It was night, and a policeman strolled the dark streets of his beat in Go City. Things were quiet, except for the occasional chatter from his walkie-talkie, but in a city protected by famous super-heroes, things were often quiet. He walked through the plaza in front of a high-rise building, when he suddenly heard a tapping and scraping noise.

Taking out his flashlight, he looked around through the plaza, trying to find the source of the noise. He heard the tapping again, coming from higher up. He turned, and the beam from his flashlight landed on a large bronze statue of Hego that was built to honor Team Go. A faint tap-tap-tap came to his ears again, and he turned his light, zeroing in on the noise. His flashlight revealed a large crow, which was perched on Hego's left arm. It stared with a baleful eye down at the policeman for a moment, then began pecking at the back of Hego's hand.

The policeman yelled up at him, angry that the bird was scratching at the statue of a man they all respected. 'Shoo!' he said loudly.

The crow ignored him. The policeman stared, seeing a flash of metal. There was some kind of spike or tool attached to the tip of the crow's beak, and the bird was using it to peck at the statue.

The policeman stooped and picked up a pebble, throwing it up at the crow. His first throw missed, but he picked up more stones, getting closer to the offending bird with each toss. 'Beat it!' he shouted. One stone struck the statue's arm a few inches from where the crow was perched. The crow let out one harsh croak and took flight, disappearing into the night sky.

The policeman stayed there for a few minutes to make sure the crow didn't come back. The statue was tall, otherwise he would have climbed up to see if the bird had damaged it. When nothing happened for a short while, the cop left the plaza, wondering if he should file a report on what he had seen. He decided better of it, and eventually his mind went to other matters.

On the back of the statue's left hand, grooved deeply into metal, three strange characters had been etched. And as the residents of Go City slept, they were unaware that there were other crows perched on statues across the city, tapping and scraping with tiny spikes on their beaks...

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A Friend In Darkness

All Things Probable III

A Kim Possible Fanfiction

by Slyrr

Kim Possible is copyrighted by the Disney empire and it's subsidiaries

Author: The TV series seems to be 'over', but the fanfiction community may never stop. The next installment of the "All Things Probable" series is coming, and with it a whole mess of K/R shipping, angst and villains galore. This story will feature Kim and Ron dealing head on with issues that have been on the surface of their relationship, but largely ignored.

And their evil mercenary opposites, Team Probable, will be a part of it. Opposition and duality will be at the forefront as usual, and I hope to end each chapter with a riddle to give a clue as to what the NEXT chapter will deal with. The reasons will be apparent as the story progresses. For example, coming in Chapter 1:

They are not clothes, but they can be worn.
They are not cloth, but they can be frayed.
You can get on them, but they may wreak havoc on you.
What are they?

Post guesses and reviews. The answers will be included in the titles of following chapters...