knocking him and Kimimaro off their feet.

Sumaru looked on as his two teammates were knocked aside, taken aback by just how powerful their opponent appeared to be. A single beat of his wing had unleashed a wind that rivaled a Futon jutsu. A breeze was suddenly felt on his face and looking back found Genesis before him, the ex Hoshi nin didn't even have time to react before the auburn haired man's glowing blade cut through him as if he were paper.

The air was then filled with the sound of electricity, whirling around Genesis threw Sumaru into the lighting, successfully blocking Raiga's attack, the dark haired ninja's eyes bulging outwards and face twisting in agony as the unknown voltage tore through him.

"No more of that." Genesis said as he gathered more burning energy in his hand that he threw at Raiga.

Seeing this brought a scowl to Raiga's face, moments before it could strike him he used Shunshin no Jutsu causing him to seemingly blink out of existence to avoid Genesis's attack only to reappear moments later on the other side of the chamber. However he was far from safe as Genesis's fireball as if guided by some divine force changed in Raiga's direction, once more it splintered off into dozens of smaller ones.

Cursing Raiga once more used Shunshin no Jutsu to avoid Genesis attack but no matter how many times he used it the fireballs seemed able to track his movements and soon enough there was nowhere left for him to run to. The attack knocking him to the ground once more.

Genesis meanwhile was not being idle. With Sumaru dispatched and Raiga occupied, Kimimaro had once more engaged the winged warrior, lasing out at him with his bone weapons. With seemingly little effort Genesis was quick to respond blocking the white haired man's weapons with his own.

The two men locked eyes with one another, now up close up Genesis could now get a good look at the one time Oto ninja, seeing the deformed growth on part of his body. "I see, you are also someone who has been brought back." He then quickly glanced at the other Akatsuki members, "I now see several of you are have also been brought back from the Promised Land."

"SHOTON: SEICHO SURU KURISUTARU NO TOGE! Growing Crystal Thorns!" A cracking noise was heard coming from below, looking down both Genesis and Kimimaro saw a pink crystalline protruding from the ground and growing towards them. Disengaging Kimimaro leapt away as the gleaming carbon sprouted upwards whilst Genesis flew upwards, the crystal substance seemingly growing towards him.

Avoiding a branch of crystal, Genesis looked over in Guren's direction, the pale haired woman in the process of flipping through another series of hand seals in preparation for casting another Jutsu. "I don't think so." He said, a frown decorating his face as he charged up another fireball.

"TESHI SEDAN! Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!" Kimimaro cried out, firing several bone fragments from the tips of his fingers up at Genesis, forcing him to divert his attention away from Guren as he blocked his projectiles with his sword whilst at the same time also avoid Guren's crystal construct.

Seeing that Genesis was currently occupied, Guren finished flipping through her hand seals. "SHOTON: HASHO KORYU! Burst Crystal Falling Dragon!" The light blue haired woman's crystal construct began to change form, from a tree like appearance to that of a large dragon that lunged at Genesis who dodged out of the way.

The crystalline construct followed after the winged man, snapping at him but always seeming to just fall short of it target. Genesis however didn't seem concerned by this, if anything he seemed bemused by it all. With a flick of his wrist the auburn haired mans glowing sword blade sliced through the dragons head severing it from its body.

"N…no way…" Guren exclaimed, eyes wide in shock at the sight of Genesis continuing to cut through her crystal construct as if it were paper, cutting back any new growth before it could reform the dragon head, something that in her mind shouldn't be possible. "Th…this is impossible, my crystals shouldn't be that easy to cut through?"

Above Genesis alighted atop the decapitated remains of Guren's crystal dragon, looking down upon the gathered Akatsuki members. "I see that many have you have been touched by the Lifestream." He told them, "That is something that cannot be allowed, all life belongs to Gaia, she grants it and in return life returns to her. You will return that which has been taken, return what has been taken from the planet."

"This guy, he's crazy." Guren muttered, "Too bad for us he's also crazy strong."

"Who cares, we have to take him out." Raiga retorted, the former Kumo then leapt into the air, both of his sparking weapons at the ready. "RAIRYU NO TATSUMAKI! Lightning Dragon Tornado!" As he ascended upwards the electrical current coursed around his body before he began spinning like a spinning top forming a whirling vortex of wind and electricity that took on the appearance of a long bodied dragon.

Seeing this Genesis took to the air once more, charging up another fireball that he tossed at the swirling mass of wind and electricity but it seemed to have little impact on it. "Not enough huh," he muttered to himself, "Alright then, how about this…" With a wave of his hand a glowing red sigil appeared beneath the wind and lightning dragon that then rose into the air above them where the sigil then exploded unleashing a large release of light and energy, the blast knocking Raiga out of his construct and sent him falling towards the ground as well as causing dust and debris to fall from the ceiling above.

Dazed and disorientated from the explosion Raiga was unable to defend himself as Genesis swooped down towards him and his sword sliced through his body.

"TESHI SEDAN! Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!" from his position on the ground Kimimaro fired off another barrage of bone bullets from the tips of his fingers at Genesis, seeing this the winged man rose higher into the air to, narrowly avoiding the income projectiles.

Above Genesis unleashed a barrage of black feathers from his wing at Kimimaro. Seeing this a curse passed the white haired man's lips

'No choice…' "TESSENKA NO MAI! Dance of the Clematis" Kimimaro gritting his teeth as several large bony growths emerged from the white haired man's back along with a part of his spine becoming visible.

'S…shit, I forgot how much this hurts without Orochimaru's Cured Seal…' He inwardly cursed, 'But this guy, he's pushed me to this…' "TESSENKA NO MAI TSURU! Dance of the Clematis Vine!"

Grabbing ahold of his visible spinal column Kimimaro ripped it from his back; once it was free he waved the whip like appendage knocking Genesis's feathers away before they could reach him before lashing out with it at Genesis.

"Well, isn't this interesting…" Genesis said to himself as the bony tendril grew closer. The cavern was then filled with the sound of the clang of metal and the fizzle of sparks as Kimimaro's spine whip and Genesis's sword struck each other again and again. Once more Kimimaro launched his spine whip up at Genesis who leaned his head to the left, the tendril missing him.

Letting out a small chuckle Genesis grabbed the bone whip and yanked it, pulling Kimimaro towards him his sword at the ready to end the white haired man's life.

From her position Guren watched on as Kimimaro was pulled into the air, muttering a curse the blue haired Konouchi began flipping through hand seals. "SHOTON: KESSHŌ SHURIKEN!" Pieces of debris shattered across the ground were reduced to dust and formed itself into a dozen shuriken's made of pinkish crystals that were then launched up at Genesis.

Genesis yanked at the bone whip once more, swinging Kimimaro around and into the path of the incoming projectiles, several of them lodging themselves in his back. Several glowing red replicas of the Genesis's sword appeared as the man released his grip on Kimimaro's bone whip and launched them, some of them impaled Kimimaro whilst the ones that remained deflected Guren's shuriken's.

Seeing his chance Genesis swooped downwards, his sword slicing though Kimimaro, finally putting an end to him, and continued onwards towards Guren, the former Oto ninja creating and launching more crystal shuriken at him who in turn responded by unleashing more red swords at her as well as block several of her projectiles with his sword.

Before Guren could get away Genesis was before her, his hand grabbing her by the front of her robes as he pulled her in closer to him. He looked down at Guren, the blue haired woman pawing at his arm as she tried to free herself from his grip.

"Even if the morrow is barren of promises

Nothing shall forestall my return."

As he said these words the auburn haired SOLDIER's sword pierced the woman's body, her eyes widened and her face twisted into a look of shock and pain as chocked sound escaped her mouth blood dripping from it.

Releasing his hold Guren's body collapsed to the ground where it lay unmoving, Genesis however was given very little time to savor this however as he was suddenly surrounded by a six robed orange haired figured moved in, all of whom sported the same Rinnegan eyes and facial piercings.

Two of the six forms of Pein moved in whilst the remaining four stayed back. One of them, a bald headed man, ripped off his cloak revealing that it sported six muscular looking arms lunged at Genesis who stepped out of the way.

Too late did he realize that a charging tackle wasn't all that this man had as four of its arms suddenly detached themselves selves from its body and were launched at Genesis whilst at the same time a metallic looking tendril similar to the one wielded by Kimimaro with a rounded protrusion with a nasty looking spike attached emerged from its back and was launched at the former SOLDIER.

Despite his effort to keep his expression unreadable, this caught Genesis by surprise, he'd not expected to be engaged in such a way. Beating his wing he managed to avoid the spine spike however he was unable to avoid the pale mans arms as two of them latched onto his legs and pulled him back to ground where the remaining arms grabbed ahold of his shoulders.

Seeing that their quarry was pinned down Asura Path two more of Pein's bodies, the Human Path and the Preta path, moved in. Preta Pein stretched its hands out as a bubble formed around it and a blue-ish aura began to radiate off of Genesis body that was drawn into Preta's barrier.

Human Pein then place its hand on Genesis's head, the auburn haired man gritting his teeth as a ghostly figure was drawn from his body. As his soul was being drawn out burning energy gathered in Genesis's hand that he tossed up towards the ceiling, the burning mass exploded into dozens of smaller fireballs that in rained down on the Pein's, knocking both Preta and Asura Paths way.

Free once more Genesis turned to face the Human Path, lunging at the orange long haired Path his sword sliced through it as if were nothing more then paper, both half's of its body collapsing to the ground.

One of the paths down Genesis turned his attention to the Human Path, the mute body in the process of getting back to its feet. "An interesting ability you have there." He told it, "I can't have you doing that again."

As he approached the Preta Path another the Pein's, the Animal Path, began flipping through hand seals before placing a hand on the ground "KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU! Summoning Technique!" A giant burst of smoke appeared from which emerged a large three-headed canine creature, its eyes sporting Rinnegan.

Snarling the large creature lunged at Genesis, drool dripping off of its fangs as it snapped its jaws only to be met by empty air as he had avoided the creature's teeth. Confused as to where its prey had gone the three headed creature looked around for any hint of where Genesis had gone but it wasn't until it looked up did he see him.

Letting out another growl the three headed hound rose up onto its hind legs and once again snapped at him only to once again fall short as Genesis was able to avoid its toothy jaws. Gathering burning energy in the palm of his hand Genesis tossed it at the Summon, the orb splintering off into dozens of smaller ones that knocked the creature off of its hind legs and sent it slamming into the ground.

Not giving the auburn haired SOLDIER a moment of rest both the Asura and Human paths set upon Genesis, the flesh on the Asura Path tore away and a pair of looked to be a pair of Gatling cannons emerged from the pale mans body that opened fired, firing off a hailstorm of hot metal.

Seeing the incoming barrage of bullets Genesis raised his weapon before swinging it rapidly, his blade deflecting each bullet that it made contact with knocking it aside before they could even graze him.

At the same time Preta Pein also made it move, once more creating its chakra barrier as it attempted to draw in the chakra from its victim. Genesis however was not going to be caught out by this trick a second time.

Creating more red energy swords Genesis launched them at both Asura and Preta Peins, Asura being skewered through both shoulders and the head whilst Preta's energy barrier was able to protect it from the glowing red projectiles.

Undeterred Genesis pressed on, vanishing from view only to reappear behind Preta Pein and slashed at it, the mute ninja in turn managing to avoid the crimson red blade. At the same time Asura Pein was not idle, unleashing another barrage from the guns mounted on its shoulders, seemingly undeterred by its comrade also being in the line of fire.

And finally the large summoned by the Animal Pein was also getting to its feet, a growl emanating from its heads and it turned its attention to the party all of whom seemed to be hanging in midair. The sound of its growls growing louder the large triple headed canine lunged at them.

Above Genesis was busy dealing with the two Pein's. Lashing out with his foot the sole of his boot made contact with Human Pein, knocking Preta Pein out of the air and towards Asura Pein, the bullets from from the bald headed man's weapons shredding the Preta Path.

One of his assailants down Genesis moved into deal with Asura Pein, gathering more flames in his hand he launched it at the bald Path where it once more split into multiple smaller spheres that pelted Asura, two of them striking the guns on its shoulders and shattering them.

Seeing that its weapons gone Genesis rushed at Asura Pein, the bald man head splitting open and a second cannon emerged from it and fired a beam of energy, it did little good however as Genesis vanished from view before the beam could reach him. The auburn then reappeared in front of the bald man and with a single swing of his sword the Asura Paths head was separated from its body, both falling to the ground just in time for the three-headed dog to snatch it out of the air.

With three of the six Path dealt with Genesis turned his attention to the large dog, seeing that it seemed to be focused on ripping the body of Asura Pein apart. Seeing this chance the former First Class SOLDIER launched a barrage of black feathers from his wing at the canine, the projectiles striking the large creature.

The creature then turned its attention back to Genesis, once more it lunged at him only to fall short as Genesis's ability to fly allowed him to avoid it easily. A small chuckle passed Genesis created more glowing red energy swords that were launched at the canine, skewing the creature before moving in and slicing off two of its heads.

With the summon dead Genesis shifted his attention over the Animal Path, now that he was familiar with this ones abilities he knew that he had to take it out before it could be allowed to summon anymore creatures. Sword at the ready the auburn haired man swooped in towards the Animal Path when suddenly he was unexpectedly pulled out of the air and sent slamming into the ground.

Looking up Genesis found himself staring up into the face of the Deva Path, the orange haired man looking back at him with a cold look. "Nice trick you've got there." He told the Ame Ninja.

"Give it up." Pein told him, "You put up a brave effort, but you are out matched. You destroyed the tool that would have allowed me to free this world from the cycle of meaningless conflict and death but I will not be deterred. The statue maybe gone but I will find another way to make the world into one without hatred."

The air behind Genesis began to warp from which Madara appeared, a kunai in the ancient Uchiha's hand and murder in his visible eye. "Well done Nagato, you actually managed to pin the little bastard down." He said with dark humor, "Your power truly is amazing, even if it does pale in comparison to mu own, its what drew me to you all those years ago."

"What are you doing Madara?" Pein asked, his tone stern.

"This little upstart is mine Nagato to kill, because of him everything I have worked for now lies in ruins." Madara shot back, he then shifted his gaze to Genesis, "This 'Goddess' of yours, I hope for your sake that she is a loving and merciful because I'm going to send you back to her."

It was then a chuckling sound was heard, the sound of which caught the attention of both Madara and Pein both of whom looked down at Genesis who was still lying on the floor.

"All that awaits you is a somber morrow

No matter where the winds may blow!"

A red sigil appeared on the ground, the glowing glyph then exploded, the release of energy knocking the robed men off of their feet, with Deva attention broken Genesis felt the intense gravity baring down of him lighten and he was quickly back on his feet.

The moment he was back up Genesis turned his attention to Madara, seeing that the dark haired man was currently lying prone before him on the ground. "You asked me if the Goddess is loving and merciful, well my friend when you rejoin to the Lifestream you will find out for yourself."

Raising his weapon the auburn haired swordsman went to strike the Uchiha down, seeing the red blade Madara raised his kunai, using it to block it before the blade could piece his body. With a quick flick of his wrist Uchiha elder managed to knock Genesis's blade away allowing him to get back to his feet.

"KATON: GOUKA MEKKYAKU NO JUTSU! Great Fire Majestic Removal Technique!" flipping through a quick series of signs, a large torrent of flames spewed forth from Madara's mouth that took the form of a large wall of fire that expanded outwards and towards Genesis.

Seeing the burning wall headed toward him, Genesis took to the air once more in an effort to avoid it however it did little to help as the mass of flames seemed to follow him. Thinking fast Genesis weighed his options and quickly was struck by an idea.

Turning in the air the former SOLDIER rushed towards Pein, the mass of flames following after him before vanishing from view, leaving the Akatsuki leader to come face to face with Madara's jutsu.

"SHINRA TENSHEI! Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God!" Thrusting his arms forward, the orange haired man unleashed a massive wave of gravity that collided with Madara's wall of flames; the two seemed to hold the other in place for several seconds until the wall of fired was pushed back towards its caster.

Letting out a muttered curse Madara vanished from view before he could be engulfed by his own jutsu, the burning wall colliding with that of the cave, causing a large amount of rock to fall from the ceiling.

Above the ground Madara reappeared, anger radiating off his being, Sharingan darting to and fro he searched for any sign of the auburn haired intruder. "Not bad old timer." Hearing a voice behind him Madara looked round only to be met by a hand grabbing his face. Generating burning energy in the palm of his hand that seemed to explode, sending Madara crashing into the ground.

Hovering above Genesis observed Madara who lay prone below him, running his hand over the blade of his sword once more it began to glow even more fiercely. Before he could swoop when Deva Pein appeared before him. "FŪTON: REPPŪSHŌ! Gale Palm!" Clasping his hands together Pein unleashed a large burst of wind powerful enough to knock Genesis off course.

After finally being able to right himself Genesis looked his gaze at Deva Pein, the orange haired man produced several long black spikes that he then launched at the ex SOLDIER who in return either deflected them with his sword or was able to avoid them before rushing towards the Deva Path.

As Genesis charged towards him Pein produced two more of his Kuroki Jushinki, using them to block Genesis's weapon, again and again Genesis's Rapier stuck against the black constructs filling the air with sparks.

From the ground both Animal and Naraka Paths watched on, the Animal Path then flipped through several seals and placed its hand on the ground resulting in a large burst of smoke from which appeared a large twin headed serpent, like the triple headed dog before it it too sported Rinnegan eyes.

"SUITON: FUTAGO NO HEBI NO NAGARE! Twin Serpent Stream!" The long bodied creature let out a low hiss before a torrent of water erupted from both of the creature's heads aimed at the two combatants hovering above the ground.

The sound of the torrent of water caught the attention of both Deva Pein and Genesis, both of whom barely managed to avoid them as they roared past. Turning his gaze to the new creature Genesis gathered more burning energy in the palm of his hand that he then launched. Before it could reach the serpent it splintered off into dozens of smaller balls.

The dozens of small fireballs spread out around the summon targeting both Animals and Naraka Paths, both of them being leaping out of the way before the y could be struck down. In response to Genesis's fireballs, both of the serpent's heads darted forward, their jaws open and fangs exposed.

With a beat of his wing Genesis was nimbly avoid the creatures jaws, as one of them moved in for another attack the auburn haired responded with a swing of his sword the blade slicing into its scaly flesh and slicing off its lower jaw. A sly grin on his face Genesis swung his weapon at the creature once more, this time slicing off its other head.

With this new creature taken care of Genesis turned his attention to both the Animal and Naraka Path's, conjuring up another fireball and launched it at the Naraka Path, making contact resulting in a small explosion that took its head clean off.

Four of the six Paths down Genesis shifted his gaze over to the Animal Path, diving towards it his sword slicing into its body and cutting it in two.

As the fight continued on Madara was picking himself off of the ground, his face twisting into a scowl and his teeth bared as he gingerly touched the burns that now marred his face. Shifting his gaze he watched as Genesis dispatched both Naraka and Animal Paths of Pein, his scowl shifting into a look of utter hate. As of this moment all he wanted to destroy this man, to see him broken, bleeding and begging for his life at his feet.

Getting to his feet he was about to rejoin the fighting when something in the corner of his eye caught his attention, at the spot where the Meifu no Ō statue once stood something was stirring. Amongst the debris of the ruined state whips of green energy began to seep from the ground, so faint that it would be easy to miss them but quickly grew more viable by the second.

"Wh…what is that?" He exclaimed, his voice catching the attention of both Pein and Genesis as they watched the green energy spread out and engulfed the bodies of Raiga, Kimimro, Sumaru and Guren, the deceased bodies being absorbed into it before their eyes.

"That is the Lifestream, the source from which all life on this planet springs from and to which it ultimately returns to." Genesis spoke up, a small grin on his face, "It has come to reclaim that which has been stolen from it."

"What are you talking about?" Madara demanded, as the green mist seemed to be creeping towards him.

"As I said before all of you have been touched by the Lifestream, touched in more way then one. For one I speak of those eyes of yours, such things are clearly gifts granted by the Goddess herself. Gifts granted by the Goddess must also be returned to her when the soul rejoins the Lifestream." Genesis replied, "That and you've both stolen from the river of life, and it seeks to reclaim what was taken."

"Ridiculous, all you do is speak nonsense." Madara retorted, despite his there was a slight note of concern in his voice. It didn't overwhelm his tone but it was evident.

"Then why do I hear a note of fear in your voice." Genesis said, a small grin on his handsome face. Madara didn't say anything, he merely glared at the auburn haired swordsman as the air around him warped and rippled as the Uchiha vanished from view leaving Genesis and Pein behind.

"Looks like it's down to just the two of us." Genesis said as he turned to look at Pein, readying his sword as he readied to engage the orange haired man once more. The Lifestream rolled in even further, absorbing the five fallen Paths along with the remains of the two giant beasts summoned by the Animal Path.

Far from the battle that was his raging in the cavern under the rain soaked was office Nagato, the real Nagato, sat in his wheelchair he looked out as the spread out beneath him. As he looked out the ground began to shake before it cracked open and a wall of green energy of erupted forth from it.

As it emerged from the ground the Lifestream began to spread outward consuming buildings and the people of village. All the while Nagato looked on, an impassive look on his face; even the cries of the people below did little to provoke a reaction from him.

A crashing noise from behind was then heard, swiveling the chair around Nagato saw standing amongst the rubble of the wall was Genesis, sword in one and the severed head of the Deva Path, who at one time had been his friend and teammate Yahiko, in the other.

"I take it that you're the one whose really responsible for all this." Genesis said as he saw Nagato, "I have to admit I never would have guessed that it would be someone like you."

"I suppose an outside like you would believe such a thing, but there is a saying in these lands: 'always look underneath the underneath'." Nagato replied, "On the surface I may seem like a helpless cripple, but I can assure you that I am anything but helpless."

"It would be foolish of me to assure that you would be. Your saying is, there is a one not dissimilar where I come from: 'Never judge a book by its cover'." Genesis replied, "That aside I can assure you that whatever goals you aspired to, they end here today."

"And you believe that you can prevent my world from coming to pass?" Nagato said, his tone firm, "You have destroyed the Meifu no Ō statue, banished the Bijuu from this world and defeated the Six Path's but you will not deter me. I will make a world free of war and suffering."

"If that is what you desire then you won't have to wait much longer." Genesis told him, "The Promised Land is such a place, as the source that all life stems and returns to it is without conflict and suffering. You will be going it soon enough, not that you really have any say in the matter. Like your dark haired conspirator you too have stolen from the Lifestream and such things cannot go unpunished."

"What I did, I did for the better meant of the world." Nagato replied, "if that damns me then I will bare it, I will bare that sin so that a better world can be realized.

"How poetic, you have quite the way with words." Genesis said, "I think I may have misjudged you, there is more to you then your dark haired companion."

"There is no hate, only joy

For you are beloved by the goddess

Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds

Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul

Pride is lost

Wings stripped away, the end is nigh"

"But alas it is a shame that your words ring hollow, why would one who claims to values life throw it away without a second thought." Genesis continued; he then glanced down at the head of Yahiko, "That it is save for this one, I can tell he is different from the others. Unlike the others this one holds value to you."

"Yahiko was…is my most faithful friend, he understood what we were trying to do. It is for that reason I transformed him into the Deva Path." Nagato shot back.

"Well whatever, your mass delusion means little to me." Genesis said, pointing his sword at Nagato, "Make your peace with the Goddess, then perhaps she will be merciful to you when you meet her."

A rustle of paper was heard and standing between the two men stood Konan, the blue haired woman was bandaged and sweat dripped from her body as she breathed heavily, despite the time that had past she still not recovered from her mission on Turtle Island.

"Konan…" Nagato said, despite his he was clearly surprised by the blue haired woman's sudden appearance.

"Ah ha, seems that you had another follower hidden away." Genesis said, sounding slightly amused.

"Leave intruder," Konan said, a note of pain in her voice, "I will not allow you to harm Leader-sama."

"Konan, what are you doing here?" Nagato demanded, "You are in no condition to face someone like him."

"Maybe, but its my duty to protect you Leader-sama." Konan replied as several slips of paper appeared in both of her hands, she then glanced over her shoulder at him, "You said it yourself, I'm the only one that you can trust."

"How touching, it appears that this one is also of value to you." Genesis said, he lifted the head in his hand and glanced down at it, "Three friends meet, one is captured, one flies away, the one that is left, becomes a hero. Again and again Loveless finds a way to play out time and time again."

Seeing what he was holding, Konan's eyes widened. 'Yahiko…' On the surface she managed to maintain a neutral expression, on the inside however she felt a rush of emotion: anger. Anger at the auburn haired man for desecrating the remains of the man who had been her friend, teammate, brother and lover.

" bastard…" She said, her voice barely above a whisper. She then hurled the paper she was holding at Genesis, the auburn haired man blocking them with his sword. All but one, the white sheet slicing him his cheek a red oozed from the wound.

"Paper, I never imagined it could be used as a weapon." He said casually, he then looked back at Yahiko's head, "It appears that this thing seems to bother you, so I'll do you a favor and dispose of it."

He tossed the head in Konan's direction, the blue haired woman's eyes widening in shock and horror as she watched it fly through the air. Lurching forward she stretched her arms out in an attempt to catch it. Seeing this brought a small grin to Genesis's face.

The sight of this Nagato's, it was "Konan no, it's a trap." He called out; unfortunately it was too late. Across the room Genesis conjured up a red sigil beneath the Konan's feet, the glowing sigil pulsed several times before exploding, unleashing a burst of energy that knocked Konan aside and sent her crashing into the floor.

A frown spreading across his withered face several of the long black protrusions launched themselves from Nagato's back at Genesis who responded by firing a barrage of feathers from his shoulder mounted wing. The two sets of projectiles colliding with each other.

Stooping down Genesis grabbed one of the up off the floor and tossed it, the black projectile impaling him through the throat and pinned him to his chair.

Konan tried to push herself back up onto her elbows when a sudden pain erupted from her midsection, looking up she found Genesis standing over her as well as one of Nagato's Black Needles sticking out of her chest. "I must commend you, that you were willing to protect that man despite your condition. It is commendable." He told her, "For that alone I shall be merciful and make this swift."

With that said he plunged his blade into her back and through to of her heart. A gurgling noise escaped Konan's mouth as a torrent of blood flowed forth.

With that done Genesis turned his attention to Nagato, despite the Black Receiver protruding from his neck he was still alive but unable to do anything. The paralyzed man could do nothing but watch on as another of his old friends fell. With Konan dispatched Genesis turned his attention to the impaled Nagato, scooping up a few more of the black needles before walking over to him.

"And now for you" He said before impaling he began impaling Nagato with the black projectiles, one through both shoulders and two in his gut. him once again, this time through his chest.

That done Genesis launched a fireball at the wall, the stonework falling away to reveal that the Lifestream was getting near and nearer. He then grabbing Nagato's chair and turned it to face the hole in the destroyed wall.

"It appears that the end for you is drawing near. Soon you will rejoin the planet." He told the impaled man, "Your experiences, your ambition, your pain, carry it with you to the Promised Land. For what its worth I hold no ill will for you and your two friends, for your sake I hope the Goddess is merciful towards you.

He then stepped away and it wasn't long before Nagato felt something dropped in his lab and another weight leaned up against him. Glancing down he found Yahiko's head staring back at him, and glancing to him side found Konan's body leaning against him.

"Three friends, united in life and once more shall do so in death." Genesis said as he walked towards the opening in the wall, before entering he paused and looked over his shoulder at Nagato. "Go now, go to the Lifestream together." With that he spread him wing and took to the air.

From his position Nagato watched as Genesis departed as the green energy drew closer. Taking one last glance at the body of Konan and the head of Yahiko he closed his eyes, soon enough the Lifestream passed over the building and obliterated it.

From his position Genesis watched on as Ame was consumed by the Lifestream and continued to spread out. And then just as it was about to pass over the large body of water upon which the city had once stood upon it halted before retracting back to the point that it had first erupted from as if it were being sucked back into the earth.

Genesis then turned his gaze away from where the village had been only moments ago, after all there was still work to be done. The dark haired man he'd fought before had escaped before he could return what he had stolen from the Goddess and he aimed to fix that.

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