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"Please don't go!"

The very heavens had opened up through the stormy clouds, releasing buckets of rain onto the small town of Risembool. Water slid down both boys as they stood outside the Rockbell house. Cold golden jewels bored into her eyes as Edward stared her down, his expression hard and stony. Then he smiled slightly, planting the smallest ray of hope into her. "I'm sorry, Winry. We have to. You know why." He glanced at his younger brother, who watched the two of them just feet away. Water glided down the large metal suit his soul was encased in.

Winry frowned, feeling the shadows of tears filling her eyes. "Please...don't..." She barely made out, her voice lost in despair. An aching but familiar feeling filled her chest; the feeling that she would never see them again, that something horrible was to happen. Edward sighed, gently taking her hands in his. Ocean blue eyes widened as he pulled her into a comforting hug. "Don't cry." He said simply as he broke the hug. "And quit worrying so much! Nothing's going to happen to us. Right Al?"

Alphonse nodded, stepping closer to the both of them. "That's right. We're just going to be where our house was for a bit. It'll be really quick. When we come back, we have a surprise for you."

Winry crossed her arms over her chest and frowned again. "Fine. Promise you'll be right back?"

"Promise." Al chuckled, and Winry almost thought she could see him smiling through the armor. Al gently stroked her cheek with a metal hand, and he and his brother both waved goodbye. And with a swish of a scarlet robe and a flash of silver, they were gone, disappeared into the storm.

x.O.x. Shadows Within x.O.x.


They're taking too long.

Winry bit her lip nervously as she pulled apart the curtains and gazed out the window again, searching through the fields for any signs of the two brothers. Sighing in disappointment, she closed the curtains and resumed pacing the room in circles. What could be taking them? Winry stopped in midstep, running her fingers through her blonde hair.

She shook her head to herself, biting her lip once more. "Quit worrying! They said they'd be right back!" She told herself defiantly. Glancing at the window again, she quickly strode over to it and tore the curtains apart, once again scanning the fields. The rain had long since lifted, rays of sunshine now drying the unsettled rain.

Her eyes narrowed as the smallest spark of light set off in the distance. She quickly let go of the curtains and rushed towards the door. She knew something bad was going to happen.


It had started to rain again. Water soaked the bottoms of her pants legs as droplets splashed around her. Winry ran through the quickly growing storm, her breath coming out in pants that misted in the air in front of her. Dread slowly crept into her mind with every step she took.

Lightning streaked the sky and filled the air with light for a brief moment. Her heart pounded loudly in her ears as she ran faster through the rain. Thunder's crash chased her down the road as she finally caught sight of the remains of the house. She could see a figure standing in the foundation, head bowed low and just made it out to be Ed. Quickening her strides, she approached the pathway to the house. Her eyes widened as she stopped dead in her tracks.

Lightening illuminated the air again, but to Winry it seemed like the light hung in the air, shining light on this horror scene. Edward was alone, standing in the center of a transmutation circle cut into the soft ground. His fists were clenched at his sides, his front drenched in a dark liquid that ran fast onto the ground. He was staring blankly at the ground, most of his face hidden by his long, golden bangs. And what he was staring at was Al's armor, its pieces littering the muddy ground.

Winry's mind numbed on the spot. Her knees gave way and buckled, causing her to fall to her knees, soaking up dirty water with a splash. Tears flooded her eyes, blurring her sight until she let them fall over her face like rain. "Oh…oh, no…please, no…" She choked out. Ed twitched when he heard her, lifting his head to look at her. His eyes looked small and empty to her. He was crying too. Winry was forced to accept the truth and let out a loud wail of despair.

Al was gone.


The thunder crashed again, making the windows rattle behind closed curtains. Both of them were back inside, dripping wet with rainwater. Ed was sitting on the couch, holding his head up with his hands, staring unemotionally at the floor. Winry watched him from beside the entrance, too tired and weak to even cry anymore. An aching feeling was left in her chest, like half of her heart was ripped out, leaving the other bloody, mangled half to stand on its own. Shaking her head slightly, she got off from leaning on the wall and advanced toward Edward, her arms folded over her chest. "Ed?"

He flinched, slowly turning to stare hopelessly at her. She grimaced at that, trying to ignore the despair she felt radiating off him. "How…did this happen?"

Ed avoided her eyes, choosing instead to stare at the floor once more. It took a couple of anxious minutes before he could answer, slowly and quietly. "I…don't know. Al said he might've figured out how to get a body again…we went to try it. I was so stupid…why didn't I wait until we were sure…I…just…" He trailed off, clenching his hand into a fist. "I'm such an idiot…I lost Al again…and this time he can't come back…"

Winry sighed, slowly walking closer to him. "Well, Ed…maybe this can get better, later on…" She muttered, gently touching Ed's shoulder. He snapped his arm back, suddenly glaring at her. "What do you know?! You didn't know Al like I did!" He shouted angrily, jumping to his feet. "Why don't you just leave me alone?" Ed grimaced, his hand up to clutch at his chest in pain. Her eyes widened. Winry reached for him to try and help when he smacked her hand away. Glaring at her, he turned and ran out of the room, stomping up the stairs.

Winry sighed and frowned, glancing at the window. Maybe…I can go gather Al's armor for Ed. We could burry it or something…She flinched and frowned deeper, forcing herself to not cry as she headed outside.


Upstairs, Ed slammed shut the door of the room he and Al were borrowing. Pausing to rest against the shut door, he panted hard trying to catch his breath and winced, clutching his chest again. Bowing his head lower to hide his eyes under his bangs, he smirked. "Heh…that was close. I almost blew it right there." Wincing, he drew his hand away from his chest and looked at it with another grimace. His palm was covered with crimson blood.

Lightning flashed across the sky.


The sudden flash of light in the sky made Winry jump, quickening her pace in through what was left of the Elric household. Frowning as she carefully stepped over old stones, she approached the transmutation now only slightly altered by the pounding rain. Shaking water from her eyes, she caught sight of the remaining armor and slowly went to it, almost scared to touch it. Bending down, she started pulling the muddle steel from the ground when another flash of lightning shone light on another item she had failed to see. Furrowing her eyebrows and frowning, she reached for it and unearthed it, peering at it through the darkness. Thunder crashed loudly in the background, drowning out her startled gasp as she identified the item.

It was a dagger, twisted and dripping with blood.


Winry was slowly walking down the road back to her house, her arms wrapped around the armor head she chose to bring back with her. Her mind was flooded with thoughts. What was the dagger for? Was Ed lying to her? What really happened back there? She shook her head hard. It wasn't the time to think about that. She had to hurry and get back so she could ask Ed for help with moving the rest of the armor. Feeling a wave of sadness wash over her heart again, she flinched, looking up from the ground to see her house coming into view.

Ed was standing outside it, his back to her and his scarlet jacket off. Hearing her come, he turned to watch her coming closer, his jacket in a bundle sitting in his arms. He glanced down at it when she had stopped, staring curiously at it. He smiled softly, sadly. "Saw it walking around in the rain...just felt like saving it..." He laughed gently, sounding weak and small. "It's funny...Al used to do the same thing. All the time, he'd just find some stray and...hide it somewhere...trying to save it..."

She simply stared at him, unable to follow. He shook his head, placing the bundle down with a sigh. "Remember...? That one time, when we were all kids, Al got this kitten and hit it in his shirt, but we found out and kept asking him about it. And I asked him if he had a cat on him, and he quickly said 'No'. Then the cat meowed and gave it all away." He laughed again, the emptiness returning into his amber eyes. "Al was always a terrible liar..."

She stared as he trailed off, the both in an uncomfortable silence. Ed sighed again, looking at her and catching sight of the armor she was still holding. He twitched disapprovingly. Winry caught his faze and looked away to avoid his eyes. "Um...I was just thinking that we should gather up Al's armor...we could bury it near your mother-" She cut herself off, staring at him. His back had stiffened for a second. He shrugged, stepping down. "Fine. Wait for me here." He walked back her, his hands shoved into his pockets. Winry watched him walk out of view and quickly dropped to her knees on the porch, unwrapping the jacket from its tight bundle.

A small mewling sound came from the jacket as a small cat poked its head out and tilted its head cutely. Crawling out, it sat on the ground besides the jacket and began licking itself clean.

Winry watched it for a moment, before turning back to the jacket. Unfolding it, her suspicions were confirmed. A rip had formed into the jacket, and it was completely drenched in blood.

Letting out a low his, she quickly glanced behind her shoulder with a frown, making sure he was still out of sight. Something was up, and she was going to find out what.


It had to be somewhere, just, where? Winry knew that Ed would probably be more careful about where he'd put important documents.

But this wasn't about Ed. It was about Al.

She knew she was running out of time. Any second he could come back, expecting her to be waiting for him. She was rummaging through stray documents on the desk in Ed's room, skimming every page that could have the information she needed.

Diagrams and text about complicated transmutations and alchemy calculations whizzed past her eyes, making her overwhelmingly dizzy. How can anyone manage to understand any of this?

Brushing her blonde hair out of her face, she let out an angry hiss, banging down the now crumpled papers in frustration. The desk rattled under the force, knocking down a small box she had failed to pay attention to. It opened, folded papers spilling from its depts. Her eyes widened as she grabbed them.


She stood on the porch, waiting for Ed to come back. Hot tears stung at her eyes, her face paled into a ghostly white since she learned the truth. It made her sick to her stomach that something, no, anyone could even think of something like this. And it wasn't the first time this had happened. Clutching the papers tighter from behind her back with trembling fingers, she waited on.

A few minutes later, Ed appeared onto the road, slightly muddier then before. The storm was getting worse, sending torrents of rain down. Quickly running into the shelter of the porch, he looked curiously at Winry, wondering about the look she was giving him. "You okay?"

She gulped hard, biting her lower lip, trying hard not to just blurt out that she knew his secret. Relax. Stay calm. She told herself, swallowing again.

"Ed..." She started, purposely adding emphasis to his name with a grimace. "Tell me Al die?" She asked; a suspicious glint in her eyes. She was giving him one last chance to tell the truth.

He stiffened slightly, a guarded, blank look appearing behind his eyes. "...the transmutation for his body failed, Winry...what's this about?"

She frowned, pulling the papers from behind her back. For one fleeting second, he looked innocent, completely confused. Then horror widened his eyes. She let them go, letting them float heavily in the humid air. "You said it're a terrible liar. You always have been." She breathed, unable to stop her voice from cracking. Feeling tears run down her face, she turned and ran into the house.

He stared after her, then looked down, watching water soak into his research papers. Frowning deeply, he went to pick them up but stopped, choosing against it. It's not like he needed them anymore.

"She knows." He whispered to himself, his hand reaching for the silver watch hanging at his side. He gripped it and tugged it off its chain, pulling it up to look at the design. "I'll have to dispose of her."

Pocketing the watch, he clapped his hands and swept his flesh hand over his automail arm, alchemic sparks transforming it into a blade. He sighed as he started to go into the house after her.

"Don't worry, Brother. Winry will join you soon."


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