Consequences of Being Alone

Two years passed, two very long years have passed since the day Naruto let the Akatsuki's take him away and extract the nine tails from his very soul...killing him in the process. Subaku no Gaara, Kazekage of Suna, had resigned his position handing it over to his older sister Subaku no Temari then moved into Naruto's old apartment. Things went by slowly since he locked up all of Naruto's belongings into many glass cases so he'll never forget the bubbly blond he had fallen in love with. He also refused to ever fall in love with someone ever again promising to always keep himself pure and free for Naruto if he were to ever be reborn again.

"GAARA!" Someone yelled the red head turned to see Sakura run up with her almost two year old daughter. She had married Sasuke shortly after Naruto's death naming their daughter Naruko, Sakura again pregnant with their unborn son Naruto. Sasuke decided to name their son after his best friend in honors of Naruto. Naruko was named after Naruto's Sexy no Jutsu courtesy of Tsunadae and Sakura's quick thinking.

"Can I help you with something Sakura-San?" Gaara asked turning to face the young mature woman before him.

"Tsunadae wanted me to tell you that you are to meet at the front gates with Sasuke and Neji! Someone has entered Fire country; an odd person!" Sakura panicked sadness and fear filling her eyes.

"What does the figure look like? Are they any threat to us?" Gaara asked bluntly, Sakura looking down.
"The survived Anbu's couldn't tell...But they said they sounded identical to that of Uzamaki Naruto." Sakura explained looking up slowly and before she realized it Gaara was gone. He had landed beside Sasuke by the main gates.

"Glad you could make it Subaku no Gaara." Sasuke said calmly sword at his side. Gaara nodded and starred ahead making his gord form onto his back.

"What do we know of at this point?" Gaara asked pulling the cork off the gord.

"That the figure is being manipulated by Akatsuki's and that they sound identical to that of Naruto...And they'll arrive here any moment." Sasuke explained as Neji appeared by Gaara all three waiting patiently as the sun turned a fiery red some guards shutting the gate.

"Whatever happens they must not be allowed into the village unless under our custody." Neji explained a figure wearing a black cloak with red clouds and a straw hat with paper shreds hiding their face came into view rain clouds beginning to form causing the area to look like night. When the person halted they were only 5 feet away the kunai's in the persons hands now visible.

"State your business Akatsuki!" Sasuke snapped trying to stay calm but the person only stood there staying completely silent.

"Are you deaf…STA…" Neji began but Gaara held his arm out in front of Neji stopping the Hyuuga before walking out towards the figure but stopped after two strides.

"Clearly you two can't tell that this person is injured. I will only ask this once please state your identity and why you're here. I wish not to revert to violence!" Gaara explained sternly the kunai's falling from the person's hands.

"The body in the cave two years was just a decoy to make you believe it was dead." The person explained their voice hoarse.

"Don't talk in riddles...Who are you?!" Sasuke snapped again as the rain began to fall upon the four of them.

"You three should know me very well just by the sound of my voice...I didn't mean to kill those Anbu's they attacked me first and I can't tell who is the enemy and who is not anymore. I just need help...this is the only place I could think of!" The person panicked Tsunadae jumping down from the top of the gates landing in between Sasuke and Neji.

"Reveal yourself then if you know we know who you are." Gaara stated calmer this time.

"Say my name first...I cannot show you until you do!" The person shouted shaking.

"Uzamaki Naruto I order you to reveal yourself!" Both Tsunadae and Gaara said everything going quiet as the person reached up and peeled the hat from their head revealing Naruto but with bruises covering his face.

"I tried so many times to contact you all but the Akatsuki's stopped me each time and every time I'd try to escape they'd beat me...I didn't mean any harm...Truly I didn't I wasn't thinking and I realized that...please I don't know how much longer I'd be able to withstand running from them!" Naruto pleaded, Gaara's gord vanished before he closed the distance between him and Naruto wrapping his arms around the blond. Naruto instantly clutched onto Gaara shacking uncontrollably burying his face into his chest.

"I also realized I loved you to Gaara...I just hope you can forgive me." Naruto explained Gaara simply nodded before getting the Akatsuki cloak off of the blonde looking over his bloody clothes.

"Let's get you to the hospital, and then we'll talk this over." Gaara stated, Naruto nodding in understandment.

"You three keep him hidden I don't want any of the villagers knowing quite yet except for you three myself the sensei's and Sakura...Now follow me." Tsunadae explained the four following Gaara wrapping his jacket around Naruto to keep anyone from recognizing him and they all reached the hospital and to a private room. Neji and Sasuke ran off to find Sakura while Tsunadae got Naruto settled in the hospital bed.

"Gaara I'm assigning you and Kakashi to stay and watch over Naruto just in case the Akatsuki's are to come for him." Tsunadae explained using a pair of scissors to cut off Naruto's shirt and pants leaving the boy only in his boxers when Sakura came in, the pinked haired Kunoichi instantly wrapped her arms around Naruto tears falling from her eyes.

"I always knew you were alive...I always knew." She cried then began the healing process when Kakashi calmly walked in with Iruka behind him.

"N-Naruto where did that seal come from?" Sasuke asked suddenly everyone looking to the blond.

"After Kyuubi was extracted they then began the process of sealing every tailed demon...with in me." Naruto explained quietly everyone gasping in shock.