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Time is Running Low


"For Hermione Granger," said the deep voice of Severus Snape. All those present raised their glasses and repeated the words solemnly.

"For Hermione Granger."

"For Hermione 'know-it-all' Granger." Harry turned to see Draco Malfoy raising his glass, a sad smile on his face and a single tear falling down his cheek. The blonde boy turned to see the bitter smile Harry was giving him. "You ok, Potter?" Draco regretted asking that as the smile on Harry's face faltered, and he fixed his sight to the floor. "Sorry, I know it was a stupid question."

"No, it wasn't." It had been five years since Hogwarts had fallen to Voldemort's attack; five years of fighting and searching for the damn horcruxes only to have the locket destroyed and the remaining lost forever; five years during which everyone he had known had fallen, disappeared, or died. So, of all the people in the room, Draco Malfoy was one of the few that could be considered his friend, the remains of his lost life. Harry stood up and went to the backyard. Following near were Remus, Snape, Draco and a black-haired man.

The voices in the room died the first moment Harry left the house. He turned around to see the remains of the former Order of the Phoenix. Harry looked directly into Draco's face. The scars his father had left him were the mark of his treason against the Dark Lord and the Malfoy family, and of his loyalty, if not to the Order, at least to Harry and Snape. On his right side stood the former Potions Master, Severus Snape. He had his hair pulled up into a ponytail, and his left arm, useless, hung at his side, a look of weariness and hopelessness marking his face. Remus looked older and more tired than Harry had ever seen him, the wolf in him consuming the remains of his youth. Damian, his long-lost uncle was apparently the only one unharmed, though not many people had seen the burns on his back and chest. Even Harry had his own scars from the many battles he had fought through the years, the most recent one still fresh on the side of his mouth. Harry sighed. So many things were lost now that Voldemort had taken over America, the Last Resistance as they were called. The only ones left were Dumbledore's Army, the new Order of the Phoenix, and even they were tired and near to falling.

"I wanna do it," was the only thing he uttered to the four men in front of him. Draco and Severus exchanged a knowing look while Remus and Damian gave Harry a disconcerted one.

"Do 'it'? What are you talking about, Harry?" asked Remus. Harry gave his former teacher, his friend a look of determination.

"I wanna go back and fix everything that went wrong in this war."

"Are you sure, Harry?" This time it was Draco who intervened before either Remus or Damian could say anything. "I know we said…"

"We?" said Damian talking for the first time. "Who's 'we'?" though he already knew the answer.

"Draco and I," said Severus, and Remus gave him a reproachful look.

"What did you say to him, Severus?" The anger was evident in Remus's voice, and Harry had to keep himself from going over there and closing the men's mouths. After all, they had the right to utter their own opinions. Harry himself wasn't that sure about the plan Draco and Severus told him about.

"Just that, if there was a chance to go back and fix everything, or at least some things in this war, he would go back and change it."

"You what???!! Are you mad?? You know what will happen if Harry ever does that?? How many things could change for the worst??" screamed Remus in the night. True, Harry hadn't forgotten that time he and Hermione went back in time to help Sirius escape. They had done it and they only changed a bit … but things changed for the better. Well, they changed for the better if you removed the part when Wormtail escaped and went to Voldemort. "And what if Harry sees himself??? It would be a catastrophe!!"

"No, it won't." Remus stopped screaming and gave Draco a skeptical look. "I made Harry … I mean, Sev and I made a special time turner for Harry." Those words were followed by a deep blush. Damian smirked at Draco who gave him a murderous look.

"What do you mean 'special'?" asked a confused Harry. This time Severus smirked wickedly at Draco, and Damian started laughing like mad. "What?? What are you laughing at?"

"Never mind that," said a flustered Draco who rolled his eyes at the comprehension in Remus's face, which made Damian laugh even harder, and Severus smile, amused. "What I mean is that ... well the time turner will only work for you, and only one time. Sev and I put a drop of your blood in it. Theoretically you will be sent back to your younger self, you know, not physically, not completely anyway."

"Hold on there … what do you mean by 'theoretically' and 'completely'?" Severus fidgeted uncomfortably at the question.

"Well, you see the time turner was made …" At this Draco pulled out a silver box from his cloak and handed it to Harry, who took it and examined the Hogwarts coat of arms on it. "… but we haven't tested it. You know it only has enough sand for one trip so …"

Draco didn't have the opportunity to end the sentence. There were sounds of steps and crawling coming from the forest behind Harry. All five men pointed their wands towards the forest.

"Who is in there?" Harry's voice was deep and loud enough for everybody to hear him outside and inside the cottage. They saw a shadow falling, dragging himself towards the edge of the forest, looking once in awhile behind him. Harry put his wand down recognizing the person that was crawling towards them. Seeing the state he was in, Damian sent a warning to the occupants of the cottage.

"Help…" The voice was shattered and broken, the expression on his face was one of pure terror. Neville Longbottom was covered in blood and mud. His eyes were lost not really focusing on anything specific.

"Neville…" Harry murmured and went towards the boy without noticing the green light directed at him.

"Harry!!!" It wasn't bravery nor was it intelligence. Many would say it was stupidity. Either way while Snape, Remus, and Damian started attacking shadows in the deeps of the forest, Draco Malfoy pushed Harry to the side, taking the killing curse that was meant to hit Harry. Harry fell just to see the dead body of Draco fly past, stopped only by the wall of the house.

"NO!!!" Harry stood up and pointed his wand towards the forest. "Incendio!" A burst of flames flew from his wand, burning the forest and everything in it. He dragged Neville out of the way hearing the screams of the many Death Eaters that were caught in the fire.

"GET THE BOY!!!! GET POTTER!!" screamed Voldemort. Harry and the others entered the house. Remus had taken Draco's body, while Damian helped Harry with the now unconscious Neville.

"Now get out. We need to leave," said Harry desperately. He was murmuring protection spells on the door, preventing the Death Eaters from entering while the members of the Army left.

Harry heard the spell, and before he heard the explosion, he felt himself thrown out of the house by it. He fell to the floor, moaning at the pain in his head. Voldemort was very angry. A hand dragged him by the shoulder and stood him up. Harry saw the distress on the face of Severus Snape. They were running, and Harry turned to see the cottage burning and Death Eaters running behind them. With a little effort Harry murmured an incantation and many of them crashed into the invisible barrier.

"Sev … Remus ... Damian, Neville, Draco ?!" Severus kept dragging Harry away from the place. The barrier wouldn't hold the Death Eaters or Voldemort for too long. "They are safe," said Severus, and Harry was scared at hearing the pain in his former teacher's voice.

"Sev?" the boy … no, the young man asked when they stopped abruptly. Snape pulled out the silver box and almost immediately the time turner, which was hanging from a silver chain, and put it on Harry.

"Leave now! You have to," said Severus, his voice full of pain.

That was when Harry noticed the wet, dark spot on Severus's side. The man was paler and wincing in pain. Harry looked at him with fear in his face.

"No! No Sev, wait. We need to …" Harry tried to move closer to him but Snape stopped him.

"Don't be stupid, Potter. Go back. Fix everything that went wrong." They both turned their heads hearing Voldemort's screams of rage and frustration. Without giving the boy time to protest, Severus set the time turner. "Do it!" was the last thing Harry heard from him before being pulled in a multicolored twister.


He heard screams. Cheers and a growling. Wait a minute. Cheers? Growling? Harry opened his eyes in time to see the tail of the Hungarian Horntail dragon falling towards the spot where he stood. He jumped to the side in time and started running towards the Firebolt that had just arrived. Well, at least he knew one thing for sure.

He was back.

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