The Decisions We Make

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Winry, Al, And Shiezka all stood there as the gate to a strange world was wide open in the sky. Suddenly, a small, red, flying vehicle flew out of the gate and started coming their way. The red vehicle came crashing down on the ground in front of them, looking like a pebble being tossed over water, crashing a few times on the ground until finally sliding and hitting a wall.

Winry was the first to step forward to take a closer look at the destroyed vehicle, thinking that Ed might be there. She saw a figure moving slowly as if every move was painful. It was Ed.

"Got to work on the landing" he said quietly as he put his hand up to a sore spot on his forehead.

"Ed...?" Winry said quietly.

Ed's eyes widened and he jumped somewhat. He slowly looked up at Winry and smiled gently.

"You didn't forget about me, did you?" Winry asked, almost about to to cry.

"How could I forget you?" Ed retorted playfully. He began to freak out a bit when he saw Winry coming down to him, but instead of feeling a wrench to his head or a punch to his cheek, he felt Winry wrap her arms around his neck. He couldn't help but blush.

"Welcome home" she said as her eyes watered a bit.

"Uh...Thanks Winry..." Ed responded nervously.

Winry pulled away, but then he heard another, extremely familiar, voice.

"Ed!" Al's voice made him smile once again.

Sheizka silently came over with a small smile on her face. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion.

"I'll handle it!" Al declared as he ran off towards the explosion.

"Al!" Ed called out as he tried to stand but immediately fell back down on the ground. He looked back to see his fake limb in a destroyed manner that made him worry. What a time for my leg to get screwed up! He thought angrily.

"How have you been walking on those?" Winry asked sarcastically.

Ed responded by looking away, annoyed.

Winry smiled gently. She pulled her large suitcase next to him. "I'll fix you up!" she said as she knelt down next to him and began to open the suitcase.

"You know, I've grown a bit since the last time you fixed me" Ed said, smiling gently.

Winry smiled at him, pulled out an automail arm and asked, "Who do you think you're dealing with?", sarcastically.

She began fixing him and working on him until he was finished. "Try to walk" Winry suggested.

Ed stood up, took a few steps, and moved his automail around a little. "Thanks Winry! Now, stay here!" he demanded and began to run off after Al.

"Ed, wait!" Winry called out, he stopped and turned around.

"Winry, what is it?" Ed asked hurriedly.

"Ed, I..." Winry stopped for a moment.

"Winry?" Ed said quietly.

"Ed, I...I'm coming with you!" Winry declared finally.

"Oh no! I won't responsible for any deaths, especially not yours!" Ed responded angrily.

"And I won't stand on the sidelines while you put your life on the line!" Winry retorted. "Please, let me come with you!" she pleaded.

Ed stood there for a moment. "And if we never come back to this world?" he asked quietly.

"Then I'll keep going, even if it means saying goodbye to this place forever!" Winry replied strongly.

This response surprised Ed. He let out a breath. "Fine! But you'll have to lose the suitcase! I'm not sure what we'll encounter!" he said finally.

Winry put down her suitcase and quickly opened it to pull out her wrench. "Let's go!" she said, holding the wrench as if it were a precious weapon, and leaving the suitcase on the ground.

Sheizka watched as they ran off together and smiled. I knew it! She thought.

"ALPHONSE!" Ed called out.

"Over here!!" Ed and Winry heard and then saw Al waving an arm frantically at them. They ran over to him.

"You OK Al?" Ed asked immediately.

Al grinned reassuringly and nodded once. They looked up at the gate and suddenly saw a huge flying vehicle come out, Ed glared angrily. He knew very well who was driving that thing, and he was pissed! "That sorry bitch won't give up until I kill her, will she!?" he said angrily.

"Ed, what are you talking about?" Winry asked worriedly.

"The bitch that's driving that thing! She's trying to take over our world...But I won't let her!" Ed declared.

"We won't let her!" Al said, Ed looked at him and smiled.

"Yeah Ed, we're behind you all the way!" Winry said happily.

"Then", Ed began quietly, "Let's do this!". They looked up at the enormous vehicle.

"Any ideas on how to get up there?" Winry asked nervously.

Ed and Al simply smirked at her. "Who do you think you're dealing with?" Ed asked, smiling sarcastically.

"Man your stations! We won't let that thing land!" the sound of this other, familiar sounding, voice made Ed almost shiver. He looked over to the other side and there he was, the bastard Roy Mustang.

Crap! Ed thought angrily.

When he finally noticed Ed, Roy's eyes widened. "Well, if it isn't Fullmetal!" he said amusingly.

Ed didn't respond.

"You look taller!" Roy said sarcastically. "You should've gotten a patch to cover that mouth of yours!" Ed responded finally.

Roy chuckled. "Same Edward as always, I see!" he said, smiling. Suddenly, a missile came their way. "Look out!" Ed pleaded; they all jumped out of the way. Luckily, the missile hit somewhere else, completely avoiding them. "We've got to stop her!" Ed said angrily. He looked over at Al.

Al nodded as if saying let's do it!

Winry, Ed, Roy, and Al all stood together. The two brothers clapped their hands together and created a platform under their feet, which carried them up to the strange ship. The four of them quickly stepped onto it.

"The game is-" Ed stopped and looked around. There was no one. But…how? Ed thought, Dietlinde should've been here! "Where are you damn it!? I know you're here!" Ed asked, angrily but nervously.

They heard a small creaking noise behind them and turned around. Ed an Al immediately went into fighting stance; Winry had her wrench at the ready, and Roy with his fingers ready to snap.

Out of the strange, black, oozy mess, Dietlinde stepped out with an evil grin on her face and nearly covered completely by the black ooze.

"It's over, Dietlinde! We won't let you take over this world!" Ed declared.

"That's what you think!" Dietlinde retorted, "Shamballa will be mine!"

Dietlinde came towards them, but before Ed and Al could do anything, Roy snapped his fingers, not only causing her to be burned severely, but pushing her off to the back of the ship. She looked dead.

"What are your orders Edward?" Roy asked, leaving Ed half shocked. Ed shook his head and replied finally, "get off the ship! I'll close the gate!"

Roy nodded and walked back to the platform, Winry and Al stayed still.

"What are you guys waiting for!?" he asked angrily.

"We're not leaving you!" Winry replied.

"I won't let you two sacrifice yourselves, now get off!" Ed demanded.

Roy stepped in once again. "Is something wrong?" he asked.

"Get these two away from here!" Ed demanded.

Roy grabbed Al's arm and began dragging him towards the platform.

Ed then did the same with Winry.

"I'm not going to leave you!" Winry insisted.

"I don't want you to sacrifice yourselves! This is my problem, and besides, I may never come back again!" he tried to make them understand.

"We don't care!" Al interjected, his eyes beginning to water.

Roy held their arms tightly, not allowing them to leave.

Ed took one final look at Al and Winry before turning back inside the ship.

Roy let go of them and whispered, "Go! Before he leaves!"

Winry stared at him curiously and then smiled. "Thank you!" Al and Winry both whispered and the quietly stepped back onto the ship right before it began to move.

Al hid himself inside a nearby armor and Winry hid in a storage closet in the back.

Ed turned the huge ship around to face the gate. At full speed, he entered. The ride trough the gate was bumpy and nerve wrecking, Ed could already see black ooze beginning to consume the ship until finally it past through to the other side and the gate closed. Of course, Ed landed the ship but it ended up crashing anyway. He stepped wearily out of the ship, only to find Noah, sadly holding Alphons Heidrich's dead body in her arms.

"I'm sorry...There...Was nothing I could do!" Noah apologized sadly to her friend.

Ed took in a deep breath. "You don't have to be sorry, you didn't do it" he said understandingly. They suddenly heard creaks and cracks from inside the ship.

"Stay here!" Ed demanded as he went off to investigate. He looked inside. No one.

"Over here!" he heard a voice come from a suit of armor, he walked over to it. "So you bonded part of your soul to a suit of armor, huh? For how long?" he asked smiling.

In response, the head of the suit of armor popped off and Al stuck his head out. "Hiya!" he said cheerfully.

"Al!? But...But how!?" he asked nervously. "Roy let us go last minute" Al replied.

"Us?" Ed retorted, surprised

"Um, could I get some help?" Winry's voice made Ed even more nervous than what he was.

Al stepped out of the suit of armor and waited to see Edward's expression.

Ed began to make his way towards the storage closet but it was suddenly forced open as Winry kicked it open out of aggression.

"Ugh! What a pain!" Winry complained.

''Winry...Al..." Ed said quietly.

They stared at him, anxiously.

"Have you two completely lost your minds!!?? You could've gotten killed!" Ed exploded angrily.

"What!?" Winry said, just as angrily as him. "We risk our lives and this is how you thank us!?"

Ed went to reply but they suddenly saw Dietlinde's severed body begin to move and stand up. She wasn't dead, but she was pissed!

They went to attack but a gunshot rang.

Dietlinde fell to her knees, just before dying completely.

The three of them turned around to see Hughes, holding a pistol. "Are you guys alright?" He asked.

"We're fine!" Ed reassured happily.

Ed and Winry decided to forget about their argument and the three of them stepped out of the ship.

Winry was surprised when she saw Alphons's dead body. "Al, he...He looks just like you" she said quietly to the younger Elric.

Al's eyes widened and he gulped nervously.


At Alphons's funeral, Ed stood sadly, staring at the grave of his dead friend.

Although she didn't know him, Winry still stood there sadly.

Al mourned at the death of someone who looked almost exactly like him.


That night, in Ed's house, Noah went off to bed and Winry went to the kitchen in search of Ed. Instead, she found Al, making himself a small snack before heading off to bed. "Hey Al, you know where Ed might be?" she asked curiously.

Al thought for a moment. "Go up to the attic, there's an opening that leads up to the roof, I think he's there" he replied. Al had already explored the entire house so he new very well where things were.

"Thanks Al" Winry said gratefully and walked off upstairs. Winry found a small staircase that led to the attic, she climbed them and, just as Al mentioned, another staircase was there that led up to the roof.

There was Ed, lying on the roof, staring up at the star-filled night sky.

Ed hadn't noticed her as she stepped onto the roof.

"Hello" Winry said quietly, her heart skipping a few beats.

Ed looked up at her and managed a smile. He sat up and gestured for her to sit next to him.

Winry smiled and calmed down a bit as she sat next to him. "What are you doing up here?" she asked curiously.

Ed paused before answering, feeling the gentle breezes that past by. "Just thinking, that's all" he replied, trying to sound reassuring.

"Are you sure that's all?" Winry asked, smiling gently.

Ed looked at her with a very serious and adult expression. "No..." he said finally, turning his head the other direction.

Winry was surprised; usually Ed would keep her out of his mind, but this time he seemed to be pleading for her counseling. "You wanna talk about it?" she asked ever so softly as she hugged her legs.

Ed looked back at her and smiled.

Winry returned a smile of her own.

"Winry...You had the chance to stay back in the other world, with your grandmother, and the rest of your friends…What made you jump on the last minute?" Ed asked curiously.

Winry stared up at the sky for a moment. "I guess..." she paused for a moment, "not seeing for two years made me want to stay with you...Even if it meant saying goodbye to everything" she replied quietly.

There was a short pause between them.

"Regrets?" Ed said suddenly.

"Huh?" Winry asked, confused.

Ed hugged his legs. "Do you have any regrets?" he asked.

Winry stared up at the sky. "No" is all she replied.

Ed smiled. "Winry, I'' he stopped.

"Yeah Ed?" Winry asked anxiously.

"I know I acted like a total jerk about this whole thing earlier, but" Ed paused once again. "I'm really glad you and Al decided to jump on last minute" he confessed. He looked away, Winry thought it was because he may have been embarrassed to admit that, but the truth was that he was blushing and didn't want her to see.

They continued to stare up at the beautiful night sky, before going back inside and going to their rooms to sleep.


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