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Memories and Coming Home:

Four years. It's been four years since I've seen these gates' thought a 12 year old blond Kunoichi wearing a white trench coat normally associated with the 4th Hokage of Konoha on it said Konoha's Speed mistress, over a dark orange skirt with fishnet legging, and black combat boots that covered the weight seals on her legs. Her shirt was a navy blue halter shirt that didn't quite reach the line of her skirt she had on showing a couple of inches of stomach. On her hands are two elbow length gloves that matched her skirt and the fames on the coat. All of her clothes had either metal strips or chain mail in or under it for protection. Said blond was waiting for her two sannin senseis.

Standing in the middle of the road the wind picked up her loose bangs, held back by her head band, and some hairs hanging out of the bun held together with two senbon needles that was keeping her sun blond locks back. As her sky blue eyes took in the gates before her, memories came back. The good….


A four year old bond girl was running down a street at night, of this wasn't weird enough she was running from a mob.

"Kill the demon"

"Get the monster"

"Pay for your sins"

The girl ran into the first open door she saw, most nights this got her in to trouble not tonight, the door she ran into was the house of one Sarutobi Asuma who happened to be hosting a party to celebrate his birthday, of course all of his friends wear there even the Old man Hokage which was who the blond saw.

"Old man!" she yelled running to him.

Everyone else stated wondering who dared call The Professor old man. The startled Hokage looked at the small blond haired blue eyed child in his arms and smiled

"Hello Kaiya-chan what brings you here hmm?"

"Nothing," the girl now known as Kaiya replied.

The guests then heard the mob running out side they very quickly figured out what was happening, the old Hokage let out a tired sigh. A Cyclops with gravity defying gray hair approached the pair with a piece of cake. The man smiled or appeared to smile for his eye crinkled into an upside down U-shape.

"Hello little one, I am Kakashi, would you like a piece of cake?" the man asked.

The girl was visibly wary, this made all the guest a mix of sad an angry but everyone made sure not to show it. Kaiya looked at the old man with an inquisitive expression which with paired with the three whisker marks on each cheek made her look absolutely adorable. It took all the will power of the two women there not to scream kawaii and hug her into oblivion. After a reassuring nod from the Hokage she took the cake with a small smile that everyone returned, even Ibiki. She met everyone there and spent a lot of time with Anko-nee-chan and Kurenai-nee-chan. While she was at the party, she met future members of her dysfunctional family.

End flashback

Those were some good time, I sure learned a lot from all my sensei's until I left. She visibly cringed remembering why she left, which was the same night she met the current senseis' ….


An 8 year old Kaiya was running from three chunnis, even though she was trained by seven senseis she still could not take down three chunnis, especially after a day of training. She turned a corner, into a dead end ally. The leader looked her over in her black shorts and blue shirt and licked his lips.

"What do you say boys lets have some fun before we kill the demon?"

The others nodded there heads in agreement they advanced on the terrified 8 year old.

Kaiya shook her head before she could go down that lane again but she fast forwarded her mind to when she met Kyuubi-hime


After the encounter and being saved by Slug Princess, Shizune and Toad Sage she was in the hospital surrounded by her senseis and the old man Hokage. The girl in question was unconscious and oblivious to the worry surrounding her by her senseis but one who was enjoying himself in the torture rooms. Anyways in side her mind Kaiya was meeting her inner demon.

scene change

Kaiya was look at the giant cage with the Kanji for Seal on it. On the way to this place she passed many doors one that said Kaiya's memories, so she figured she must be in her mind but she couldn't figure out why she was here or why there was a giant cage in her mind. Out of the darkness inside the cage a figure could be made out it soon look like a giant 9-tailed fox.

"Hello kit, I am the kyubbi-no-kistune and I live in this seal."


The fox let out a sigh.

"You know the story of how the fourth beat me right, don't answer it's a rhetorical question, anyway he didn't kill me he sealed me in here. Now I am not as evil as some think, I was tricked into attacking Konoha."

"How can I trust you?"

The fox was startled no fear was evident on the child face; maybe just maybe this might be a smart human.

"Simple, if you die then I die also I have started to like you, you handle what the villagers throw at you well." The girl just looked confused

"I've been watching your life through your eyes and I want to help you so your not killed"

"So you're going to train me?"

"Yes but unless you want to train in here you will have to rip off a little of the seal so that I can speak to you in your mind." Kaiya wasn't getting any bad feeling from the fox and after 8 years she had learned to trust her instincts, after all you don't live on the streets with out learning a few things. So Kaiya moved to take off the seal after she ripped part of it off she woke up. The first thing she noticed was that all her family members were asleep.

"Guess what guys Kuybbi-himes going to teach me!" She felt the fox smile at being called hime. After everyone got over there varying degrees of shock Kaiya proceed to tell them what happened.

End Flashback

Kaiya giggled remembering everyone's reactions. It was then that Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune caught up with her.

"You ready brat?" asked an amber-eye medic-nin.

"As ready as I'll ever be," suddenly her mood changed "Come one I haven't seen the old man in 4 years I have to prank him"

This statement caused the others in the group to laugh as the moved forward. As they reached the gates Kaiya recognized the guards.

"Hey Kotetsu, Izumo long time no see"

"Kaiya is that you?" asked Izumo

"Yup, and it feels great to be back home."

"I bet it does, don't forget to visit Hokage-sama, Kaiya."

"Don't worry Kotetsu; I haven't pranked him in years so I figure he needs some excitement." She replied, the two guards opened the gates smiling at the 4 figures being lost in the crowds.

"Things will sure get interesting around here again, right Izumo?"

"They sure will." With that said a shout of I'm back and better than ever, could just be heard over the closing gates.

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