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"What the freakin' hell is this?"

Carl had just rolled over on the couch, sticking his hand into one of its crevices only to latch onto something and pull it out of the cushions: A golden, Sacagawea dollar coin.

"What? They're putting freakin' broads on currency now? Uh, no thank you, please, this is the United States of America. We put men on our money, that's the way it should be."

Upon closer inspection, however, Carl realized that at least the broad had nice jugs, so perhaps the coin was worth holding onto after all.

"Oh, shit, wait," he said, noticing a second figure on the broad's back. "She's got a freakin' baby! Yeah, I don't do that. Stay away from chicks with kids, man." Back into the couch cushions she would go, then, Carl thought. What a waste of a freakin' dollar.