Author's note: This story is sequel to "Cody", also sequel to "Journey to the Himalayas". I suggest "Cody" read first, then "Journey to the Himalayas". But I will describe what happened in chapter 1. (this is prologue) By the way, it might not be that interesting, the story's gone quite far from the original tv show.


In Hell, the Circle, 75 mortal years ago.

Lucifer, fallen angel, threw a baby onto the filthy floor of the dungeon, and a knife with it, next to the mortal cowering on the ground.

"Ple-please!" the mortal stammered. "Wh-who is this?"

"Her mother is Valade, one of the thirteen who had fallen.

Her father is just another mortal like you.

She is a half-bred." The fallen angel replied.

The mortal saw that the baby had wings on her back.

They were not white, like that of an angel from heaven, nor black, like one of the thirteen who had fallen.

They were a light brown, speckled white splotches.

Her feathers were too downy, her wings too small.

But one day the wings would grow, and carry her in flight.

"What do you want me to do?" The mortal asked, his face ashen and pale.

" You know about the Prophecy. She will live her life on Earth, unknown that she will one day be the mother of the Golden Child. If she is not to know about her identity, I want her wings cut off." Lucifer said.

"Yes, my lord." The mortal immediately obeyed. He picked up the knife, held the girl up by her wings and slit them off.

The mortal watched the baby howl and twist with pain without batting a single eyelash.

"Now, take her to Earth, leave her on the doorstep of a hospital.

"Tell them nothing but that her name is Carey." The fallen angel instructed, his voice dangerous and icy.

In Hell, the Circle. An hour before the Solar Eclipse.

Around the table, sat twelve of the thirteen who had fallen.

They were waiting for the thirteenth.

There was tension in the room.

The twelve shifted in their chairs constantly, none of them daring to talk.

It had been a century since the council had been called together for a Meet.

This time, the Meet would be about the Golden Child, and Carey Martin.

Finally, the door opened, and in walked soundlessly, the thirteenth member.

This one had many names, the thirteenth member, the one who had fallen, the fallen angle and the Prince of Night.

All the other twelve members set their eyes low, looking at the table.

He sat down at the head of the table, and announced, "You may now look at my face."

The twelve fallen angels looked up.

Lucifer's eyes were the same icy black as it had always been, the deep, ancient dark power in their depths were stronger than ever.

No one could look into his eyes for longer than a second.

"You all know the Prophecy.

It will happen when yin and yang meets.

Seed of the Creator,

Part of the devil.

The Golden Child will come.

Born in the pits of hell,

Born from the womb of one who is dead.

"I have promised you, that today I will tell you what the prophecy means.

"The Golden Child, god's daughter, will be born from a woman.

"A woman whose mother is one of the thirteenth, a woman whose father is an angel from heaven."

The others gasped. "The Golden Child is part devil!"

Lucifer continued.

"When yin and yang meets, when the solar eclipse happens, the fertilized egg that will be the Golden Child will appear in the womb of a woman who is half devil herself.

"The Golden Child's destiny can be swayed either way. She is meant to be the saviour of mankind, she is meant to kill me." Lucifer sneered.

"But she can turn against mankind and work with me as well."

"Valade!" Lucifer called out.

The only female of the thirteen looked up, her cropped black hair falling over her face, her violet eyes glinting.

"Yes, my lord."

"It is now the solar eclipse. The Golden Child is in the making. Fetch Carey Martin!"

Author's note:

This is the prologue. I hope you guys don't find it too boring. By the way, Cody, Zack and Kurt are still in the story, they'll appear later. Chiyo is part of this as well. If you guys remember who Chiyo is. PLSE REVIEW!