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"You mean you've figured out a way to get your body back?" Ed's voice was full of surprise as he stared up at his younger brother. "How?"

Al shrugged his metal shoulders. "The answer really was in front of us the whole time." He muttered, trying to hide the real truth from him. He didn't like lying to him. They were so close; it seemed sometimes that Ed could see through his lies. But everything was falling into place now.

It had to be done.

Memories in the Rain

The transmutation circle was already made. All Al had to do was get him there. It really was simple. Ed was nervous and excited at the same time, talking to him about finally fulfilling his promise. Al tried to pay attention, which only made thinking alot harder. It took everything he had to not come out and blurt out the truth. But somehow, he managed not to.

All too soon, they were at the house. Ed caught sight of the transmutation circle and gawked at the complexity of it for a moment, before bending down to inspect it. "You sure everything's fine?" He asked cautiously.

Al could only nod. Waiting until he was sure his brother wasn't looking, he drew a long, twisted dagger from inside his armor and gripped it tightly behind his back. He had to do it now, before the growing storm washes the circle away.

"Brother...?" He breathed out. His voice cracked slightly. Ed looked at him with a slight frown. "What is it, Al?"

"You said...you said you'd do anything to get me a body again, right?" Al asked, his voice sounding small, echoing weakly in the armor. Ed stared at him for a long time, probably trying to understand the question. "Yeah, I did." He finally replied; his head tilted slightly in a shrewd way. "Why do you ask?"

Al gripped the dagger harder, staring at the ground. "I'm sorry." He whispered harshly. Ed gave him a puzzled look.

The dagger lashed out from behind his back, just as he had whipped forth his other hand to knock Ed down. Ed hit the ground hard. "You crazy?!" He yelled furiously. Al tried hard to ignore him, forcing him down on the ground, pinning him to it with his first arm, the other holding the knife high above his head. Ed's golden eyes widened as a sudden lightning bolt shone, flashing light on the dagger.

"Al...! What are you doing?!" Ed managed to yell. Al set the dagger down, tearing through red and black cloth and pressed the cold metal against his bare chest, the tip just piercing his skin. Ed winced, his eyes wide and his pupils small. "No...! Al! No! Stop! Please!" He screamed. Al grimaced. It was so much harder to do when he was begging for his own life.

No! You have to do this!

Ed's voice was starting to die down, being choked out by the blood that burbled from his throat in waves. Ed was choking on the blood that seemed to be drowning his systems, screaming through the thick scarlet bubbles. It sounded horrible, a ragged gurgle that ripped through his body in a sudden spasm. The sound of it echoed through Al's soul, almost making him regret ever starting this. But it was already too late; Ed's voice died and his eyes went blank. He stopped trying to fight Al off him. He stopped moving at altogether. In the same moment, the rain choked off and stopped.

The blood around Ed's body was rapidly spreading, staining the ground with crimson. Al grimaced again; he never thought there'd be so much blood in someone. Even if the rain had probably thickened the flow of blood.

Al shook his head hard. No, he couldn't think about it now. It was too late to go back now. Dropping the dagger to the ground, he clapped his hands together and slammed them onto the circle.


"I can't believe you'd do this." Winry glowered at the boy who'd stolen his brother's body. Backing up more, she bumped against the corner of the walls and cursed under her breath. She had been cornered.

Al stared at her calmly through Ed's eyes, making her shiver. "I did what I had to do to get a body." He whispered, closing his eyes and sighing. "Brother knew that he was risking his own life to get me a body."

"Shut up, Al!" Winry screamed. Her eyes were suddenly filled with hot, stinging tears that she refused to let fall. "Ed was your own brother, you had no right to-" She froze when he extended a hand towards her and drew back, not wanting to touch a monster like him.

Al frowned, touching her cheek despite her wincing at his touch. "Winry...you should've known how I've felt...I didn't really want to do this..." He smiled slightly, gently stroking her cheek. "But, see...I can finally feel now...you're so warm..."

"That still...you didn't have to..." Unable to put her words together, she slapped his hand away instead. "He promised you he'd get your body back! Why couldn't you wait for him?!"

Al frowned again, staring down at his open palm. "I got tired." He said simply, balling his hand into a fist. "Tired of waiting for things to happen. And I didn't have time to wait...at anytime my soul could've been rejected..." He trailed off, looking thoughtful, as if there was something he had just realized. "I think my soul being so close to Brother's means I can keep the body longer."

"How could you just talk like that," She glared at him through tears. "You monster!" She yelled, reaching for her back pocket. Her fingers closed around a flat metal, which she gripped and lashed out, striking the wrench across his face.

He barely moved when he was hit. Al blinked, touching the wounded area and winced slightly, staring at the blood from his cheek now staining his fingertips. "Ow," He muttered with a frown. "That really hurt, Winry." He said in almost a whine, tugging on a small tear she never noticed on his black shirt. "Don't you think I was hurt enough already?" He asked, ripping the shirt open.

Winry gawked at the open wound on his chest, deep but not very wide, and still dripping with blood through clotted areas. "Th-that's where..."

"You're starting to bother me." Al smiled again as he let his shirt down. "I was planning on making this painless, but now I think this will have to hurt."

"W-what?" Winry choked out. Al just smiled again, like he used to when he had his own body. It was strange to see on Ed's face. He leaned his face closer to hers and gently pressed his lips against hers, making her eyes widen. He pulled away quickly and covered her eyes with his flesh hand, whispering in her ears. "I love you," He breathed out, his breath hot against her flesh. She shuddered.

He pulled away and uncovered her eyes. She just stared at him, her unshed tears betraying her as they raced down her face. "...I...did too." She managed to choke out.

He blinked and smiled, and for the second time she thought she could see him smiling through his stolen body. Then Al finally lifted his other arm that he had hidden behind his back. With a horrified gasp, she realized it ended in a blade.

Too late.


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