Narrator: Potter Puppet Pals Presents: The Mysterious Voice From Nowhere

-nothing happens-

Harry's voice: -whispers- I think we're supposed to go on now.

Hermione's voice: Are you sure?

Narrator: Just come on already!

-Ron pops up and looks around-

Ron: Where's the voice coming from?

-Harry, Hermione, and Dumbledore come out-

Dumbledore: Probably the same place my naked dance music come from.

Hermione: Where does that music come from?

Dumbledore: It come from my heart.

Ron: Who's heart did the voice come from?

Harry: Voldemort coul-


Hermione: Don't say his name. You know how Ron gets.

-Ron is now running around the room screaming like a girl-

Harry: This is all you have to do.

Harry hands a cookie to Ron-

Ron: I like the cookie!!!11111!!ONE!!!!ELEVEN!!!

Harry: Anyway, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named could be trying to scare us.

Hermione: Let's go see.

-They walk up to Voldemort-

Voldemort: Voldemort Voldemort Oooo Volde Volde Volde Voldemort

Harry: Did the voice come from your heart Voldemort?

-little girl pops up-

Girl: Ha, ha! No nose!

- Girl leaves-

Voldemort: No

Harry: Ok, we'll leave now.

Voldemort: Wait!

Hermione: What?

Voldemort: Harry, can I kill you?

Harry: no

Voldemort: Man!

-Harry and Hermione leave while Voldemort is throwing a fit-

Narrator: Will they ever find out who's heart the voice came from? Will Ron ever stop screaming like a girl when he hears "Voldemort" ?

-Ron starts screaming like a girl-

Narrator: Tune in next time to see.