Author: I guess me!

Summary: Her eyes are filled with tears. His face is etched with anger. This is love. LondonJake.

Author's Note: I don't anything. It's a crossover with Suite Life... and Hannah Montana.

Pairing: Jake Ryan/London Tipton

Love Is This

There is no need for words between them. Their world is silently crashing in front of their eyes. The hollow sound her sobs make ring through the small room. He doesn't move to comfort her because he's nursing his own broken heart.

This is love.

She sits in the large chair that practically swallows her petite shape. He stands in the same place. The place in the off center of the room. She looks away from his gaze but he doesn't try to make contact with her.

This isn't love.

Silence is louder then their past heated words. All they can do is sit in the deafening static of nothing. They don't understand how've they've gotten to this point in life. Where they sit instead of telling each other all that needs to be said.

This isn't love.

He makes the first move like he always does. He leaves the room silently as she cries again but he hasn't given her a reason to yet. He grabs his leather jacket from the wooden rack she insisted on buying. The door shuts.

This isn't love.

Her sobs echo off the wall and bounce here and there. He can hear them in his car as he speeds away from her. Salty liquid pours down his face. Tears. They always do this. They break each other till one or both of them are in tears.

This isn't love.

By the time he's back home she's asleep. Her body nestled under the soft comforters. He doesn't take off his jacket or shoes. He lies by her carefully wrapping his arm around her small waist. She hugs into him.

This is love.

Like each night he whispers in her ear. Truthful words. Wonderful words.

"I love you London Tipton."

And like always she whispers back to him. Her own kind words. Her own real words.

"I love you too Jake Ryan."

This is love.

It is real. It is hopeful. It is all they've ever really known from each other. It is all they can give each other. It is burning hope in a rain storm of despair. It is comfort. It is freighting. It'll be the death of them but it's the only way they can live.

The sun rises and a new day begins. A new day for the both of them. Jake Ryan and London Tipton fell in love during a sun rise and the sun never really set for them.


April 24, 2007 6:16

I was really in the mood for an oneshot. Also, my Teen Pop magazine had a poster of Cody Linley and Brenda Song side by side. And I was like "Hmmm… This two are so cute together." So that's my inspiration for this oneshot. Sorry, if it's kinda short.