P U R I N 'S P O V

Purin sat on her bed, leaning forwards to see out the window, hoping she would catch even a glimpse of that dark brown hair… she sighed. It was no use. She'd probably never see him again. She looked at the glittery orange diary in her hands. Flipping through it, her brown eyes widened as she realised that most of her entries were about him. Even the back of the diary was covered in hearts reading P 4 T 4ever. She clutched the diary to her chest as tears wetted her cheeks. She had no more love interests- she had sworn herself to him a while ago. Yet what use was it? The last time she had seen him was 5 years ago. She was 13 and he would be 14 by now. Her hair was darker and reached her elbows, cascading in waves. Nothing much had changed except she had a few more curves than when she was still a Mew. Suddenly, a ripping sickness tore its way into her stomach. Rushing to the loo, she wasn't sick, but when she checked her clothing in case her siblings had slipped in anything she was allergic to, she saw that her once yellow knickers were now crimson. She sighed as she pulled hem back on and went to her room, pulling out a light green bag. She applied it to her knickers, remembering to stick the flaps to the side this time. 'At least it's Saturday,' she thought, relaxing a bit. All she would need was a pop quiz that day to make it the worst ever.

T A R T 'S P O V

Taruto just floated around the ship, depressed, bored and lonely. Even though he probably wouldn't say it anywhere except in the back of the notepads he kept, he missed Purin very much, to a point where it was making him sick. His ribs were showing, he was paler than normal, and he was becoming anaemic. Not even any of his friends or little sister Kiki could help him, even though they tried damn well hard. He hadn't eaten for years, and everybody was shocked that he was still alive after five years of accidental anorexia. Until he was so sick that his sister Kiki, age 7, (half his age, lawl) had to take him back, because Purin was probably the only one who could get him to eat. Of course, he was kicking and screaming all the way there, almost like he was younger than little Kiki. Although he quietened down when they arrived at her house. Kiki noticed this and, with a malevolent grin, she pushed him towards Purin when the poor girl opened the door. "All your problem now," she said simply, then disappearing while Purin hauled the frail teen to a guest room.

Monkey girl- And that's it! CLIFFEH!


Monkey girl- eh…. No. just like to tease ya. Its teh end of ch. 1.