Chapter : "Why Don't You Tell Her?"

"Come on, Cassidy, please wake up." Tech whispered.

Just then, the med-lab doors opened, and Rev came in, carrying two mugs of coffee. He handed one to Tech. "Here, I thought you might need this, seeing as how you stayed up all last night with Cassidy."

Tech took the hot liquid gratefully. "Thanks, Rev."

Rev frowned when he saw the sad, worried look on his friend's face. "Don't worry, Tech, I'm sure she'll be fine, besides, you said that she did wake up for a second and she's still breathing, that's all gotta count for something, right?"

Tech smiled a bit. "You're right. Those are all good signs, but I can't help but worry. It's been almost two days."

Rev smiled and hooked his arm around Tech's neck and pulled him down, his other fist messing with Tech's hair. Tech chuckled slightly at Rev's attempt to cheer him up. But, he caught something out of the corner of his eye, and pulled away from Rev.

Rev sat upright."What is it?"

"I think she's waking up. I saw her move." It happened again. Cassidy's head tilted to the side.

"YAY! I'll go tell the others, okay?" Not waiting for an answer, Rev disappeared.

Tech sat beside her, stroking her cheek, hoping to coax her into waking up. Cassidy's head tossed a couple times, but her eyes didn't open.

Rev went barreling out the med-lab doors and crashed right into Ace and Lexi, who were headed into the opposite direction. "SorryguysbutI'mgladibumpedintoyouGoodnews!Cassidy'swakingup!I'mgonnagogetDuckandSlamOkay?Bye!" He disappeared again.

Ace and Lexi blinked. They hadn't caught a word the roadrunner had said. They guessed that it had to do with Cassidy, so they headed for the med-lab. When they entered, Tech looked up at them. "She's not completely awake, but getting there.".

Cassidy opened her eyes, but her vision was blurred and she couldn't see anything. She heard a female voice. Believing it to be Mastermind's, she began to growl. "What did you do to Tech?"

"What are you talking about?" The voice asked

"You know what I'm talking about, Mastermind!"

"Mastermind? Cassidy, Tech's right here. It's me, Lexi!"

Cassidy's vision cleared, and she could see Lexi and Tech were standing over her, looking worried, and Ace standing nearby. "Sorry, Lexi. I just, couldn't see anything."

"That's okay."

Tech gently felt Cassidy's forehead with his hand. "You must have gotten hit harder than I thought."

Then, Rev, Duck and Slam came in. Rev ran up beside her. "How are you feeling Cassidy?"

"Other than the fact that my head feels like it was hit by a pillowcase full of bricks... I'm fine." Cassidy attempted to sit up, but she felt dizzy and weak.

Tech put his strong arm around her back to keep her from falling over. Cassidy's ears went back and she winced in pain. Tech looked alarmed. "What hurts?"

"It's nothing."

"No it isn't. Tell me."

Cassidy gave in, too weak to fight Tech's protective nature. "My right arm is a little sore."

"I know for sure it's not broken, so I'll wrap it to support it. You'll have to take it easy for the next couple of days, though."

"That means no evil butt-kicking, Cassidy. You don't want to injure your arm further." Ace instructed after Tech had finished bandaging Cassidy's arm.

Cassidy nodded meekly. "What about Mastermind? Where is she?" Cassidy asked.

Rev, forgetting that Cassidy was unconscious when they captured Mastermind, began to freak out. "NO! SHE HAS AMNESIA! CASSIDY! DO YOU REMEMBER ME?!!" He shouted, grabbing her shoulders.

Tech pulled Rev away. "Rev, calm down, panicking won't help."

"Yes, Rev, I know all of you." Cassidy assured him.

"And, to answer your question, Mastermind is where she belongs." Ace answered.

"You've had a minor concussion, nothing serious, thank goodness, so the best treatment for this is some rest." Tech advised.

"Come on, gang, let's let her get some sleep." Ace led everyone except Tech out the door.

Tech walked over to his desk and moved some papers around, and when he turned around again, Cassidy was already asleep. Her ears were folded flat against the back of her head. Tech smiled. 'Man, she looks cute when she does that.'


Just as Ace and the others walked into the main room of HQ, Zadavia's hologram appeared. "Hello, Loonatics. I just wanted to congratulate you again on your successful mission. Mastermind is safely locked up, and the heads of the top-secret lab are in your debt. And, how is Cassidy?"

"Much better. She just woke up." Ace informed her.

"Great. Zadavia out." Her hologram disappeared.

Lexi scratched her chin in thought. "Is it just me, or has Tech been acting... strange, lately?"

"Now that I think about it, he has been really protective of Cassidy." Duck noted, acting innocent.

"And when I went into the med-lab, he looked very upset and he said that he was worried." Rev added.

"You don't think..."

Ace shook his head. "Nah, they're both too shy for that. Besides, we'd know, if any of us, Rev." He glanced at Rev. "You don't happen to know anything that might answer our questions, would ya?"

Rev shook his head, too. "Nope, they haven't said anything to me."

"Anyone else?" Lexi, Duck, and Slam all shook their heads, as well.

"Oh, well. It's probably just my imagination or something." Lexi sighed. 'Too bad, cause they do look cute together.'


The next day, Tech walked into the lab. Much to his suprise, he found Cassidy in there, busy typing away at the computer. He set his hand on her shoulder. "How are you feeling?"

Cassidy jumped slightly and turned around. "Oh, hi, Tech. I'm feeling much better, thank you."

"So... what are you doing?"


Tech glanced at the computer. "Doing research...on Mastermind." He noted.

Cassidy blushed slightly. "Yeah... I just was curious to know why she became a villain."

Tech turned away from her. "My stupid mistake..." He muttered.

Cassidy barely caught what he said. "Huh? What are you talking about?"

Tech didn't respond. He pulled a small key from his pocket and unlocked the bottom drawer of the desk. Inside were several items, amoung them a lab coat and a pair of glasses. Cassidy guessed that they were from Tech's years at the Institute. 'I always wondered what he kept in that drawer.'

Tech pulled a picture out of the pocket of his lab coat, then sat down on the desk. Cassidy sat beside him as he showed her the picture. "That looks like you... and... is that Mastermind?"

Tech nodded. "From before."

"So... what happened?" She saw Tech's face twitch. "Oh, I'm sorry. If you don't want to talk about it, then I understand." She apologized.

"No, it's okay. I guess you should know.." He paused. "When I was at the Institute, I tutored Mallory. She was a great student, learned quickly, was willing to work - she kinda reminds me of you. But, one of her inventions was built to steal the brain waves from all the greatest scientists and give them to her. When I learned about this, I had to stop her. I informed the police, and she was arrested. Ever since then, she's been after me, wanting revenge. Because of me, she's a villain."

Cassidy set her hand on his shoulder. "Tech, you can't blame yourself..."

Tech cut her off. "Yes, it's my fault, Cassidy! I could have found a better way to deal with the situation. I could have talked to her, or something. But, I didn't! Becuase of my stupid mistake, Mallory's a villain, and you could have been killed!"

Tech's outburst caught Cassidy off gaurd, but her expression softened. "But I'm fine now, and why is that?"

Tech was silent, not sure how to answer her.

"Because you did what you thought was best. And, as far as I can tell, that's what you did for Mallory. Besides, she chose to become evil. She could have chosen to forgive you and understand why you did what you did, but she didn't. It was her choice."

Tech was silent for a few seconds, then he smiled at her. "You're right. I'm letting her get to my head. Thanks, Cass. I guess I needed a good slap in the face." He chuckled.

Cassidy giggled. "And I'm just the girl to give it to you."

Tech's one arm reached up to hug her, but dropped when Cassidy's stomach growled. She put her hand over it and blushed. "I guess being unconscious for two days works up an appetite."

"I guess so."

"Well, I'm gonna go get some breakfast. Later, Tech." She hopped off the desk.

"Okay. Bye, Cass."

Cassidy turned to look at him. "Tech?"

Tech looked up at her. "Yes?"

"Thank you, for what you did for me the other day. It was very brave of you."

Tech smiled. "You're welcome."

Cassidy turned and continued to walk out of the lab, but paused at the door. She glanced over her shoulder. Tech had sat down in a chair and was working away at the computer. She smiled at him before silently blowing a kiss to him. She then left the room.

Tech glanced down at the picture in his hand. He carefully tore it apart and tossed the pieces into a trash can. Tech reached up and turned on the dusty, old radio that sat on one of the shelves. He was just in time to hear the last few words of a song.

Why don't you kiss her?


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