Codename Evolution

Chapter Fifteen

Jeff was stunned before running further into Thunderbird Two with Virgil close behind, "Boys, we've got to get this craft up in the air now!" He ordered his sons, making his youngest sons jump and follow them into the control room.

"What's going on Dad?" Alan asked as Virgil literally jumped around into the pilot seat, his fingers flying across the controls muttering as he warmed up his aircraft.

"We're going to try and save your brothers, and then get the hell out of here! So strap yourselves down and hang on" Jeff replied as he sat in the co-pilot's seat helping Virgil get the rescue craft up in the air.

An alarm sounded around the control room making the pilots wince, "Gordon, take over" Virgil ordered undoing his own restraint and disappeared out of the room.

"It's the hydraulic systems, they haven't fully recovered!" Gordon read over the instrumentation.

"Virgil, do you need a hand? Going to have to get the legs up soon to close the hatch" Jeff asked through the hands free communication.

"Negative Dad, just get her up in the air... I can handle the rest" Virgil replied with a slight clang of metal hitting metal in the background after Jeff shut the alarm off.

"Ok Virgil, we'll keep her steady" Jeff replied looking at his other sons with hidden uncertainty in his eyes.

John ducked holding up Scott's blade with one of his own while slashed forward with his other, making the older man jump back.

"You're weak Johnny! You always have been in our family" Scott taunted his brother, circling around him, ready to attack at a moments notice.

"Not anymore Scott, I've changed since that incident" John replied as he leapt forward attacking with one blade, which was deflected making him spin around and lash out with the other scoring a hit through Scott's shirt.

"I remember! How we all rushed up there to save your ass then almost dying up there with you, at least we were almost a complete family right?" Scott said tearing his shirt off, revealing a white vest with the tough black body armour poking out underneath.

"That's not important now Scott! This is about you now... you're sick and we have to find the cure before we can go home, back to our family" John replied flipping backwards dodging a fury of attacks, noticing that Dave was watching them from close by.

"Sick? That's the old reliable honour bound Scott! I'm free now, free from the responsibilities of being the older sibling who struggled through school while helping raise my brothers then was rudely uprooted and moved to an island in the middle of an ocean!" Scott said walking over to the agent.

"Well guess the flying of a high powered jet was an upside to the rescue organisation but Newbay... well that was the start!" He continued looking at the agent, who had pulled his own dagger out when the oldest brother walked up to him.

"So what now Scott, We've been hunting all throughout this country; raiding various Biotech factories all for this cure but now you've just accepted it? That we've become freaks?" John asked running over and pushed Scott back away from the agent.

"You've always been a freak John-boy, nothing has changed about that but as for accepting my own gift and how much we've changed then I am accepting that!" Scott replied his eyes and smile darkened dangerously, his blade swinging around in one hand.

"Then I'll have to kill you Paul, you killed my brother Scott! The cure will have to wait" John replied turning serious and lashed out with hi daggers, dancing around him on the edge of his feet to try and keep the monster that his brother had become.

Agent 3754 backed away into the woods and glanced at his watch, 'They'll be here soon' He thought to himself.

"Agent 3754 come in, we are on final approach to Redwood Falls for pick up" A deep male voice came across a deserted radio, left forgotten in the streets where undead lay decapitated or a bullet through their head.

High above the city flying south towards the central area of the town, which by some crazy luck was the park where their agent was caught in the middle of one of the worst sibling fights that anyone could imagine?

A black stealth helicopter equipped from one wing to the other with various missiles and heavy artillery to survive anything thrown at it, on the side was the familiar symbol of Biotech Industries.

"No word" The voice spoke up as he focused on flying the chopper.

"Ok, last report was that he spotted something strange and nothing seen before in the other test sites" Another voice replied followed by a click of a gun.

"What's the plan?" The first voice asked.

"Get an aerial shot of the situation then retrieve Agent 3754, dead or alive" The second voice replied and continued to get ready for their assault.

"How is it now?" Virgil asked turning the wielder off.

"Ok its working! Get back up here we've got another problem" Jeff replied as the legs shut their flight position.

Virgil ran back to the control room but stopped half way, "Dad, swing around... we may not be able to use the rescue platform but I could set up the winch with a harness" He said, changing direction to head into the pod bay thinking over what he needed.

"Fine son but we've got to get out of here soon... from what they told me that we have only two hours to get out of the blast range and radar is showing a stealth craft heading this way" Jeff replied as Virgil arrived and looked around the pod bay.

"Then I'll be fast at getting this together" Virgil retorted.

John shook his head, his eyes never leaving his brother in front of him feeling the sweat roll down the back of his neck into his shirt. He was tiring and he knew it, he had never pushed himself this far before.

"What's wrong John-boy? You've not as fast you once were" Scott taunted with a grin replacing his long dagger for two short ones.

John's eyes widened a little as he recognized this move; this was the start of Scott's finished move. "Well I don't know, guess it's because that I'm having fun" He replied with a tired grin jumping back away from the attacks.

"Don't you hear that? He betrayed your trust Johnny, so we should..." Scott vanished from his sight and reappeared behind Agent 3754, a dagger pressed tightly against his neck. "Kill him" He added and sliced the man's neck letting the blood spray out, keeping hold of the agent until he died.

"You're sick Scott! I should kill you" John replied surprised about how Scott had just done this, he had just killed a human being in front of him.

Scott threw the body away into the bushes, "Then you have to kill me" He retorted and launched a fresh attack.

Scott... I'm sorry but we made that promise John thought to himself as he deflected the blows keeping up his defence.

Back flash

"John you've got to promise me, if we fail to find the cure then you have to kill me before I kill anyone... You have got to promise me" Scott said quietly through the open window of the SUV as he fought to get comfortable in the back seat.

"What about me Scott? Will you leave me alone to fight this war by myself?" John asked as he laid on the roof staring up at the stars, thinking over what had happened since he left the space station he called his second home.

"I won't be leaving you alone... I'll be with mom, watching over you and the rest of the family" Scott replied with a sigh. "I don't want to leave this battle so soon but if we can't find the cure to this virus then..."

"I know Scott, we have to find the cure and we would rather die by each others hands or as we are now rather than the monsters that we could become" John replied and moved making the vehicle wiggle a little.

"I promise if anything happens then I promise" He added, his breath shuddering at the fight against the emotions rising up inside of him. A solitary tear sliding down his cheek as he pulled the blanket tighter around his body.

"I made a promise with my brother and that is to stop you, I hate what you've become Scott" John said loudly and took a deep breath in before launching a new fury of attacks, his daggers moving at a eye blurring pace making his opponent struggle to keep up for a few seconds before they started to match pace.

"Sir you should see this" A female voice spoke up from some instrumentation in the corner of the helicopter.

"What is it" An older man spoke up while the younger man continued to fly the helicopter, the speed dropping as they reached the target.

"The radar is picking up something strange on the ground, the infection rate is beyond the scale" The female voice replied, her headphones resting along the back of her neck, her black hair was fastened tightly in a bun with her black clothes clung to her comfortably.

"Well it seems to me that we've got some valuable information to retrieve, prepare the tranquilisers just like we practiced" The older man ordered, his facial expressions were unreadable while he pulled his woollen hat on tucking his hair into it.

"Yes sir" Both of his team replied, the sounds of the chopper covering up the sounds of the automatic weapons warm up and the guns inside.


Virgil thought to himself.

"Ok Dad, open the bay door... I've got to move the winch in position and I need either Alan or Gordon here to help me" He requested as he started to double check his work.

"I'm on my way Virgil, things are heating up here" Gordon replied, he left Jeff and Alan to fly the craft around the sky above the park.

"You're lighter than me, so I'm hoping that I can lower you down and help our brothers up" Virgil instructed looking out over the park view, frowned and reached over for a pair of binoculars.

"Like a worm on a hook, you mean" Gordon muttered as he rushed into the pod bay.

"I'm afraid so" Virgil replied seeing light sparks that reminded him of blade striking at a hard and fast pace.

Gordon sighed and looked down at the park, "What is going on down there?" He asked as Virgil handed him the binoculars.

"They're fighting I think, but they're too fast to see" Virgil replied looking towards the sound of the helicopter. "They're heading this way, suit up Gordon" He requested as he pushed the winch into place checking the controls once more.

"Ok Virgil but that helicopter..." Gordon muttered putting the binoculars down and got ready by getting a harness and climbed into it, checking over it carefully.

"That's why we've got to hurry" Virgil replied.

"You're tiring" Scott taunted as he deflected another blow.

"So are you" John replied dodging another attack from his brother, sweat pouring down his back.

"Then kill me, end this like I've seen you do every time we fought together" Scott retorted then looked at his opponent with a frown, "You can't can you? After you promised to end it, you still can't" He added and laughed.

"Stop it! I promised my brother but you're not him! You're a freak created by those bastards at Biotech, we're not the same anymore... you're a monster and even though I wished that we found the cure for the infection but we didn't and now..." John stopped and sighed, lowering his guard with his arms falling to his side.

"Now that my transformation into this form has been complete, then I will k-kill you" Scott replied as he walked forward, John's abandoned shotgun appeared in his hands.

The gun rose up and aimed but something strange happened, the gun slipped and fell to the ground shortly before Scott started to fall. John ran forward to catch him but had to back flip away as he felt something fly by him.

With his heart beating rapidly in his ears and his breathing made his lungs ache, he forced himself to calm his body's actions before listening to whatever was around them.

He heard the click of a gun and dived for his shotgun, aiming it above Scott's unconscious form. He risked a look down at his brother and found a dark in the back of his neck, what John didn't risk was pulling the dart out but rolled aside as another was shot at him, scratching him.

"You better leave, you're not the one we want" A male voice called and a low hiss filled the air before smoke replaced it.

John shook off the groggy sensation growing throughout his body, "Back away from him" He growled aiming the shotgun up towards the voice.

Another tranquilizer dart fired and hit him in the arm.

"Take this one, our bosses would find him useful" The voice ordered as John fought the battle against the powerful drug.

"What about the other?" Another voice replied.

"In a few hours he'll be dead, leave him" The older voice replied and John's world turned black.

"Ok Dad, let's get out of here!" Virgil called as he helped Gordon back into the craft, pulling his unconscious brother in with him.

"F-A-B Virgil, hang on" Jeff replied and they felt the craft's engines warm up as they turned around, and start their journey back home away from Redwood Falls.

"Virgil, look at this" Gordon pointed at a tranquilizer dark burried deep in John's arm.

"We better get that out, Brains would want a look at it once we're back at the island" Virgil replied and retrieved the first aid kit from under the stretcher they got their brother on.

Gordon nodded and tied the straps down, hoping that his brother would be ok, "What about Scott?" He asked as Virgil worked on getting the dark out and was surprised when the wounds John had recieved earlier were almost healed.

"I don't know but I'm more concerned about that helicopter" Virgil muttered, "I'm worried too but there was no sign of him anywhere" He said and the aircraft shook around them.

"Virgil! Need you up here now" Jeff called over the intercom.

Virgil looked at Gordon, handing him the green box before jumping onto his feet, up to the control room.

"We're going to have to land somewhere and get Brains to bring out the spare parts" Virgil said with a tired sigh, his voice sounding distant to the listener's ears.

Darkness consumed him into the world of dreamless sleep.

"He's heavy!" Gordon whinned.

"Just be careful Gordon, we're almost there" Jeff replied.

The pull of sleep tugged at him once more.

Slowly opening his eyes he found a white haze like fog had filled his vision as he looked around, he felt as if the fog was closing in on him making him suffocate. His hair on the back of his neck rose up making the young man reach down to his pockets but found none.

Looking around once more, the young man noticed a shadowy figure heading towards him. He licked his dry lips and yelled, "Who's there?" His voice bounced around him, trapped by the fog making it echo around around until it died down.

The shadowy figure stopped, "J-John? Where are we?" The voice answered his call before the fog inbetween them cleared to reveal the eldest Tracy sibling.

John saw that his brother looked exactly like before Newbay happened, dressed in the blue trimmed silver International Rescue uniform.

"I don't know... the last thing I remember was fighting you at Redwood Falls then just darkness..." John replied looking down at his body, finding that he was wearing his own brown trimmed uniform.

"I-I remember, something took over... I couldn't stop it" Scott replied, his voice sounding tired.

"Don't worry about it Scott, just where are you?" John asked seeing that his brother was fading, turning almost transparent.

"I don't know, but they've got me John... you have to find me and end this war!" Scott replied, his voice turning distant.

"Scott! Wait, I can't do this alone!!" John called finding that a force was pulling them away, the gap between them grew bigger.

"You won't be... I'm always with you" Scott replied, his voice echoing.

He woke up with a jump before crashing back against the pillows, his eyes focused finding the familiar starry ceiling. Looking over at his right he found his youngest brother Alan fast asleep.

John sighed and rose up out of the bed finding that he was wearing grey shirt and pants. Must have changed me while I was out He thought and looked around at his room, taking in the familiar sights.

This was once my life... well when I was on the planet John thought as he walked over to the balcony, he found the door open and breathed in the mixture of smells that made up one of the places he called home.

"You might as well join me" John said turning around slightly to see his father standing in the bedroom doorway.

"Glad to see you up, you've been out for almost a week now... we were going to give you a IV but you've just seemed so... " Jeff's voice faded away as he searched for the words.

John sighed, the light breeze tugged at his grown out hair. "It's ok Dad, just shows how much I've... we've changed" He said softly, "I'm going to get him back, I need him back" He said holding onto the rail of the balcony.

"John-" Jeff stopped when his son turned around fully to face him, his upper arms covered in faded bruises and scars.

"He needs my help Dad, I'm dead to the world and..." John stopped and looked around the room from where he stood. "John Tracy died a long time ago" He finished and turned his back from his father.

Just hang in there Scott, I'm coming!