A coalblack cat ran through the forest not trying to look back trying to find away out as the flams closed in on her.she took a deep breath but the smoke was caught in her lungs and she was caught in a series of yelps as the smoke went through her luungs.Starclan help me! she thought as the flames broke through.a large noise caught her atenchion and she looked up.a storm was rolling in.

droplets of water fell from the sky and the flames began to die down.even as this happened her heart was still raceing.Thank you starclan. she thought as she stood up and watched as a small clearing was being formed.A perfect place for a new camp scince the two legs had destroyed our old camp.she thought.she ran off to where her Clan was hiding.large gray tom padded up to her.

"Smokestar are you okay?"she looked up at him.

"Yes Articpelt i am fine."she purred.

"Ahhh Smokestar,You are far from okay."he groaned.

"I have brought good news for the clan starclan has herd our prayers.i have found somewhere for us to set up camp." She meowed. She lept up to a high rock and hissed through the clearing.

"Cats of skyClan i have found somewhere for us to set up camp."she meowed through the small make shift camp.

Smokestar led her clan to the large Clearing she had found. and they began to build a camp.ashpelt padded up to Smokestar.and looked at her worrriedly.

"Is something wrong good friend?"she asked. he hesitated a bit.

"I had a dream from starclan.they told me only peace can return to skyclan when sky and night meet.they told me even if we are far from twolegs something else is out their waiting for the night to come and the full moon rises."he meowed to her.

"Do you know what it means?" She asked.

"No,i am sorry but i will try to Smokestar." He told her.