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Summery: Post Living Doll. The team searches for Sara with the help of our favorite NCIS Team. Because you've got to love a good crossover. GSR

A/N: Tiny detail in story changed for plot convenience. In my story, Sara went to graduate school in DC.

One year ago.

Forensics conference

Washington DC

Grissom couldn't help but notice the young women sitting next to Sara in the front row of his lecture. She had shown up ten minutes early with pigtails and a large drink labeled Caf!Pow. She set up her laptop in the front row center. She had at least one tattoo that he could see and was what Greg would call, "Goth." She pleasantly surprised him by being attentive and asking smart questions.

At the end of his lecture, Grissom packed up his many visual aids, by the time he was done, Sara was in the middle of a deep conversation with the Goth girl. He found himself drawn to the intricate tattoo of a spider web on her neck, the spider in the web was extremely detailed and accurately drawn.

"Hey." Grissom said, smiling at Sara. She smiled back, brightly.

"This is Abby Sciuto, NCIS. She knows Gibbs."

"Gibbs?" Answered Grissom, pretending ignorance

"I told you about him." Sara reminded Grissom, "I knew him in Graduate School.

"You mean you dated him when you were in graduate school." Grissom said, being uncharacteristically publicly jealous. Gibbs was one of the only ex-boyfriends that Sara ever talked about and certainly the only one she was still in contact with.

"Never did understand a word of that thesis." Gibbs said, standing in the doorway. He handed a Caf!Pow to Abby and kissed her on the cheek before turning to Sara, "Sara Sidle." A smiled played at the corner of his mouth..

"Jethro Gibbs." She smirked at him flirtatiously, hands on her hip,

"Gil Grissom" Grissom shook, Gibbs's hand, firmly. Gibbs looked him in the eye and and the message was clear. Sara belonged to Grissom.

"And I'm Abby Sciuto. Good now everyone is friends now." Abby said before signing "someone is possessive."

"You notice the body language too?" Gibbs signed back.

"I wouldn't use the term possessive" Grissom signed.

"I hate being the only one who doesn't know how to sign." Sara said, "If everyone can put it back in their pants we can all go to lunch."

"Oh we are going to get along fine." Said Abby, looping her arm through Sara's, "Let's go to lunch." The girls walked out of the room, leaving Gibbs to help Grissom carry him specimens back to his car.

Sara Sidle's Office

Las Vegas Crime Lab

Missing: Five Hours

Grissom sat in his office taking everything out of Sara's desk until he found what he was looking for. The card was crinkled and faded. A note was hand written on the back, Never hesitate to call... Gibbs. Grissom dialed nervously hoping the number was still good.

"Gibbs." Answered the terse voice on the other end of the line. For a moment, Grissom was silent

"This is Gil Grissom from the Las Vegas crime lab."

"What happened?" Gibbs demanded, his gut suddenly telling him that something was terribly wrong.

"Sara's been abducted." Grissom answered, unable to say more.

"We'll be there in five hours. E-mail the case file to Abby Sciuto. She'll get it too my team."

"Gibbs." Grissom manged

"We'll find her." Gibbs said, "Just get that file to Abby."