One: A Writer's Talent

Xerxes hovered and stared at the magical box Mozenrath called "com-pew-tor". It had been purchased some weeks back from a short, fat man named Abis Mal who lived outside of Agrabah in a stone cave. Mozenrath had thought this mechanical device could help him take over the Seven Deserts, but after a week decided that this compewtor thing was not worth his time. Xerxes had asked to be shown how to use it, and with admitted reluctance Mozenrath taught his familiar all about the new device. So now, power on (the source of power still unknown to the little eel), Xerxes stared at it wondering what he should do.

There was this thing called the "Inter-net" that he had been taught about, so using fins as fingers he typed in the word 'Mozenrath' into what he was told was a "Search Engine", though it was not like any kind of engine he had ever seen. Still, the little eel pressed on, as the compewtor whirled and trembled and finally displayed a list of what were called "sights". The first few "links" also showed Aladdin's name, so Xerxes did not bother to click on it. Scrolling down the page using the "mouse" (it looked nothing like a real mouse), Xerxes finally came across something interesting:

Fanfictionnet – Story – Aladdin: Mozenrath finally gets his powers back.

That sounded promising! Even if it did also have that hero's name in it, if it could tell Xerxes how Mozenrath could get his powers back, it was well worth the look. He clicked on the words and was brought to a new "page", a page filled with words. Now Xerxes may have spoken simply, but he knew how to read and read well. His beady eyes took in every word that the page had to offer.

When finally he was finished, his eyes were as wide as saucers. He did not quite understand how what occurred in the story could have given back his master's powers, as there was no such potion that could grant a man such tremendous abilities (because if there were, Mozenrath would have found it already). Xerxes brushed off the words as just a story, and was about to go away from the "sight" when he realized there was a link on top. He clicked the word 'Aladdin' and was brought to a page that had many other links with many other summaries. It was then that he came to a stunning conclusion.

This was a "sight" where people could write stories that were not true. Fiction, as it were, and he realized that the word fiction was part of the "sight's" name. Hmm. Xerxes had never written a story before, but there were many stories that came across his mind day to day. Especially ones that involved his master and a certain heroic street rat.

After reading around the "sight" for a bit to figure out how he can post his own stories, he created an account and began to type. There was nothing better he had to do this day, so why not share his ideas with others. That, and he'd always wanted to tell someone his stories.

Cartoons – Aladdin – To The Rescue

Author: xerxestheloyaleel

Hero Aladdin trapped in big empty room. Palace guards stand over with evil sneers on faces. Aladdin tied up and scared. Big guard with gap tooth lean over and grin, then touch Aladdin hair. Aladdin try to escape but other guards stop him. They already hurt him with fists now want to hurt him other ways. Gap-Tooth kick Aladdin to other guard and laugh. Aladdin wish for rescue.

"No one's coming to save you, street rat," say Gap-Tooth.

Aladdin hang head thinking guard right.

Door to room burst open. Guards shield eyes from bright light. In door stand Mozenrath, look large and confident, ready to take charge. Aladdin think Mozenrath beautiful.

Mozenrath walk confident in to room with smile on face. He extend hand that not bone but flesh and full of power because Mozenrath powerful. He blast all guards to wall. Guards taken care of. He walk to Aladdin and untie ropes and pull Aladdin to feet.

"Mozenrath. You saved me," say Aladdin.

Mozenrath touch Aladdin cheek. "Of course I did. I couldn't let them do what they pleased to the one I love."

He kiss Aladdin. Aladdin think Mozenrath best kisser in whole world. The go to Citadel. In Citadel Mozenrath pet Xerxes and give sweet pastry. Then go to bedroom and make love.

"I love you, Mozenrath," say Aladdin.

"You'd better," say Mozenrath. They kiss more then go sleep.


Xerxes reread his work, pleased with his first story. He hoped everyone else would like his story. He was unsure if this type of story was popular on this "sight", but it was the kind of thing he liked to write about. His master needed someone to love him, and who better than the person who his master was obsessed with? It was wishful thinking on Xerxes part to want Aladdin and Mozenrath to become lovers, so he just wrote it down. After posting the story on the "sight", he decided that a sweet pastry right about now sounded wonderful, so he flew away from the compewtor in search of one.