Codename Evolution


It has been nine months since the Newbay disaster, Biotech reported it as a nuclear power plant meltdown but there were others that knew different.

International Rescue, better known to the press as the Thunderbirds knew, they suffered a personal loss to their team and family. They tried to continue on with their job of saving lives when they could, knowing that their brothers wouldn't have wanted them to give up.

Their loss caused great grief but International Rescue still continued their motto fresh in their minds with each rescue.

'Saving lives is a dangerous business, but it's what we do'

Today marks the day that a beautiful fishing village called Newbay was destroyed in a terrible accident almost nine months ago.

A spokesperson from Biotech announced plans of rebuilding the village in a different area with a special lake and a memorial park to remember the people that had died there.

There will be a press conference later today from the president of the Biotech Company, we will be live at the scene but for now back to the studio.

There was a sigh in the room before the Television was shut off, plunging it into darkness and silence.

"Can't sleep son?" A voice asked softly coming into the large lounge.

"No, I know that they're not dead Dad… but the damage to Thunderbird One was..." The young man stopped and looked up at his father.

"It was destroyed, nothing was left" The older man replied moving to sit down on the couch next to his son. "Virgil, you should get some rest at least" He added resting a hand on his son's shoulder.

Virgil sighed again and looked down at his father's hand on his shoulder, "I know I should, but the nightmares are still there… I heard Gordon cry out just last night, after what we saw there" He stopped and closed his eyes, remembering all they had seen in the town.

"I can't start to imagine what you saw Virgil, but at least you have learnt from it… both you and Gordon, I have noticed it out there" Jeff replied tightening his hold on his son's shoulder.

"For now, all we can do is continue with the rebuild of Thunderbird One and the training of Alan now that he's here being home schooled" He added softly looking down at his son.

Virgil looked up before nodding, "You're right, think I'll get something to help me sleep from the kitchen before turning in" He said getting up once Jeff removed his hand.

"That's fine Virgil, I'll see you in the morning" Jeff replied with a soft smile before getting back up onto his own feet, leaving the lounge heading to the office.

He looked around seeing the large painting on the wall, they had not replaced it because they either didn't have time or just wanted someway to remember the two eldest Tracy sons in some way.

Turning away from the painting and looking out at the night sky, Jeff sighed softly and wondered if Virgil was true and that his sons had survived the crash of Thunderbird One.

"Lucille, please take care of our sons" He muttered softly before leaving the office for his own bed.

Lying on his desk was a paper copy of the email he had sent earlier that day after receiving all of the facts from his sons, it had taken some time to prepare and get the evidence to back it up but it was ready.

A letter explaining about the secret operations of Biotech, it was not just a pharmaceutical company but a creator of biological warfare and it was through this darker side that Newbay was destroyed.

The battle maybe over but the war is just beginning.