The Decisions We Make

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One week. It was officially one week since the incident that took place in the attic.

And the two blondes of the household had not said one word to each other.

Winry would never forget it. It was a brief kiss, filled with passion and pure embrace as Ed had practically forced himself to explore her slightly before pulling away, turning right around and leaving the attic without a word, leaving behind a dumbstruck Winry.

The week was filled with brushes of the shoulders and quick glances, all of which resulted in Ed and Winry quickly looking away and blushing heavily. Usually, Winry would try and talk to Ed when the two were alone but, once Ed realized they were alone, he would promptly leave.

Now, as Winry sat alone on her room on her bed, she wondered why Ed hadn't given her time to react to his gesture. Why hadn't he given her time to kiss back? Why did he leave so quickly only to leave her so confused and depressed?

Not only had these questions gone unanswered, Ed wasn't making it any easier. Winry had noted that, ever since the first day of the incident, Ed had begun picking up extra work from his job; possibly to make it easier to avoid the blonde mechanic.

But, Winry could see that Ed was beginning to crack; he was growing increasingly grumpy and irritable in the mornings and his bloodshot eyes never went unnoticed, seeing as they seemed to get worse each day.

Ed had even snapped at Al a few times. Of course, Ed would quickly apologize, saying he was 'really stressed and tired out'. Al, of course, accepted his apology and suggested he take a break and relax for a while.

Ed never took the younger Elric's advice, knowing too well that, if he did take a break, Winry would undoubtedly try to communicate with him or she would pop up in his mind and the urge to speak to her would grow stronger.

Today was no different.

The current situation was interesting, though. Al and Noah had gone out earlier when Noah had mentioned a possibility of a new and permanent home with some friends, as well. Al had gone with her, not only as company, but to leave Ed and Winry alone and hopefully fix the, not-so-unnoticed, problem between them.

Ed was currently in his room at his desk, trying to finish up the extra work he had picked up today. His eyes were brutally bloodshot and his level of fatigue was getting worse each second.

Winry was sitting, fidgety, on her bed. Her hands were bunched together and her contemplative eyes were on fixed on the ground in front of her. She wondered who would crack first. She then asked herself whether or not she should try and make the first move.

After fidgeting with her thumbs for a few seconds longer, she finally stood up carefully.

She finally cracked.

Slowly, the mechanic headed to her friend's room. The blonde then carefully stepped into his room, finding Ed at his desk, writing away at his latest calculations paper. Taking a deep breath, she ultimately spoke up. "Ed?" she said quietly.

Ed's eyes widened nervously as he pressed down, a little too hard, on his pencil, causing the tip to instantly snap. He silently swallowed a lump that had suddenly formed in his throat. "Y-yes Winry?" he replied nervously, not looking back to the blonde girl.

"Edward, we have to talk" Winry stated blankly with a hint of anxiousness. She saw his shoulders tense up and then droop.

"I can't talk Winry; I have a lot of work to do today" he pointed out as he stood up to go and get a new pencil, or pen so it wouldn't break. He past by her, making sure their eyes didn't meet. Just before stepping out, completely, from his room, he felt Winry suddenly grab his flesh arm and pull him into her view.

Looking deeply into Ed's eyes, Winry held his arm a little tighter. "Edward, please don't do this to me" she pleaded sorrowfully.

Ed looked away, not wanting to meet Winry's gaze.

The blonde mechanic's eyes finally shed tears held back until now. Then, unexpectedly, she wrapped her arms around the Elric's waist and buried her face into the crook of his warm neck.

Ed's eyes widened, obviously shocked towards the gesture. Nonetheless, he kept his arms drooped to his sides.

For the two of them, being in this position, in which their bodies were so close, felt so right.

Sadly, to Ed, it also felt too wrong.

"Ed, please…don't do this to me…" Winry's muffled sobs pleaded.

Ed lowered his eyes worriedly. "Why are you doing this, Winry? Why do you care so much about it? We both know it doesn't matter and that you don't feel the same about me" he stated, sadness growing in the tone of his voice.

Winry widened her eyes slightly and pulled away, looking Ed in the eyes once more. "Wha-what do you mean?" she asked anxiously, placing her hands, unknowingly, on his chest.

Ed blushed and averted his gaze away before answering her. "You don't…" he paused for a moment.

To Winry, it felt like an eternity.

"You don't love me" he stated finally. His head dropped and his eyes closed as he waited for Winry to say it was the truth.

It stayed silent for a moment as Winry stared at Ed, slightly shocked at his response. "Ed…that's not true; of course I feel that way about you" she told him carefully.

Edward sighed. "Don't lie to me, Winry" he asked her.

Winry drooped her head somewhat before having a small idea.

Gently, she placed her left hand on his cheek, forcing the young man to look at her. The mechanic then blushed, smiling a bit as well.

Her smile faded as she loosened the muscles in her lower jaw and brought her face closer to his. Softly, she placed her lips on his in a simple yet loving kiss.

Ed's eyes widened at the sweetness in her lips.

Winry then pulled away as Ed was about to embrace her. She smiled sweetly at him. "I'm not lying, Ed" she told him happily but quietly.

Ed's flustered face only grew redder and he himself became more anxious towards her. He shrugged and looked away once more, unsure of how to react, exactly.

Winry decided to perk up once more. "Ed, do you know why I followed you to this side of the gate?" she asked him curiously.

Ed looked to her once more and shook his head dumbly.

Winry laughed quietly at his response. "I followed you here because I missed you too damn much" she told him playfully.

Ed cocked his head to the side.

"And because I love you" she smiled at him, bringing her hand to his cheek and cupping it softly.

Ed brought his hand, slowly, to hers and held it tightly as he looked in her eyes. He smirked at her and rubbed his cheek against Winry's soft hand, closing his eyes in sweet pleasure.

Opening his eyes once more, he looked to his mechanic lovingly. Slowly, he leaned closer to her face, as did Winry in return. The two instantly caught the sight of each other's lips and knew very well what the other was thinking.

"I love you too, Win" Ed whispered right before their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Winry suddenly felt the sensation of when he first kissed her in the attic. It was a loving kiss, but this one was more intense, as both were contributing to the kiss instead of just one.

This time, though, Ed had to get permission to get into her. She eagerly allowed him as the two began exploring each other.

The two blondes began to lose their steadiness as Winry was the first to fall onto Ed's bed, with her beloved atop of her.

They continued making out, obviously wanting to make up for lost years.

Winry pulled her arms around his neck, pulling him somewhat closer and intensifying the kiss further.

After what seemed like forever, the two pulled away, panting for breath but still managing to give each other loving looks.

Ed smiled at his newfound lover and slowly buried his face inside the crook of her neck.

Winry smiled back at him, breathing heavily through her nose, she placed a hand on the back of Ed's head and gently rubbed her cheek against his.

"Winry?" Ed asked quietly.

"Hmm?" Winry responded carefully.

"I love you" he stated again.

"You already said that, silly" Winry teased as she ran her fingers through his hair.

"I know" the former Alchemist said. "I just love saying it" he explained humorously.

Winry smiled happily. "And I love hearing you say it" the mechanic whispered as she kissed the Elric on the cheek.

Ed returned this with a ticklish kiss to the young woman's neck.

That night, the two fell asleep together.

When Al saw this, he only smiled at the two new lovers before going off to sleep himself.

Noah felt some jealousy towards Winry but, deep in her heart, knew the two were made for each other.

Ed and Winry's dreams that night consisted of each other, and the future they could build together and, most likely, would.

Their decisions led to a happy future. Winry was able to tell Ed the truth, as was Ed to Winry.


We can't foresee the future. We can't understand what our future has in store for us.

Mistakes are a natural part of life but wise decisions are based on the thoughts of ones own opinions and feelings.

But, the decisions we make, and the things we do today, can affect what our future will have waiting for us to discover tomorrow, or even several years from now.



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