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Olivia pressed her thumb to her temple and rubbed her forehead with her index and middle fingers.

"You look like shit." Elliot said.

"I feel it." Olivia replied closing her eyes and moving hands so she could massage her temples.

"You look like you're gonna be sick." Elliot added.

"I feel it." Olivia replied again.

"Does rubbing your temples actually help when you feel like you're gonna throw up?" He asked.

"Not really," Olivia sighed, opening her eyes, "It makes me feel like I'm helping though."

"Why don't you go home?" Elliot asked thoughtfully.

"And leave you to all of this? Uh-ah, I don't think so." Olivia picked up her pen again and took another file from their stack, wincing the slightest bit when she moved, "Anyway, you know I'll just get home, wonder around my apartment for a bit, flick the t.v. on for two minutes then realise I'm not going to get any rest because I'll b thinking about one of these files, end up picking up my keys off my kitchen bench and heading back here. Besides, its 4:00pm now, we can knock off in two hours. No point in heading home now." Olivia finished.

"We all know you won't knock off for at least another three hours, probably four. At least go and have a nap in the cribs for an hour." Elliot knew Olivia had a good point but she really did look like shit.

"Will it get you off my back?" Olivia asked.

"Fine, come and wake me in half an hour." Olivia sighed.

"Olivia…" Elliot said in a warning tone.

"Fine, 45 minutes." Olivia said defeated.

"Fine." Elliot sighed.

Olivia did feel like crap but she didn't want to show a sign of weakness; after all: she was the only female in their tight knit group, besides Casey of course; but she wasn't there.

Her stomach was cramping and she could feel her body breaking out in fever. As she rose from her desk she had t fight the urge to be sick right then and there.

"You okay?" Elliot furrowed his brow; he could have sworn she just got paler.

"Mmmhmm..." Olivia hummed, not daring to open her mouth for the fear of what might come out.

Olivia slowly made her way up the stairs, towards the cribs. Her head was beginning to churn like her stomach.

She managed to make her way into the cribs and collapsed on one of the beds. She didn't think it was physically possible to feel any crappier than she did two minutes ago but she had managed.

It didn't matter whether she wanted to go home or not: she doubted she could have driven in the state she was in.

Olivia rolled onto her side and bent her knees. She gritted her teeth as her stomach cramps increased in their intensity. She quickly leant over the side of the bed to throw up. She would have cleaned it up but she couldn't move. Her head was spinning and the cramps seemed to spread across her torso. Olivia was freezing and feeing like shit to say the least. She pulled the light blanket under her chin and lay there until the darkness consumed her; sleep or passing out – Olivia was unsure.

40 Minutes Later

Elliot trudged up the stairs to the cribs. When he reached the door he quietly pushed it open and saw Olivia wrapped in the blanket. He smiled until he caught the acidic smell of vomit. He walked over to Olivia and saw she had been sick over the other side of the bed. When he looked black to Olivia he realised she looked in pain. He felt her forehead with his hand and swore.

"Shit Liv, you're burning up!" He quickly left the room to find a cold cloth or something. He found some paper towel and soaked it with water from the bathroom. He went back into the cribs and pressed the paper towel to her forehead, cheeks and neck.

The water wasn't helping. She was still as hot as before – which was dangerously hot.

"Damn it. I'm going to have to take you to the hospital aren't I?" Elliot asked rhetorically.

He decided to quickly clean up her vomit. She hadn't really eaten very much that day – only a roll or something of the equivalent from what Elliot could tell, so it wasn't hard to clean up; it only took him two minutes.


Fin looked up at the cribs.

"They've been up there a while." Munch commented, not looking up himself.

"I know, what'd ya 'spose they're doin' up there?" Fin asked.

"Making mini Elliot and Olivia's." Munch replied.

"At lease the crib is getting some action. I know you wouldn't mind getting Casey up there." Fin smirked.

Munch looked up from his computer and for once he was speechless.


Elliot picked Olivia up off the bed and for the first time she woke up. She winced in pain as Elliot lifted her.

"Argh." She grumbled, "What's going on?" She mumbled not even opening her eyes.

"You're sick Liv, you're burning up; I've got to take you to the hospital." Elliot told her, "Can you walk?"

Elliot gently lowered Olivia but kept hold of her. Olivia tried to stagger forward but cried out in pain as she collapsed in Elliot's arms.

"I'll take that as a no." Elliot said, lifting her again.

"It's cold Elliot" Olivia was only focused on her pain and the temperature.

She wrapped her arms lazily around Elliot's neck as he started to open the door of the cribs but quickly recoiled, realizing it actually made her a lot colder. Instead she drew her arms closer to her chest and leant into Elliot for warmth.

"What the hell, guys? Is it time for the honeymoon already?" Munch asked, concealing a grin.

"Shut up, John. Liv's sick, she's burning up, I mean really burning up." Elliot said as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

"How "really burning up"?" Munch asked, now kicking himself for the stupid comment earlier.

"Really burning up as in "I'm taking her to Mercy General" really burning up." Elliot replied as he passed them.

Once he stepped outside the precinct Olivia's shivering became more apparent and it appeared she had passed out again.

"Do you want me to drive you?" Fin called after them.

Elliot turned around, "That would be great."

The decided on taking Elliot's squad car. Elliot sat Olivia in the back and strapped her in before he went around the other side and slid in next to her.

"Ready?" Fin asked.

"Floor it." Elliot replied.

They swerved in and out of traffic as Fin drove to the hospital.

"It's cold Elliot." Olivia murmured, her eyelids fluttering.

"I know honey." Elliot wrapped his arms around Olivia and held her close, "Shit Liv, you're really hot." Elliot crinkled his brow.

Olivia mumbled something incoherent then went limp in Elliot's arms.

"What did you say, Liv?" Elliot asked, dipping his head slightly so he could see her face.

"Liv?" Elliot furrowed his brow.

"Get the siren Fin: She's fallen unconscious." Elliot called to Fin in the front.

Fin did as he was told and soon the siren was blaring as they weaved in and out of the various gaps created by the vehicles on the road.

Elliot's mental battle of whether to take Olivia to emergency or admittance was over. He was definitely taking her to emergency.

When the reached the hospital Fin pulled into one of the ambulance bays and turned off the siren. Elliot quickly got out of the car and went around to Olivia's side. He gently opened her door and unclipped her belt. He quickly withdrew her from the car, being careful of her head.

Once Olivia was successfully in his arms he bumped the car door closed with his hip.

"I'll be back in about half an hour. I have to get the car back" Fin called to Elliot.

"Okay, see you later." Elliot replied as he carried Olivia to the entrance.

When they got inside Elliot realised he had gone through the ambulance entrance and not the proper one.

"Sir, you can't be here. You need to go through triage." A young paramedic informed Elliot.

"No, I need a doctor now. I'm detective Elliot Stabler, Special Victims Unit." Elliot replied as calmly as possible.

"Can I get a gurney, NOW!?" The young man called over his shoulder, "Has she been raped?"

"No, no of course not! She's burning up and she lost consciousness on the way over." Elliot placed Olivia on the gurney that had been brought over to them.

The young paramedic went to check Olivia's pupils but when his skin came into contact with his he swore.

"Holy shit! You're right. I need a bed and some ice! Somebody page Dr. Michaels. Follow me."

Elliot guessed the last part was directed at him. He did as he was told and followed the young guy down the hall. He turned around to see Olivia being moved onto a bed then wheeled along behind them.

"Fill this out in here." The paramedic handed Elliot a form, pan and clip board and gestured to a room to his left. Elliot entered and sat down in a chair and Olivia was soon wheeled in after him.

They began to remove her clothes, cutting them off crudely with scissors. Elliot diverted his attention back to the form which he began to fill out.

Olivia was soon dressed in a hospital gown and had an IV running in to her hand with a small oxygen tube placed over her ear, under her nose and over the other ear.

After about 5 minutes of filling out the for a nurse walked in.

"You finished darl?" She asked Elliot.

He quickly signed it at the bottom then handed the form to the nurse.

"What's wrong with her?" Elliot asked.

"Sorry, you'll have to ask the doc." She smiled, "All I can tell you is she's on morphine."

Elliot nodded and sat on the edge of Olivia's bed. The nurse left and Elliot began to brush the hair off Olivia's face. The touching became less about her hair and more about just touching. Elliot caressed Olivia's cheek and drew his touch down her jaw. He knew this was way out of line but he couldn't help it. He placed a light kiss on Olivia's forehead before he heard the door click.

Elliot quickly jumped up and turned around to see a female doctor in her mid thirties standing in the door way.

"I'm Dr. Michaels." She introduced her self.

"Elliot Stabler." Elliot said putting his hand out.

The doctor shook it then took out the clip board at the end of Olivia's bed. She looked over it for a minute or two then quickly checked Olivia over.

"What's wrong with her?" Elliot asked when he assumed Dr, Michaels had performed all the necessary examinations.

"Well…" Dr. Michaels began…

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