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This is rated M for a reason! Gratuitous sex will ensue.

Party of Three

Maybe it was the fact that it was very late at night and the three of them were slightly delusional. Maybe it was the fact they had just returned from a particularly dangerous mission on which they all had had more than one close encounter with death. Maybe it had something to do with all the sake they were drinking, although none of them could be considered lightweights. It took a whole lot of alcohol to get three ninjas with high body mass and higher metabolisms intoxicated. Perhaps it was the fact that since the boys had turned 19 and the kunoichi would join them in a few months, they decided that it was time to start acting like the adults they were instead of the kids they had always been. Whatever the reason, the members of Team 7 sat in Naruto's studio apartment, drinking laughing and talking about something they had never before discussed lengthily with each other: sex.

It wasn't like the subject was taboo or anything, they had just never approached the subject before in casual conversation. Most of the things they said to each other were mission or training based and in the rare times like this where they could just sit around and be normal human beings instead of elite shinobi, they had never before breeched the topic.

But tonight was different.

"So Naruto," Sasuke asked from his reclined position in Naruto's big comfy armchair. "How many have you been with?"

The blonde replied from his seat next to Sakura on the sofa, goofy grin intact. "Four!" he said, holding up the appropriate number of fingers to emphasize his statement.

Sakura looked over at him, eyes wide and jaw nearly touching the floor.

"Four? When did THAT happen?" she asked, astonished.

Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Well, I ended up hooking up with this one girl while I was out with Jiraiya a few months back. After that, I just couldn't stop and have been getting with a girl every chance I get. I guess I finally figured out what all the hype was about."

"Hmmph." Sasuke said noncommittally. "Was it any good?"

Blue eyes lit up in excitement. "Are you kidding? She was GREAT! But I guess she should be, being a professional and all."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Ok let me rephrase that. Were YOU any good?"

At this Naruto blushed a little. "Well, let's just say that when I first started out, like anything else, I could have used a little more training. So that's what I did. I'm MUCH better now." The blonde said with a grin.

"Four times and you're some sort of master?" Sasuke smirked.

"Hey, I never said it was just one time with each woman."

At this, Sasuke chuckled softly.

Sakura just sat, suddenly mute, able only to stare at her two team mates. How had they started talking about this? She couldn't even remember. One thing was for sure, she had definitely not expected THAT out of Naruto. She had always thought him to be the sweet and innocent type, but that image had just been effectively blown out of the water.

"What about you Sasuke? How many?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, I've had a few." The dark haired boy replied mysteriously. The way he said it led Sakura to believe he had been with many more than "a few".

"A few? What is THAT supposed to mean?" Naruto whined. "I told you an exact number. You have to tell us!"

Sasuke shrugged. "I lost count."

Naruto's jaw joined Sakura's on the floor.

"L-lost count?" Naruto stammered. "When did you find time for all of them? Ever since you got back to Konoha you have been working super hard trying to restore your image."

Sasuke replied with a smirk. "Did you think men were the only people I encountered while I was with Orochimaru?"

Naruto let out a laugh. "Sasuke, you are so bad."

Sakura still looked like she was out to catch flies in her wide open trap.

Two sets of eyes turned on her, pinning her down. Suddenly she felt a little like she had during an interrogation simulation. They were going to ask her for answers she didn't want to give.

And you Sakura?" Naruto said. "How many guys?"

Well…um…you see…" she began.

"Spill it." Said Sasuke impatiently.

A blush started in Sakura's cheeks and proceeded to spread over her entire face and neck.

"Well…I…I guess…none."

"WHAT?" Naruto practically shouted, jumping out of his seat. "You mean you're a virgin?"

Sakura stared at the floor, blush deepening. "Yeah."

"So that means you haven't done anything with a guy at all?" Naruto babbled.

"Well I uh…kissed a guy…once."

Sasuke smirked at Sakura's obvious embarrassment and secretly thought her innocence was kind of cute. Naruto on the other hand continued to be confused and was quite vocal about it.

"But how could that be?" he ranted. "You're so beautiful and I'm sure there's a million guys who would want to—"

"Look, it's not like I didn't have the opportunity." Sakura snapped, cutting Naruto's outburst short. She stood up to face him eye to eye, momentarily turning her back on Sasuke. "It's just that…well, I guess I wasn't ready to…you know, loose it."

Sasuke, ever composed, only showed his emotion with one eyebrow arching gracefully into his hairline. "And what about now?" he said. "Have circumstances changed so you feel that you ARE ready?"

Sakura, suddenly very flustered, fidgeted in her seat, looking everywhere except at her two incredulous team mates. "Well…I guess so. It's just that being a ninja and all, I haven't really had time to find someone, you know? Missions always come before personal stuff and—"

"Sakura," Naruto interrupted. "Being a ninja means that your life could end any day, any time. You could die tomorrow without ever having sex. Is that what you want?"

"Well no…it's just that…" Sakura trailed off, words once again eluding her.

The blonde looked over at his darker companion for support.

Sasuke shrugged. "It would be a waste if you died untouched." He said simply.

Sakura looked at him in disbelief. This from the man who pushed her away after she had thrown himself at his feet countless times, unbelievable! But Sasuke had confessed upon his return that it wasn't that he had found her repulsive or even annoying despite what he kept telling her. He had just been too focused on other things, like gaining ultimate power and revenge. Sex hadn't been high on Sasuke's priority list during his early and mid teens, but from the sounds of things, she guessed that had changed.

Trying to defend herself, Sakura said, "I don't want it to be with just anybody. I want it to be…"

"Special?" Sasuke finished for her.

"Yeah," The kunoichi said wistfully.

The Uchiha smirked. "Girls always do." He muttered.

"What if it were with us?" Naruto said softly. "Would that make it special?"

Sakura turned her attention slowly from Sasuke to Naruto, almost refusing to believe what she just heard.

Seeing her shocked expression, the blonde hurried to explain himself. "Oh come on Sakura. You've been in love with Sasuke for years and you can't tell me truthfully that you've never liked me at least a little bit."

He flashed a winning smile and took her hands in his. Leaning in to whisper into her ear he said "I promise we'll be gentle."

Pulling her hands out of Naruto's grip she turned wide eyes to Sasuke who was seated directly across from the blonde, putting her between them.

"You can't possibly agree with this can you Sasuke?"

She was surprised to see that he had already risen out of his chair and was advancing towards her.

"What's the matter Sakura? I would think you would jump at the opportunity after you pestered me all those years."

With that, he put a warm hand on her shoulder and turned her so that she was facing him entirely with Naruto behind her. He brought his other hand up to cup her chin, forcing her to look at him when she tried to turn away.

She felt Naruto's broad chest press against her back and felt his arms wrap around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides in the process. She was now sandwiched between them and couldn't run if she tried. Her mind began to run in panicked little circles as she looked into the bottomless dark depths of Sasuke's eyes. Was this wrong? Should they be doing this? Was she seriously thinking about getting intimate with two guys at once when she hadn't even really been with one? She didn't think clumsy kisses in a closet with Kiba really counted and that had only occurred because she was stupid enough to agree to play Truth or Dare.

But this, this was different. These two were serious. These two also happened to be her closest friends in the world. What would happen to their friendship if they went through with this? What would—"

Her thoughts were cut off by Sasuke's words, uttered low and husky in her ear.

"You know we want you Sakura, but what do YOU want? We won't force you to do this."

Naruto spoke to her from behind her in an equally soft and sexy voice. "You better speak up now Sakura, because once we start, I can't promise you we'll be able to stop. Do you want this?"

There was a moment of silence as they waited for her answer.

Sakura couldn't think straight. Their mere presence was doing funny things to her head, making it fuzzy and uncooperative when she needed to use logic. Her breath was ragged and she thought her heart might beat its way right out of her chest. The places where Sasuke still held her chin and shoulder and where Naruto's arms were wrapped around her seemed to emanate heat which spread over her entire body and gathered in her groin. These were her FRIENDS she was talking about. They weren't supposed to make her feel this way. She had known them for years without ever feeling this…aroused, even all those years she pined after Sasuke. She had finally got over him and after that, had never really taken an interest in anyone else although she had stolen frequent glances at Naruto's god-like body as he matured over the years. That very same body was pressed incredibly close to her now.

While her mind was still trying to decide if it wanted this, her body was making very apparent that she did.

"I take it your silence means 'yes'." Sasuke rasped as he tilted his mouth down towards hers.

And just like that, Sakura lost any chance she had of resisting the advances of her male companions.

The second his lips captured hers her whole body went ridged with surprise, but after a few seconds of his tongue's gentle prodding, she relaxed her body and slightly and parted her lips for him. Instantly Sasuke deepened the kiss, plundering her mouth with his own. Sakura massaged her tongue against his timidly, still unsure of herself but Sasuke moved his hand from her chin to stroke her cheek, giving her much needed encouragement. Feeling bolder, Sakura allowed her tongue to sweep over his even, perfect teeth before returning to wrestle more aggressively with Sasuke's own tongue. Matching her pace, he drew her tongue into his mouth and sucked on it softly, forcing a soft mewl of pleasure from the back of Sakura's throat.

Naruto, still pressed firmly to Sakura's back chuckled. "I think she likes what you're doing to her Sasuke."

The blonde began trailing hot kisses over the back of Sakura's neck and shoulders while his hands glided over her cloth covered belly. The dress she was wearing closely resembled the red dress she had always worn in her youth except it was black in color. Naruto kissed whatever piece of exposed flesh he could get his lips on. Her skin was smooth and creamy and he hungered for more but forced himself to take it slow, wishing to make his friend's first time as special as he could.

Sasuke finally broke the kiss and looked down to find Sakura in a daze, eyes still closed and lips slightly parted. She was trying desperately to get her breath back after her first true kiss.

"Tell me," Sasuke said, running a thumb over her lightly swollen lips. "Was your previous kiss anything like that?"

"No," Sakura whispered, letting her eyes flutter open. "If that's what a real kiss is like, I don't think the other one really qualifies."

Sasuke smirked and nudged her head back, exposing the column of her neck. Sakura let her head rest against Naruto's chest and panted softly as the man in front of her lavished her skin with kisses, working his way down to the zipper at her throat.

Sakura stiffened when she heard the sound of her zipper being gently pulled down.

"Sasuke?" she whispered, as she once again felt uneasy and was struck simultaneously with hot lust and terror when she looked down to find that the dark haired man had her zipper between his teeth and was dragging it slowly down her body.

Sensing her trepidation, Naruto moved his hands from her belly to her hips and pulled her possessively back even closer against him. He leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"Just relax Sakura. We'll do the rest."

Swallowing the large lump in her throat, Sakura could only watch helplessly as Sasuke pulled the zipper down as far as it would go before trailing wet kisses back up the flesh he had just exposed. Naruto's hands moved to her shoulders to slide the rest of the garment off her arms, letting it pool at her hips and then her feet. She now stood clad in only her cotton bindings, her black shorts and a deep blush.

Sasuke finished kissing up the diagonal path of her zipper and worked his way up to her collar bone. Sakura sighed in pleasure and was so focused on his hot lips on her skin that she didn't notice the more subtle tickling sensation between her breasts, that is until her bindings fell away in shreds.

Sasuke had honed his chakura on a single fingertip into a knife-sharp point which he used to slice through the fabric binding her breasts without ever touching her skin. Sakura moved to cover herself but Naruto caught her hands and held them at her sides.

"You've got such a perfect body Sakura. Why would you try to hide it?" he chided from behind.

"Because I'm embarrassed." Sakura confessed. "No one has ever seen me like this."

"You have nothing to be ashamed of." Sasuke said, locking her in a gaze that was surprisingly soft and genuine. Sakura's stomach flip flopped and suddenly she remembered why she had fallen for the Uchiha so long ago. He was so dark and handsome and so incredibly sexy. Naruto's hot breath on her neck was also doing crazy things to her libido and the fact that she was pressed against the chiseled expanse of his chest wasn't helping. She couldn't remember how she had kept a platonic relationship with them all these years because right now, all she wanted was to be touched by them, even though the thought of it scared her.

Sasuke lowered his head to nuzzle her newly exposed breasts, reveling in the feel of her silky soft skin against his cheek. Naruto looked over Sakura's shoulder at her heaving bosom and chuckled. "When did you grow those Sakura? You always bind them down during training; I've never imagined they could be so incredibly beautiful."

Naruto released one of Sakura's slender wrists and brought his hand up to softly cup the fullness of her breast. The pink haired kunoichi let out a soft moan as he gently squeezed it and felt the weight of it in his palm. He let his thumb brush back and forth over her rosy little nipple which immediately hardened it into a little pink pebble.

"Your body is so responsive Sakura. I can tell you're enjoying yourself."

All Sakura could do was tremble as Sasuke took the nipple that wasn't in Naruto's hand into his mouth and began to suckle it softly. He nibbled, bit, sucked and licked at the pillowy flesh of her breasts and smirked against her skin when she began to squirm. Sakura was panting hard now as she watched Sasuke suck on her like a hungry baby. There was something incredibly erotic about watching one man lick at one breast while another reached around her from behind to pleasure the other. She could hear her own labored breathing in her ears as well as Naruto's on her neck. The heat that had gathered in her loins had grown into a pulsating liquid beast that begged for attention. Unconsciously she thrust her hips forward in search of relief. Although Sakura wasn't aware of her own actions, they sent a clear message to Sasuke who moved to capture her other nipple with his teeth and rapidly flick his tongue over the bud before kissing down the flat expanse of her stomach. He stopped at her navel to let his tongue dip inside, earning a squeak from Sakura accompanied by more squirming.

"I think she's ticklish." Naruto chuckled. His assumption was proved correct when Sakura broke out in giggles when Sasuke repeated the action. Her light mood quickly dissipated however when she felt Sasuke's hands come to her hips and begin to peel her shorts away from her body.

"Sasuke?" she said nervously. 'What are you doing?"

"Relax." Was the Uchiha's only reply.

Sakura began to struggle feebly but Naruto's strong arms held her in place.

"Shh." Came the reassuring words in her ear. "Just trust us Sakura and I promise it will feel good. We would never do anything to hurt you."

Naruto's words calmed her somewhat but couldn't banish the hot blush on her face as Sasuke removed the last of her clothing, leaving her totally naked between two fully clothed men.

The blonde brought his hands around to cup one full breast in each hand, letting his finger pinch and play over her hardened peaks.

Sasuke kissed the jutting expanse of her hip bones before hooking a hand behind her knee and guiding it up to rest on his shoulder, bringing her most intimated area directly to his waiting mouth.

"Sasuke?" Sakura whimpered as he felt his hot breath on her opening, mortified that he was staring at her THERE, but at the same time so turned on that she could feel her own juices seeping from her center, which only embarrassed her more.

Sasuke too could see the physical affects he and the blonde were having on their female team mate. He let his tongue slide high along her inner thigh, licking up the moisture that had seeped out of her. She was tangy and sweet, a taste that was uniquely Sakura. He groaned at the delicious flavor as he let his tongue glide to her opening while reaching up to grasp her hips in both hands, holding her steady for him.

Sakura continued to squirm, partly from the delicious sensations Naruto was sending through her nipples and partly because she desperately wanted Sasuke away from between her legs, even though just his breath on her felt incredible. She placed her freed hands on top of his head and tried to push him away but Sasuke would have none of it. If anything, it only made him more aggressive and he parted her inner lips with his tongue and began to lick heated circled around her opening.

Sakura's standing leg instantly turned to jelly and she would have fallen if Naruto hadn't been holding her up. Her body trembled and the blonde couldn't help but love the feel of her vulnerable form against him, shivering uncontrollably as she received her first real taste of pleasure.

Sasuke dragged his tongue from her opening to her clit which was already swollen and begging for attention. He did not disappoint as he flicked it gently before swirling slow circles around it.

The kunoichi felt a guttural moan rise in the back of her throat but sunk her teeth into her bottom lip before the sound could escape. Her action did not go unnoticed by the blonde behind her and he frowned in disapproval.

"I want to hear you Sakura." He growled in her ear, his hands never ceasing in caressing her curves. "Just relax and let go for me."

Obediently, Sakura let her bottom lip slide free and almost immediately a moan fell from her lips as Sasuke took her clit between his teeth and tugged gently.

"That's better." Naruto smirked into the side of her neck. "Your moans are so sexy. Don't hold any of them back."

Sakura's hands had fisted in Sasuke's hair and she had gone from trying to push him away to pulling him towards her burning core. She tried to match the rhythm of his tongue with her hips but his movements were erratic and impossible to predict. All she could do was buck wildly against his restraining hands and moan at every flick of his tongue.

The sensations were incredible. She had never imagined a tongue in her most intimate spot could feel this good. She had been a little freaked out at first by the idea but now all she could do was succumb to the pleasure that Sasuke lavished upon her in never ending waves. She rocked her hips against his mouth as his tongue dipped and swirled, one minute thrusting inside her and the next sucking at her hard little nub. She could feel the heat inside her intensify and knew it was only a matter of time before it became more than she could bear.

Naruto molded himself as closely as he could to Sakura's back. The feel of her trembling body and the sound of her ragged moans went straight to his cock which was already painfully hard against Sakura's back side. The feel of her silky skin in his hands was exquisite but he wanted more.

"Hey Sasuke," he growled over the kunoichi's constant moans. "How does she taste?"

The man on his knees pulled away only long enough to reply "Fucking amazing." before delving back into her velvety folds.

"Let me taste her." Naruto panted, no longer able to stand the musky smell of Sakura's arousal without coating his tongue with it.

Reluctantly, Sasuke pulled away and the pink haired ninja buckled in Naruto's arms without someone supporting her hips from the front. The blonde picked her up bridal style and walked across the room to his bed. Naruto was suddenly very happy he had invested in an actual bed instead of the simple bedroll he had used during his youth. He was about to lay the naked kunoichi out on the sheets when Sasuke stopped him.

"Wait," he said as he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. "I wanna get in a position where I can watch.

The darker of the two men laid on the bed, propping himself up with a few pillows so he was sitting with his legs spread slightly in front of him to make a place for the whimpering female . Understanding what he wanted, Naruto laid Sakura down so she too was half propped up, her back against Sasuke's chest and her legs spread wide over his.

The Uchiha immediately brought a hand to her breast and began to massage it gently as he dipped his head down to capture an earlobe between his teeth. Sakura let out a sharp gasp and Naruto smiled as he too removed his shirt and climbed onto the bed, settling his weight between Sakura's splayed legs.

The blonde ninja inhaled her wonderfully musky scent before giving her inner thigh an experimental lick. Her piquant taste spread over his tongue and he knew he had to have more. He moved his head to her delicate patch of pink curls, now glistening with beads of moisture, and parted her slippery folds with his tongue.

Sakura's hips arched off the bed and her hands fisted frantically in the sheets as she felt Naruto's tongue slip inside her. Sasuke watched the woman in his arms thrash mindlessly as she was lost in the throes of pleasure, but he held on to her tight, refusing to let her go.

Tangling a hand in her hair, he gently pulled her head to the side so he had better access to the skin of her neck. He licked and kissed before coming to her ear where he whispered, "Do you like what Naruto is doing to you? Does it feel good?"

"Yes," she whispered helplessly, arching her hips to meet Naruto's invading tongue.

"Tell me what he feels like inside of you." Sasuke continued, nibbling her earlobe as he encouraged the innocent little cherry blossom to talk dirty.

"His tongue is wet and strong and it makes me feel wet too." Sakura somehow managed to pant between moans. "He's pushing it inside me as far as it will go and it feels amazing."

Sasuke directed his gaze to the site in front of him. The blonde between her legs was lapping furiously at the juncture of her thighs and then buried her face in her as he thrust her tongue inside her, causing her to squirm and moan in his arms. Watching Naruto lick at Sakura's center was turning him on to no end and suddenly he wished he had removed his pants as well before getting into bed.

Naruto tried to cover every inch of Sakura's sex with his tongue. She tasted so good and was so responsive to his touches that it drove him on like a man possessed. He imagined what she would feel like if he gave into his urges and drove into her right now, all tight and hot and liquid, pulsing around him. No, he must be patient. But he had to prepare her for what was to come. He focused his tongue's attention on her clit while he slipped a single finger into her and groaned as she confirmed that she was everything he thought she'd be.

Sasuke watched Naruto slide a digit into her and smirked as Sakura let out a moan that bordered on a scream. She writhed in his arms uncontrollably as the blonde shinobi proceeded to thrust it in and out while his tongue still worked over her clit.

Sasuke continued to speak softly into the pink haired woman's ear.

"Do like what he's doing to you with his finger's Sakura?"

"Oh God," Sakura whimpered, barely able to form words. "He's so deep in me and I can feel him stretching me."

Sasuke chuckled. "You'll be thankful for that later." He assured her.

The Uchiha moved his hand to rest low on Sasuka's abdomen and could actually feel Naruto's finger moving inside her and her muscles contracting and spasming around it. Sasuke smirk deepened as Naruto added another finger and continued his rhythmic thrusting. He could feel the change under his hand as well as see Sakura's reaction. She arched and opened her mouth in a soundless scream. When she found her voice again to whispered,

"Naruto, you're stretching me so wide."

The blonde looked up at her, momentarily halting the actions of his tongue but never slowing his fingers. "Does it feel good?" he asked with a grin, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, please don't stop." She panted.

Naruto lowered his head and resumed licking gently at her folds. Sakura's head fell back against Sasuke's chest as she focused on the incredible pleasure he was giving her.

The man below her noticed she still had a death grip on the sheets and he trailed his hands down her arms to cover her hands with her own. Gently he pried them free and raised them straight up over her head. He guided her arms to bend back at the elbows so her hands came to rest in his hair. She immediately tangled her fingers in his ebony locks and arched back against him, thrusting her breasts forward as she ground her hips against Naruto's tongue and fingers. Sasuke couldn't resist and brought both hands up to cradle her fleshy mounds.

"Sakura," he whispered as thumb rolled over a puckered nipple. "Look at me."

When she twisted back to comply, he captured her lips with his and greedily pulled her tongue into his mouth. He kissed her hard and passionately, showing her how she was making him feel. Her scream of pleasure and surprise as Naruto inserted a third finger in her was swallowed up by his demanding mouth.

The sensations were too much for Sakura to take all at once. Naruto's tongue on her clit and his fingers inside her coupled with Sasuke's searing kiss and hands once again playing with her nipples forced the excruciating pleasure she felt closer to a crescendo. She released a fistful of Sasuke's hair only to reach down and entwine her fingers with Narutos golden locks, pulling him even closer to her.

Sasuke released Sakura from the kiss to come up for air and heard her pant in his ear.

"Oh god Sasuke, I think I'm gonna…"

Her last words were cut off with a moan as Naruto's fingers thrust into her particularly hard. Her fingers pulled painfully tight in his blonde hair, eliciting a warning growl from Naruto. Sakura however couldn't force herself to loosen her grip. She was trying desperately to anchor herself to the two men as she teetered on the edge of release.

"Let go Sakura." Sasuke whispered, his voice as hot and liquid as her insides felt. Sakura knew he was talking about more than her iron grip on his hair.

The man beneath her was positive she had never before felt such intense pleasure and was glad to watch his team mate and friend experience her first orgasm. He let his hand fondling her breast wander again over her abdomen where Naruto's fingers were sliding beneath her skin. When he felt his digits slide deep into her, Sasuke pressed down on her stomach gently, forcing her walls to contract around the invading appendages further.

His actions had instantaneous results.

Sakura arched her hips clear off the bed and let out a piercing scream as she succumbed to the pleasure with reckless abandon. Her head fell back against Sasuke's naked chest, giving the Uchiha a perfect view of her face as it contorted with pleasure. An expression of shock and wonder graced her features as she shivered and bucked due to the amazing sensations rolling through her, as if she couldn't quite believe that it was possible to feel this good. Sasuke smirked as he watched the beautiful girl give in to their efforts and for the life of him, couldn't figure out why they hadn't thought to do this long before now.

Naruto continued swirl his tongue over Sakura's swollen nub, although it was becoming an increasingly difficult task with her hips bucking erratically. Her deafening screams of pleasure were by far the most wonderful sounds he had heard in his life and all he wanted to do was make them continue. He felt her inner muscles clamp down on his fingers with a vice-like grip and groaned at the erotic feeling of being squeezed so tightly. Apparently years of shinobi training had strengthened more than just the obvious muscles of her arms and legs. Warm fluid flooded her channel and seeped out around the blonde's fingers. Despite his best attempts to lick up the delicious droplets, she soon had coated Naruto's hand and her thighs as well as some of the sheets in her orgasmic juices.

Sakura felt the ball of fire that had coiled so tightly in her stomach explode as Sasuke's hand pressed her against Naruto's fingers. The waves of pleasure that followed were so intense and consumed her so completely that for a moment, everything else around her evaporated into nothingness and it was just her riding wave after wave of pleasure in total delicious darkness. It was only after her convulsions has subsided did she feel the rawness in her throat that betrayed the screams she had just let out.

Sakura gradually became aware of a warm body behind her and a long fingered hand idly stroking her stomach as well as the wet swipe of a tongue along her inner thigh.

She cracked an eye open and was met with dazzling blue ones peeking at her from between her legs as he lapped up the last of her juices that had run down her thigh. He wore the smug smile of triumph, obviously very pleased with himself for driving her to heights of pleasure that Sakura previously hadn't known existed.

Naruto gave a final lick and raised his head, wiping his mouth with the back of his forearm.

"Jeez Sakura, you're really sexy when you scream like that."

"If you scream like that every time we make you cum, you may not have a voice tomorrow." Came a voice from behind her. She could feel his chest vibrate against her with the deep rumble of his voice. "So Sakura," he said, his lips brushing her ear. "Was you're first orgasm everything you hoped it would be?"

"I think it was better." Sakura panted. A slight smile gracing her lips.

Still slightly lightheaded, she finally realized she was still very much exposed to the man in front of her and her blush returned, though nearly unrecognizable thanks to the hot flush pleasure had already bestowed upon her cheeks. She tried to close her legs but Naruto wouldn't allow it, his hands on her trembling thighs easily kept them apart.

Sakura suddenly felt dirty. She felt worse than dirty. She had just let two of her closest friends touch her in places she hadn't even touched herself before. She had gone from being a completely chaste woman to one that engaged in threesomes in the matter of fifteen minutes. She had given into them so easily like some sort of sex crazed maniac and she had LIKED it, even now she wanted more of it. She wanted both men to discard their remaining clothing and pleasure her body all over again. Did that make her a terrible person? Sakura wasn't sure, but she was now acutely aware of her nakedness and was suddenly very self conscious about it.

"What's with all the modesty all of a sudden?" Naruto asked teasing as Sakura moved to cover her naked chest, only to have her arms restrained by Sasuke.

"I um…I…" Sakura said averting her gaze.

"Sakura." Naruto said sternly, suddenly growing serious at his friend's discomfort. "Tell me what's wrong."

Forcing herself to look at him, she took a deep breath and blurted out "Do you think I'm a slut for letting you do this to me?"

Naruto just gaped at her while the thumbs playing lightly over the pulse points of her wrists stilled. Hurrying to fill the silence, Sakura began to babble.

"I don't want you guys to think that I'm so easy, I mean I wouldn't do this with just anyone and I guess I should have waited longer, not that I didn't like how it felt, I mean it was amazing and everything but you two are the most important people in my life and I don't want that to change just because we—"

"Sakura." Said Sasuke from behind her in a firm, clear tone that cut her rambling short. Sakura bit her lip and closed her eyes as he spoke, loving the vibration of his chest against her back but trying not to think about it.

"Did you like how we made you feel?"

"Yes." She whispered, eyes still closed.

"Do you regret that it happened?"


"Neither do we. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You don't need to cover yourself or be embarrassed."

"That's right Sakura." came Naruto's voice from in front of her. Sakura let her eyes open to see him still kneeling between her legs. In his eyes she saw concern and worry, but no shame. "We did this because we care about you, not because we wanted to take advantage of you. We just want to make you feel good, not dirty. We love you Sakura and no matter what happens we will always be your friends.

At that, Sakura couldn't help but smile. Leave it to Naruto to explain it so simply. She was silly for thinking such thoughts. Of course they would always be her friends, whether they saw her naked or not.

She felt Sasuke reach up to run his fingers through her sweat dampened hair in a gesture that was almost…tender.

Naruto leaned forward and rested his cheek on her stomach, blue eyes still locked on green. "So does that mean we can keep going?" He grinned.

"I'm sure we can convince her." Sasuke smirked, exchanging a knowing glance with the blonde shinobi over Sakura's head.

Simultaneously the two began once again to assault the innocent kunoichi's body with kisses, Sasuke ravishing her neck while Naruto cut a slow and torturous path over her stomach, between her breast and up to her collar bone, earning sighs and moans from the woman beneath him with every brush of his lips and flick of his tongue.

When he came nose to nose with her, he could see that her eyes had already darkened with lust.

"So is that a 'yes'?" He said hopefully.

Sakura bit her lip almost shyly and nodded in approval.

Naruto grinned. "Good, because we're just getting warmed up!"