The Journey Home

Derek Morgan once said: There is no way I am flying economy!

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Reid awoke in the morning to the sounds of the shower. Hotch was singing. It was with sudden shock that Reid realised he was laying on his back in bed with the bedclothes kicked off and around his ankles. One leg dangled to the floor and his arms splayed up in a very dramatic pose and his hair ruffled all over the place. My god, had Hotch seen him laying here like this? Thankful for small mercies he did have silk Halloween boxers on. (black with orange pumpkins) which he had purloined from the shoot yesterday. He quickly pulled the sheets up around him again as Hotch walked back into the room, hair dripping and a towel around his waist.

"Oh good, awake at last." And that grin on Hotch's face told Reid that he didn't want to ask any questions. "Shower quickly. We need to leave soon."

"Oh yes, erm. Garcia, she said, er, she said about my luggage arriving."

"Yes, but it's loaded ready to go."

"I I erm…I need, Hotch, I need my clothes." And Reid could feel his face getting hot with embarrassment.

"It's OK Reid you have the suit from yesterday. Now hurry and shower. We have a flight to catch."

So Reid took a quick shower rather than his preferred soak in the bath and slipped back into the new suit he got as payment for his modelling work the day before. He wet his comb and flattened his hair and scraped it behind his ears. Then he stood and looked in the mirror. Somehow his hair just didn't look right like that, so he pulled it back from behind his ears and fluffed up his waves a bit. Checking he had no toothpaste where it shouldn't be he left the bathroom happy.

"Reid." Said Hotch.

"Hotch?" Said Reid.

"Just checking that it was you."

And Reid turned scarlet and quickly left the room. He didn't get far as Emily was just leaving her room and she stood in the corridor staring at Reid, who made a quick retreat back to his room to check for toothpaste again. Then followed Hotch back out only too see a huddle of female comrades elbowing and pushing their way down the corridor towards them.

"Run." Whispered Hotch and gave Reid a gentle push in the back.

Well it is well documented. No one had ever failed to realise. Reid was not the most co-ordinated person on the planet when in a panic. It is also well documented that he is not the fastest classiest runner in the FBI. The gaggle or women stopped fighting and Hotch just stood and watched as Reid hurtled down the corridor in his own unique style.

"That was so cruel." Garcia moaned.

"What's wrong?" enquired Hotch.

"You broke my dream. That is still definitely Reid."


Hotch made sure that Reid was in the same car as himself going home. The look of fear on Reid's face when Garcia asked if he wanted to share the backseat with her and JJ was priceless. Prentiss didn't get a look in. She was manhandled into the front seat with protests of "But" and "Oh" and was ignored.

It was a much nicer journey home. Reid had remembered to go before they left, and he had a flask of hot coffee. Gideon sat in the front and chatted on and off with the driver about the English countryside and Reid sat between Hotch and Morgan in the back.

"You know I really don't understand what's got into the girls today." Reid commented.

"Reid man, its just they have never seen you dress like anything other than a college student. They will get over it."

"I I dd don't dress like a college s student. Do I?" No one bothered to answer. "What's so bad in the way I dress?"

"Nothing Reid, nothing." And Morgan turned and looked out of the side window grinning.

They arrived at the airport with little trouble. The roads had been much clearer and the sun was shining. They had even received a message that the original taxi driver had handed Reid's lost phone and soggy cords over at the airport and they were being kept in security for him. All was bright. All was happy, and Reid left the cab in a good mood, and walked brightly ahead or Morgan, Hotch and Gideon, feeling a confidence he only usually felt when spouting useful information at people.

Then it happened.

At first he wasn't sure what was happening and he turned quickly to see who it was behind him that this crowd of teenagers were running to. He spun around again as the first one reached him.

"Are you Spence?" she asked?

"I erm. I beg your pardon?"

"Are you Spence. This Spence?" And the girl waggled a glossy magazine under his nose. On the front were some shots he had done only the day before in Brighton.

"Well yes I suppose I am."

"Oh I knew it! I knew it wasn't a trick!"

"erm?" and Hotch and Gideon were trying to drag Reid away while Morgan stood as a shield between the girls and Reid. " No Hotch…stop stop. What do they want?"

But Reid was being propelled through the airport quicker than he could blink. Once in a secure area which Morgan had gained access to by waving his badge, they all sat down and looked at the magazine JJ was clutching. Prentiss limped over to a chair and rubbed her shin, and Garcia sat down and nursed her toes.

Fresh new face. Vegas FBI agent models exclusively for TeenVogueUK. See him tomorrow at Heathrow Airport. Show him your support. Hottest new comer for decades!

It was followed by dozens of very nice shots of Reid.

He just sat with his mouth open. "I didn't erm…I did…but you know…I wasn't given an option. I didn't know….oh." And his face glowed red as he sat looking at his hands twisting in his lap. "How long until the flight? I really erm you know…want to go home."

Nothing is ever straight forwards. If it was, life would become very boring very quickly.

Seats had all been reserved in the wrong places. The girls happy to waggle badges and eyelashes again were quickly given good seats. Gideon accepted his lot and sat between a shower curtain hook salesman and a spoon salesman. He chatted happily with them for most of the flight about different places they had been to and different birds they had seen.

Morgan had a mini tantrum "There is no way I am flying economy!" he was shouting before they threatened to throw him off the plane.

Hotch had a quiet word with crew, and waggled the magazine in their faces. He and Reid flew home first class.

"So Reid," Hotch asked during the flight. "How are you finding all this adoration?"

"Actually Hotch it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I will be glad to get back into my normal clothes."

"You do realise it will make no difference now don't you? You can't fool Garcia."

Reid smiled, lay back on his seat and had happy dreams.

And Hotch sent the pictures of the sleeping Reid he had taken with his phone that morning to Morgan.