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Chapter 1: No Title. Well, There You Go.

Yuki was just for once trying to say Tohru's name instead of Honda-san. He had tried when the brunette had awoken from his shell of a sheet. But the word "Tohru" had firmly remained in his mouth and demanded an extra fifteen minutes of sleep. Yuki stretched and ran his hand through his silver tussled hair as Tohru cheerfully swept from the room, narrowly missing the door and Shigure, who somehow always had the time to watch Tohru bend over in her short school uniform to wake up Yuki. Pervert. Then he had looked over at his alarm clock. it was six in the morning. His brain flopped over and went back to sleep. Waaaaay to early to be up. But then he had realized that Tohru must have something special planned if she was going to wake him up early. So reluctantly Yuki emerged from his bed, an hour ahead of schedule, and started a slow walk towards the bathroom. A shower. That's what he needed. A shower. But when he had tried to walk into the bathroom, something hit him. Yuki peered at the bathroom, semi-conciously aware that there was a door in his way. How'd that get there? Shigure was downstairs following Hon-Tohru around like the shameless dog he was, and that meant...

"Go away, you damn rat!"

Stupid cat.

"Get out, you stupid cat! I need to shower!"

"Forget it, pretty boy! I'm using it. Use the one downstairs!"

Oh well. At least I asked politely.

Tohru ran up the stairs when she heard the crash and steady curses that followed. Both Yuki and Kyo looked up at the sight of the pale girl popping up. Kyo blushed darkly, realizing he wearing a towel, and Yuki cleanly took the opportunity to kick him in the chest towards his room. Tohru fluttered worriedly around the downed teen, but Kyo just flushed even darker and slammed his room door shut in her face. She let her head and hands drop, and slumped her shoulders. Yuki saw the opportunity and seized it. He smiled slightly, and said softly, "He'll be fine, Thorndu-sa." Tohru jumped, as if she had forgotten Yuki was there and reeled around. Yuki flinched at his obvious massacre of her name on the inside, but graciously bowed nonetheless. "Good Morning, Honda-san." Tohru blushed and returned the bow and stammered, "Go-good morning, Yuki-kun!" Inner Yuki started rambling on about her innocence, obvious obliviousness, whether chosen or not, and those wide, pure eyes. Outer Yuki excused himself and took his shower. Stupid cat had used up all the hot water.

After carefully stepping out of the shower, Yuki reached through the steam for a towel, finding a dry one that he suspected was his. He proceeded to dry his hair, wondering whether or not he should cut it; he was really starting to look like a girl. But then he detected the flash of red against the silver on his head. He froze. His towel was blue. Slowly he lifted the towel from his head and stared, dumb-struck at it. It was Tohru's towel. Oh. Crap. A familiar call strained up the stairs. "Yuki-kun! Breakfast!" Oh. Double Crap. But then Tohru called out and afterthought. "Do you need help with your tie? I'm coming!" Since Yuki had kicked in the door in order to get the cat out of the bathroom, there was no longer a door. Oh. Triple Crap.

Yuki threw down Tohru's towel, which wasn't really that wet, and scrambled into his room. He had barely managed to pull on his uniform before Tohru knocked softly and entered. Yuki basked in her warmth and said, "I'm not quite ready for you to do my tie, but if Honda-san would do it later, I would be very happy." Happy to be so close to you. Tohru's eyes opened even more and her lips parted to deliver an apology, but there was something else in Yuki's comment that she wasn't sure about. And his uniform was getting wet. "Yuki-kun! Your uniform is wet! Did I not put it up to dry when I washed it? I'm so sorry!." But on the inside, she knew that Yuki had a different reason for his uniform sticking to his skin. She had interrupted him in the middle of his shower, and he was trying to not make her feel bad. He was truly a prince, eve if he denied it frequently. Tohru wanted to pull him close and whisper a thanks but that stone wall of the curse prohibited her from doing such things. So Tohru just flushed and left Yuki to dry off and change.

"See you downstairs, Yuki-kun."

"Wait, Honda-san." I want to see those eyes once more.

"Do you need help?" I want, no need, to retreat. It's obvious Yuki-kun isn't going to tell me what's wrong.

"Good luck on today's Math test." Very nice, I managed to remind her of the one thing she's been stressing over for a week. But I have to see those eyes, just to get out of bed in the morning. Or else it isn't worth it. Face it, I'm addicted.

"Oh no! The test! Yuki-kun, what time is it?"


Tohru turned tail and rushed back downstairs. Yuki began to take of the soaked uniform but his mind, not unlike Tohru's, was somewhere else. What did I do now? He automatically left his tie loose in his hand, so that Tohru could tie it, but when he came downstairs, Tohru was scurrying about, to worried about the test to even think properly. However, after Yuki had sat down to eat breakfast, she plopped down next to him, and reached for his tie that was next to his bowl of rice. "Yuki-kun, would you like me to do your tie for you?" That is about how close I get to getting held by you. "Of course, Tohru." Both Yuki and Tohru's eyes widened and Tohru stammered, "W-what?" Inner Yuki celebrated. Finally. "I said Tohru. Isn't that your name?" Tohru nodded, getting caught up in the lightly sarcastic gray eyes. She pulled on Yuki-kun's tie, but was shocked when she realized it wasn't even around his neck. Blushing, she put her arms around his neck to slip the tie under his collar. Yuki also blushed, but lightly, as a warm finger slipped on the cotton and for a moment, trailed across his neck. This is what I get up in the morning for. Tohru started forming the knot, leaning toward him to make sure it was straight. This is what I get up in the morning for. After what seemed like a day, she pulled the knot and it forced Yuki's face closer to hers. Brown and gray both quickly tried to cover their emotions. This is my moment. "Tohru," Yuki said quietly, "I-"

As always, Shigure chose the wrong moment to skip in for his breakfast. "Naughty, naughty, Yuki! You can't kiss my little flower!" Yuki pulled away quickly, and said, "Shigure, if I recall, Mimi-san is coming over to check on your new story." The teasing smile slid right off Shigure's face. "Oh no!" Shigure picked up his food and hurried into his office. Yuki turned back to Tohru, who was hiding her red face in her hands. Yuki hesitantly reached out and tipped her face up, and Tohru removed her hands. Both thought, "This is definitely what I get up in the morning for." Yuki tried again. "Tohru, I-"

"YOU KNOW, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO BREAK DOWN THE FREAKIN' DOOR, YOU DAMN RAT!" Fucking cat. Tohru looked behind Yuki as Kyo entered the room, paled, flushed, and dropped the textbook he was holding. "Ky-Kyo-kun! I have breakfast ready..." But at the look of annoyance on Kyo's face, her sentence drifted off. Yuki stood up, smiled politely, and said, "We have to go if we want to get to school early, Tohru." Kyo strode over to him and yelled, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING?" Tohru stood up as well, and decided to take the dishes into the kitchen. I wish they would stop fighting, but it seems almost impossible. Yuki didn't even reply, just punched Kyo in the face and walked off to help Tohru wash the dishes. It isn't his business, unless he already confessed to Tohru. Which he hasn't. But Outer Yuki knew that it really was his business. As the last bowl was out in its place, the clock struck seven forty-five. Right on schedule. The three went to school, where Tohru went to join her friends. That gave Yuki his chance.

"You really like Tohru, right Kyo?"

"Why does it matter to you?"

"It does."

"Look pretty boy, I have class to get to. If you're going to ask me cryptic questions or whatever, at least do somewhere where I can punch you."

"Like you'd ever do that; you suck at martial arts."

"Dammit, one day I will! I'll get to sink my fist into that damn pretty face of yours and break it!"

"Keep dreaming, you idiot."


"If you can."


"What are you talking about?"

Kyo shut up when he realized every person with forty feet of the cousins was watching, many with a shocked look on their face. Flushing, Kyo retreated to class. Yuki, after a moment, followed him. Their teacher hadn't begun her lecture, but instead was brandishing a box with little slips of paper in it. "New seats, class!" Everyone groaned. Since their old teacher, Mayu-sensei, had suddenly quit out of exasperation, the new teacher they had was unpredictable and bubbly. Not to mention nuts.

Yuki and Kyo were the first to draw. Kyo got 4, next to Uo in the front row. Yuki was relieved to see that he had received number 31, both in the very back and by a window, where he could drift away to his heart's content. But the question was who would get number 32? Whoever that was, he'd have to put up with by himself, as these were rows of five, by himself until their teacher changed their seats. Seats 31 and 32 could either be paradise or hell. Or neither. Tohru and Minami drew their slips of paper. Minami paled at the number 3 on her slip of paper, and tried to use a pen to alter it to 32. But she was stuck next to Kyon-Kyon. Tohru opened her eyes and stared down at her slip that really said 32. So she picked up her school-bag and moved into the very back next to Yuki. She smiled at him, and he smiled back, but only with half his heart. How can I tell her? How can I make her choose who she likes more? He hadn't smiled like he did in the garden for maybe three months now. Tohru was beginning to get worried that she'd done something. Tohru's sitting in 32. Now this is paradise. This is what I get up in the morning for.

Tohru opened her desk, and found a note in it. Curious, she opened it, and recognized the rounded handwriting of Hana-chan. "I felt that you would sit here. Good luck with Prince Yuki. He does seems kinda down this fine morning, you know? I know you can fix it. Look up. Now." Tohru obediently looked up just in time to see Yuki-kun quickly move his eyesight away from her. He was blushing, delicate areas of pink on otherwise porcelain skin. But there wasn't just affection in his eyes that'd she'd seen. Almost like looking at something he can't have, like yearning, but more pure. What is Yuki thinking about? Certainly not me; I'm just his housekeeper. But...still...he looked so sad. And he was blushing when he turned away. Yuki; you can tell me anything...anything because I'd listen. I'd listen to anything you have to say. Because I love you and your lack or organizational skill. I love tying your tie in the morning. I love it when we eat lunch by ourselves because Kyo and Shigure are out. I love our secret base where we grow such beautiful things. Such beautiful things, Yuki, so beautiful. "Honda-san! Honda-san! Can you tell me what the capital of Germany is?" Tohru jumped out of her daze and everyone nearby sniggered. There went Miss Dream-a-lot again. "Oh, um...Berlin?" The teacher nodded satisfaction and turned toward Minami, who didn't know the answer because she was staring longingly at Yuki. Then Tohru opened her notebook and started to write. But her mind wandered, as it usually does.

By the time the bell had rung, she unknowingly drawn a perfect portrait of Yuki, his silver hair blowing in the slight wind that managed to enter the classroom, and glowing like winter dawn. Every crease in his shirt was there and every eyelash was in its place. And try as she might, Tohru couldn't erase it because she had been using a pen. It would mere seconds before Yuki would turn around and see the embarrassing portrait open on her desk. But Yuki merely stretched, his eyes closed and arms stuck up in the air before he turned back to the window and looked out at the sea of green flora that hid the gray buildings underneath. Tohru seized the moment and stuffed the notebook into her desk before Yuki turned to her and said,"Our Math Test is after lunch, Honda-san." For a moment Tohru was shocked that Yuki had changed back to "Honda-san". But then she remembered that they were at school and therefore didn't speak to each other that way. "R-right, Sohma-kun." Yuki smiled at her open face and turned back to his notebook in front of him. Try as he might, he couldn't duplicate that face onto paper. It was like trying to cage a bird with a net three times to small. Partly because he just couldn't draw. But mostly, it was his hesitation to force such a bird into the cage. He was glad that Tohru hadn't chosen to ask to look at his notes. He sighed softly and closed the notebook on another failed attempt at her portrait. She's so cute when she's spaced out. Well, cute anytime, but particularly then. Tohru, how can I tell you? Tohru reached into her school-bag and pulled out a three-person obento as the last classmate filed out to enjoy the perfect day. "Shall we eat in here, Sohma-kun?" Yuki nodded and pushed his desk next up to hers. Kyo came into the classroom and pulled up a chair across from the two in the middle and pulled out his chopsticks from the obento.

"So, Tohru, what's in your head now?"


"Dammit! I told you already not to call me that!"

"R-right, it's just that, we're in school, and..."

"And it doesn't matter right now, unless Pretty Boy's Fan Club is spying on us."

Yuki looked over at the classroom door suspiciously. His stupid fan club would do something just like that. So he stood up suddenly, and padded over to the door, not making a sound. Tohru watched him with a confused look look on her face, but that was there to cover up her admiration of his fluidity. If only I weren't so clumsy; then maybe things would be different at the house. For starters, Yuki-kun and Kyo-kun wouldn't have to pretend to care about me. I can tell that I'm just putting food on their tables and taking out the trash for them. But's almost like I matter to them...but then I know I don' could I? Yuki stood up from his crouched position, and flung open the sliding door. Four girls fell backward, and Motoko abruptly dropped the camcorder she was holding. I am so not in the mood for these shallow idiots. Motoko quickly snatched the camcorder, and stuttered, "P-Prince Yuki! Um, Minami here forgot something in her desk, and we just came to get it..." The lightly veiled disgust on Yuki's face shut her up. She'd never seen her Prince in such a mood.

"What'd she forget...her textbook?"

"Her what? Oh Yeah! She needs it."

"It's lunch. she doesn't need anything as she has her in lunch right over there."

Yuki pointed to the dangerously pink obento lying against the wall, labeled quite clearly,"Minami-chan's Lunch!" The silly thing even had crude drawing of (shudder) Yuki on it. Some very intimate. These girls have to know their limit. Minami smacked her head over-enthusiastically and cried in a high pitched voice, "How silly of me! My obento was right there the entire time!"

"Yeah. Whatever. Excuse me."

"Wait! Prince Yuki!"

(Door slams shut in girls' faces)

"I'm sorry, Tohru, Kyo, I had to take care of some of my fan girls. They really are annoying sometimes." Shallow bitches, fucking up my life whenever they can. I wish they'd just go away. But since I used to encourage them, before Tohru, they have to pop in at the exact wrong moment and ruin everything.

"Well, I made everybody's favorite onigiri for lunch today! For Kyo-kun, codfish, for Yuki-kun, leeks and chicken, and for me..." I can't exactly tell them that I made myself the Sohma Special, which is strawberries and a pickled plum. That would embarrass all of us." favorite!"

"Yeah, yeah, just pass me my stupid onigiri already."

"Stupid cat, thank her for making lunch."

"I don't have to! Damn rat! You think you can boss me around but you can-"

Yuki had stuck a leek and chicken onigiri into Kyo's mouth. Which immediately caused the cat to spit it out and quickly thank Tohru for the food, before trying to wash the taste of leeks out of his mouth with codfish. Tohru frowned at the light violence, but didn't act, just bit down on the onigiri. The sweetness of home-grown strawberries erupted in her mouth, and then a tart bubble popped into more sweetness in the center. That was the plum. Yuki didn't even have a chance to bite into his own food before his senses for Tohru took over. Her favorite onigiri is strawberries with a pickled plum? Odd, but I guess it would taste good, if you like surprises. But here I am eating a bland onigiri that I've eaten almost my entire life. Just like me, bland and not one bit different from the rest. I meet expectations with ease and never was meant to shine. But when I'm packed in an obento with Tohru's onigiri, I really do try. She's stuck something new in every different one of my onigiri. This one has plums in it. And it's good. She makes me seem interesting.

Yuki finished his last onigiri and slowly, thoughtlessly, licked the chopsticks to taste the last good particles of rice, soaked in the juices from his onigiri. Tohru blushed deeply, her eyes almost following his tongue, and the silver-haired teen finally put down the chopsticks and smiled over at the brunette. Kyo just continued to chew rebelliously on his onigiri, watching Tohru smile back, and, then, almost shyly, she picked up the chopsticks to replace them into the obento. I want to keep these, although I know it's kind of creepy. But to part with something like this would be criminal. Yuki glanced at the wooden chopsticks wrapped up in a piece of cloth. Why is she keeping those? Maybe we've run out of disposable chopsticks. I must ask her if I can take her to the store. Finally: something to look forward to. Tohru gave the disposable chopsticks a comforting smile, and then shut the obento protectively. Kyo just stood up and threw away his chopsticks; it was obvious that she only wanted that damn rat's chopsticks anyway.

"Yuki-kun? Can I talk to you a second? In the hallway?" I have to tell him.

"Sure, Tohru." I can't get enough out of saying her name, it's addictive.

"Sure, lovebirds, don't mind me."

"Oh, sorry Kyo-kun. But I really do need to speak to Yuki-kun." Is my love really that obvious?

"Come on, Tohru, leave the stupid cat to sulk by himself."

"Why would he do something like that?"

"Never mind, Tohru, let's go."

He led Tohru down the hall until they were by the girl's locker room. Maybe there they might avoid Kyo or other people.

"So, Tohru, what did you want to tell me?"

"'s just seem sad. Are you alright?" I can't tell him. Not to his face.

"No, not really. But now that we're here, I need to tell you something." I have to tell her. I have to.

"W-what?" No way! Is he going to...would he?


"Prince Yuki!"

"Oh, hello, Motoko-senpai, Minami-san." Goddamn fucking bitches popped up right on que. I wish they'd just piss off and go to hell instead of having fucking orgasms whenever I come near.

"What are you doing with Tohru in that position?"

Yuki blushed, realizing he was caging Tohru against the wall with his two arms, facing her with their eyes, but more importantly, their lips, only nanometers apart. Their noses weren't touching, but their foreheads were. She smells like strawberries and vanilla. Maybe that was why Tohru was blushing like she was suddenly trying to be a strawberry herself. Maybe not. Yuki sprang off of her and turned smoothly to his fan girls.

"Motoko-senpai, Minami-san, I was-"

To Yuki's immense relief and the two fan girl's immense disappointment, the bell rang, and Yuki managed to drag a very red Tohru away without having to explain. Minami trailed behind, trying not to believe that her Prince was about to kiss Tohru, or, even worse, already had. Tohru reached out with her hand not being held by Yuki, and quickly straightened the loosened knot it Yuki's tie. He barely noticed, but it meant something to her. And him, although he couldn't show it without sweeping the pale girl into a kiss. And that is something I can't do. She loves that stupid cat more.

(You should really listen to Kiss The Girl (Ashley Tisdale version) over and over through out this chapter)

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