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Party of Three

Sakura plopped down on the plushy couch between her two team mates, placing her head in Sasuke's lap and her feet across Naruto's thighs. Until recently, this kind of behavior would not have been tolerated by the stoic Uchiha but now both he and Naruto acted like it was perfectly natural. It was amazing what the addition of intimate physical contact had done to their relationship, and while some teams might have been destroyed by such a situation, sharing their bodies with each other had only brought them closer.

Sakura doubted any of the three rookie teams that graduated the academy the same year as them were this close knit. Then again, few teams had been through as much as the three of them had. The pink haired kunoichi had to admit that without Naruto's unshakable faith and determination, things probably wouldn't have turned out so well. Even when the entire village had given up on the youngest of his clan, Naruto refused to give up hope and had given Sakura the strength to keep hoping as well.

Now, as she stretched out across the two warm laps of her two closest friends turned lovers, she couldn't imagine life without either of them. They were irreplaceable parts of her life now.

"Comfortable?" Naruto asked with a chuckle, amused that Sakura made herself so at home without so much as a warning that she was going to plop her tired feet in his lap.

"Very." Sakura said before letting her eyes drift closed as she snuggled her head against Sasuke's thigh. Her shift at the hospital had been a hectic one and it felt incredibly good just to relax in the company of her team mates.

Ever since the three of them had left behind their merely platonic relationship, they found themselves spending even more time together, not just on the training grounds and in bed but going out to eat and hanging out at each other's houses. Sometimes they played cards or told stories of past missions or even just sat and watched whatever was on TV.

Although they had managed to keep their intimate relationship under wraps, the fact did not escape the villagers that the three of them were hardly ever apart and it soon became the running gag that they were all attached at the hip and separation would result in instantaneous death.

It was a huge exaggeration but it was undeniable that something between them had changed. Now that they were all together again, they could hardly stand to be apart and when one of them returned from a mission, the sex that ensued was a little more passionate than normal, especially when Sakura was the one that had been gone. Although Naruto and Sasuke still hung out without her around, the chemistry wasn't quite right if any one of the three was missing and while the two men were close, they weren't close enough to partake in sexual activity if Sakura wasn't sandwiched between them.

Tonight they had taken up residence at Sasuke's house, something they had started doing more and more recently. Since the sprawling estate was so large, they were far away from other villagers that could potentially hear the moans and screams that often emanated from the house in the middle of the night.

"So how was your mission Sasuke?" Naruto asked, looking over at the dark haired man as he clasped his hands behind his head and reclined back against the sofa.

The Uchiha shrugged in response, shifting a little to accommodate the head in his lap.

"There were no complications. Everything was pretty straight forward. We caught the guy sending death threats to the client's daughter and acted accordingly. It was really only a B ranked mission after all."

Naruto nodded in response, his gaze shifting to the bare feet in his lap. He took a slender ankle in both hands and began to absently massage her foot as he spoke.

"And by "acted accordingly" you mean gutted him like a fish right?"

"No. We handed him over to local authorities. Apparently they'd been trying to find this guy for a while because he killed two women prior to threatening this girl. But I can tell you this, whatever sentence they give him will be a hell of a lot more lenient than what I wanted to do to the bastard."

Naruto wrapped both his hands around Sakura's slender foot and pressed his thumbs into her arch, earning a soft, satisfied moan as he hit a tender spot that was obviously sore.

Sasuke looked down at the girl in his lap and Naruto saw his friend's expression soften momentarily as his gaze passed over her face. He was probably thinking about all the girls the target of his last mission had killed; most of them had been Sakura's age and the mere thought of anything like that happening to their beloved team mate was unbearable.

Naruto knew Sasuke would never admit it, but he was pretty sure the Uchiha's feelings for the pink haired woman went far deeper than just a friend with benefits and a fellow shinobi. Naruto knew that his own heart had been stolen by Sakura years ago and he wasn't afraid to say that he loved her, but the Sharingan user was a different story. He would say that he didn't harbor those feelings, that emotions weren't involved. He would say whatever it was that let him sleep at night but Naruto suspected that at the end of the day, Sasuke's heart was far more involved than he let on.

The blonde switched feet and began rubbing talented hands along her instep, drawing another soft sigh from his team mate. Sasuke's tender expression had disappeared and his usual smirk was in place once more as he brought up a hand to run through her silky pink locks, massaging her scalp until she was practically purring in pleasure.

"You guys are going to make me fall asleep." Sakura mumbled, her body feeling heavy and lazy from the pampering she was receiving.

Sasuke chuckled and the sound caused the relaxed woman to crack open a pale green eye, only to be greeted by his customary smirk.

"You should know by now that we won't let you sleep so easily."

"Yeah," Naruto chimed in with a grin. "You get to sleep when WE are ready to sleep, and you know what it takes to wear us out."

"Guys, not tonight," Sakura pouted, not liking the look of their devilish smiles. "I can barely keep my eyes open as it is. Can't we just have a night of cuddling and call it good?"

Now it was Naruto's turn to pout.

"But that's no fun." He practically whined, momentarily halting his massage and fixing big blue eyes on her.

Sasuke's smirk did not waver as he spoke.

"You say that now, but you should know we have ways of keeping you awake."

"Guys, I'm serious. I want to get a decent night's sleep." The kunoichi sighed in exasperation.

The dark haired man cradling her head shrugged while the blonde sulkily continued his massage.

Satisfied that she had won, Sakura let her eyes drift closed and focused on the feeling of Naruto's hands on her feet and Sasuke's fingers in her hair. Before long she had once again relaxed completely and was well on her way to dreamland. Unfortunately, she was so drowsy, she missed the subtle head motions Sasuke made to Naruto, silently communicating their plan to make her a more willing participant in their scheme.

At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Naruto finished rubbing every ache from her tired feet and began working his way up her calves, hands kneading and caressing as they searched for hard knots of muscle to target and loosen.

Sakura could feel her body relaxing even further as Sasuke's fingers left her hair and began trailing up and down her neck, sending pleasurable tingles along her spine. She could feel the skin of her arms prickle into goose bumps and was suddenly much more awake than she had previously thought. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that Naruto's hands had crept up to her thighs and were continuing to work higher.

"Sasuke?" she grumbled as his hands left her neck and moved to her collarbone, touching her through the material of the red top she wore. "What are you doing?"

"Helping you get to sleep." He replied in a low, husky voice that made her pulse quicken just a little bit.

"It's not working." Sakura said flatly, trying to keep her voice steady since her breathing was suddenly a little erratic. Naruto's hands had crept under her pale pink skirt and ghosted high along her inner thigh over her shorts and she tried to swat them away irritably. Damn them. She should have known better than to let her guard down around these two, especially when they wanted something she wasn't willing to give. They knew her well enough to know exactly how to get it anyways.

Well, she was in no mood to be manipulated by them now. She tried to get up from the couch but a firm push from Sasuke kept her in place.

"And where do you think you're going?" Sasuke asked deviously, not at all fazed by the glare she shot him from her position in his lap.

"Away from you two and your wandering hands," She replied testily, shifting her glare to Naruto who only gave her a toothy grin in return.

"Stop wiggling and just relax." Sasuke ordered, easily foiling her second escape attempt by holding her down with one broad hand.

The pink haired ninja huffed in exasperation and kicked at Naruto whose hands were still in dangerous territory. Her defensive attacks had little effect on the two who clearly had the upper hand. When she tried kicking again, he slipped her legs beneath him, using his body weight to pin them between himself and the couch. Well, so much for the use of her legs. If she couldn't get away, she'd simply have to ignore them.

With a sigh, she closed her eyes again, settling her weight into the couch and concentrating on the soothing warmth of her team mate's bodies rather than their meandering hands.

She didn't remain this way for long, however, because her eyes flew open when she felt Sasuke's hand move to the zipper of her red top.

"Sasuke, what are you—"

"Shh. Just relax."

She didn't struggle but didn't close her eyes again either. Instead, sea foam eyes locked with black as he drew the zipper down until her shirt fell open in two separated halves, revealing a toned stomach and bound breasts.

The Uchiha's hands resumed caressing her collarbone and shoulders, only now there was no cloth between his fingers and her skin. She probably should have grown angry at him for blatantly ignoring her requests to leave her alone but instead she watched silently as deft fingers skimmed over her breasts to draw invisible patterns around her belly button.

"You don't seem so tired anymore." Naruto quipped as he watched her reaction to the dark haired man's touches, still teasing her thighs with fleeting caresses.

Sakura would have kicked at him again if she hadn't been enjoying quite so much the feel of Sasuke's calloused fingers scraping against her soft skin. Every now and then an abdominal muscle would jump involuntarily and Sasuke's smirk would deepen ever so slightly.

She wasn't sure when it had happened but between the two of them, they had managed to awaken both her body and mind and now sleep was the last thing she wanted to do. A warm and familiar sensation of liquid heat began to burn low in her belly and soon it spread to the very place Naruto was touching, his teasing soon becoming unbearable.

"Naruto…" she said, intending to tell him once and for all to knock it off but her voice came out too whispered and needy to do anything but encourage his actions.

The whiskered blonde gave Sasuke a knowing smile before slipping skilled fingers to the buckles on her skirt. In seconds they were undone and with a soft tug, the garment fell to the floor.

"You guys…" Sakura panted. Squirming a little as Naruto's hands returned to her inner thighs and gently, but forcefully, spread them apart. "Stop it. Just let me go to sleep."

The blue eyed shinobi grinned mischievously, readjusting his body on the sofa to lay with his head resting on her belly and his hands grasping her hips. His long legs hung off the sofa in his half sitting, half laying down position that resulted in trying to cram three bodies on a small couch.

"Yeah right Sakura. If we tucked you in right now, I bet you'd be touching yourself within five minutes." He chuckled.

Sakura was about to open her mouth to deliver a cutting retort but her lips parted in a pleasured gasp instead as Naruto's thumb pressed against her cloth covered opening at the same time Sasuke tugged one bound nipple between his fingers. The simultaneous stimulation was enough to clear her mind of any resistance as their perfectly timed ministrations caused the tingling heat in her belly to manifest itself by dampening the material of her shorts.

The blonde shinobi noticed the growing wetness against his fingers and grinned.

"Come on Sakura, what do you say? Are you ready to admit you want this just as much as we do?" he rasped against her stomach.

His hot breath on her skin made her squirm and she looked at them with all the indignation she could muster as she answered.

"You guys don't play fair. You teamed up against me."

"You of all people should know the value of team work." Sasuke said huskily as he ran his hands across her chest to play with the nipple he had neglected.

"Yeah, you ARE a part of team Kakashi too after all." Naruto smiled.

"So what's it going to be Sakura?" Sasuke asked, his dark eyes burning intensely into her own green ones. "You know we won't force you. We always give you a choice."

Sure they gave her a choice, they just managed to get her so worked up and aroused that saying no to them was impossible. Damn them for being so sexy, damn them for knowing exactly how to touch her and damn early morning hospital shifts that would come far too soon. She knew she would regret her decision immensely when it came time to get up but at the moment, sleep was less important than satisfying the throbbing between her legs.

"Just hurry up and touch me already!" she panted in frustration, pushing her pelvis against Naruto's hand.

The smirks of triumph that passed between her two team mates did not go unnoticed by the kunoichi but she was too aroused to care, especially when Naruto scooped her up in his arms in one fluid movement and began heading for the bedroom.

Sakura was so busy trying to unzip Naruto's jacket that she didn't notice the third member of their party wasn't directly behind them. Apparently the blonde had a few more wits about him than she had at the moment.

"You coming Sasuke?" he called over his shoulder.

"I'll be there in a minute." the Uchiha called back from what sounded like the kitchen and if Sakura hadn't been so ready to jump Naruto's bones, she might have found that fact odd, but all coherent thought was lost when they entered Sasuke's large master bedroom. The Kyuubi container set her on her feet and immediately pushed her up against the nearest well, hungry lips seeking hers as his hands pushed the remains of her unzipped top from her shoulders.

Sakura couldn't help the moan that escaped her when his warm lips pressed to hers, his tongue immediately gliding over their fullness before slipping inside to play with her own.

She managed to get a hand between them and jerk the zipper of his black and orange jacket down and wrestle his arms out of it, dropping the garment in a heap on the floor. Her hands slid under the material of his black T-shirt to press against taunt muscle before moving up to scrape fingernails over small copper nipples, causing the shinobi to growl heatedly against her mouth.

Tearing his mouth away from hers, the whiskered man planted a hand on her shoulder, holding her against the wall while the other fisted in the bindings over her chest. Pressing the kunoichi back so she wouldn't be jerked forward, he gave a hard, downwards yank on the material, ripping it away with one powerful movement.

Sakura gasped at his aggression, wetting her lips as Naruto gave her a feral grin that was probably inspired by the fox inside of him. He was looking at her with a hunger than even a steaming bowl of his favorite ramen couldn't induce and it was clear he was in no mood to be gentle with her. Well, two could play at that game.

Sakura reached up and grabbed the collar of his fitted black shirt. With one swift pull, the fabric was torn away, revealing a solid landscape of hard, rippling muscles.

At first the shinobi could only stare at his lover in astonishment. Sakura was usually so timid and here she was ripping off his clothes. However, his surprise quickly reverted back to lust as her aggression only served to fuel the fire of his desire.

Grasping a handful of silky pink hair in his fist, he jerked her head towards him and crushed his lips against hers while his chest molded to her own bare flesh and pushed her further against the wall. His free hand skimmed over her thighs to grasp the waistband of her shorts. He was about to tear those away too when Sasuke's chuckle brought them back to reality.

"It looks like you two are having fun in here." He said, observing the tattered remains of Sakura's bindings and Naruto's shirt.

The kunoichi's eyes took him in over the blonde's shoulder and noticed he was carrying what appeared to be bowl full of ice currently chilling…kunais?

"What's that?" she asked softly, trying to ignore the fact that Naruto was now suckling a very sensitive spot on her neck right below her left ear.

"Remember when I said I had a trick to show you with ice, kunais and handcuffs?" the Uchiha asked, clearly amused when her eyes grew wide.

"Handcuffs…?" Naruto grinned, looking over his shoulder at their dark haired friend. "I like where this is going."

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Unfortunately, handcuffs aren't something I keep around the house. You'll just have to hold her down." He said, jerking his head towards the plushy, king sized bed in the center of the room.

"With pleasure," Naruto growled, pulling the pink haired woman towards him who was still slightly in shock from seeing the sharp, metallic objects chilling in ice. The blonde easily picked her up and tossed her onto the bed, smirking at her surprised squeak as she landed on her back. Instantly, Naruto was kneeling above her head, peering down at her mischievously with a slender wrist held firmly in each of his large hands. He pressed them into the mattress on either side of her face and leaned forward to give her an unexpected and chaste kiss on the forehead before moving to let his lips graze her ear.

"You should know by now we would never hurt you. You can relax."

Sakura fixed her wide eyed stare on his face which, from her position on the bed, appeared upside down.

"Well can you blame me for being nervous when you guys come at me with sharp pointy objects? I've seen what you guys can do to the human body with a kunai and it isn't pretty."

"Any screaming you do tonight will be out of pleasure." Sasuke promised as he joined them on the bed, the corner of his mouth turned up in his usual smug expression.

He leaned over and pulled the nightstand at the head of the bed closer and set the bowl of ice within easy reach. He then gazed down at the half naked female beneath him as he moved to straddle her hips, noticing the rapid rise and fall of her bare chest that came with anticipation and arousal.

The Uchiha pulled his own shirt over his head and tossed it aside and Sakura could hardly wait to touch the pale expanse of hard sinewy muscle that was just out of her reach.

Sasuke dipped his hands deep into the bowl, scooping up some of the melted ice water from the bottom. His actions reminded the kunoichi of her own preparations before a medical procedure and the way she was held down on the bed with kunais close by, she couldn't help but feel like Sasuke was about to perform a perverted operation of his own.

The dark haired shinobi held his hands above her, letting the freezing drops of water drip off his fingers and Sakura couldn't help but gasp as they made contact with the skin of her breasts and belly, her nipples instantly hardening at the cold.

Naruto chuckled softly as he felt her squirm slightly in his grip but as soon as Sasuke drew a kunai from the bowl of ice, she immediately tensed.

The Uchiha felt it too, the soft body beneath him suddenly tight with tension.

"Calm down Sakura." He ordered gently, noticing how she was biting her lower lip worriedly as she eyed the kunai in his hand.

"Maybe we should blindfold her too." Naruto suggested, exchanging glances with his team mate.

Sasuke nodded in approval and the whiskered man released the kunoichi's wrists to slide the forehead protector in her hair down to cover her eyes, tightening the knot to keep it in place.

Sakura's body remained rigid despite Sasuke's orders to relax as Naruto took her wrists in his hands again, rubbing his thumbs on her pulse points soothingly.

"Now there's the timid Sakura I know." He smiled against her ear. "I was wondering where she had gone to when you ripped off my shirt."

"Naruto…maybe this isn't such a good idea." she murmured nervously, flexing against his grip as if testing to see whether or not she'd be able to break free.

"Give me five minutes with you Sakura. I'm sure your mind will change." Sasuke said with confidence and even though she couldn't see his face, Sakura could hear the smirk in his voice.

Finding herself pinned again by the hands around her wrists and the man straddling her hips, Sakura could only wait breathlessly for what was coming next.

Gently and carefully, Sasuke dragged the flat of the frozen blade over one rosy nipple, satisfied with the way her body jerked in surprise.

"Aah! Sasuke! It's cold!" the kunoichi cried, feeling the contact of hard metal against her sensitive skin.

The Uchiha rubbed the blade back and fourth over her breast, making sure every inch of the freezing metal came in contact with her skin. Between the slight friction and the cold, Sakura's nipple was soon red and swollen and almost painfully erect but Sasuke wasn't done just yet. He flipped the kunai onto its second side and brought it to her skin again, earning another feminine gasp at the renewed cold.

Sakura was practically whimpering at the stimulation. The cold on her burning skin seemed to only heighten its sensitivity, and yet, touches from the hard, lifeless metal left her feeling somewhat unsatisfied.

Sasuke chuckled at the beautiful women writhing in the sheets. Even after both he and Naruto had bedded her countless times, she still remained so responsive to every little thing they did to her. Said blonde was currently holding down the squirming woman and if the mischievous smile was any indication to how he was feeling, he was clearly enjoying the show, his eyes focused on the puckered pink nipple that had distended as far as it could go.

Naruto could feel her hands shaking in his grip and leaned down to whisper soft and soothing words to her while his male companion continued his erotic torture on the helpless kunoichi. His whisperings seem to help because she relaxed somewhat but she still trembled at the feeling of frozen metal on her breast.

The kunai in Sasuke's hand had grown warm after absorbing Sakura's body heat so he replaced it in the ice and drew a fresh one, intending to rotate through the several he had prepared so he would always have the coldest metal possible.

Circling the tender flesh of her breast a final time, he drew a line from her cleavage to her belly button, noting the way her taunt abdominals jumped at the contact. Goosebumps broke out all over her smooth skin as he circled her belly button lazily, spreading the cold sensations right down to the waistband of her shorts before using the very tip to trace her ribs which were prominent thanks to Naruto holding her hands over her head.

Sakura gasped but didn't dare squirm. The deadly tip of the weapon on her skin made her nervous but at the same time strangely excited. She had never thought herself to be one who thrived on danger, but she supposed she would not have become a ninja if somewhere deep down she didn't get off on the thrill of it. She trusted the man atop her now and knew he meant her no harm, and yet the chilling lines he drew with the kunai could easily result in bloodshed at the slightest miscalculation so she kept still in spite of the intense cold.

Soon the second kunai had warmed as well. Swapping it out for a new one, he concentrated his efforts this time on the breast he had neglected. Placing the flat of the blade directly on her nipple, he rubbed in slow, circular motions until Sakura's whimpers had turned to pants. Her fair skin now reddened by the cold and her tightened nipple had turned deliciously hard. The Uchiha knew full well that her body craved more than the touch of hard metal and was instinctively seeking the warm caress of soft flesh against her own. However, he had the reputation of being a bastard for good reason and instead of fulfilling her needs, he drew two new kunai, one in each hand, and began to simultaneously stimulate both fleshy globes.

"Sasuke!" she whined as he drew symmetrical patterns, first on her breasts and then along her collarbone and sides and belly, making sure every inch of her felt the cold bite of freezing steel. When these grew warm, he switched again, this time focusing exclusively on her breasts, pressing and rubbing until Sakura was trying to push him away with her legs. Her flesh has become chilled to the point of painful and the friction of the metal against her kept sending strange shocks of pleasured pain through her body that was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

When he didn't let up she began to plead breathlessly.

"It's too cold, I can take anymore, stop Sasuke!"

The Sharingan user smirked at her cries and decided it was finally time to progress. Replacing the two warmed blades and drawing a new one, he pressed one to her breast while leaning forward to engulf the other fully in his mouth without warning.

The kunoichi screamed at the sudden sensation of his hot mouth warming her frozen skin and Naruto had to tighten his grip on her as her back bowed right off the bed. The combined feeling of a cold blade on one breast while his mouth worked the other mercilessly made her mind short circuit. All other thoughts were forgotten except the incredible sensation of hot and cold and his teeth, lips and tongue working to warm the bit of flesh he had previously frozen.

Naruto watched the scene before him with growing interest, trying to ignore another part of him that was growing as well. When Sasuke had first started this procedure, he had been a little skeptical. Sakura's whimpers weren't exactly the pleasured moans that they had extracted from her before. In fact, she kept trying to squirm away from the cold blade that kept touching her. But now, Naruto understood that all of that had just been preparation for this and immediately Sakura's whimpers had turned to heady moans that usually weren't so intense from someone simply touching her chest. If the blonde didn't know any better, he would have thought Sakura was near orgasm from the way she was thrashing in his grip and they hadn't even removed her shorts yet. Naruto had to admit, this was one trick he'd have to steal from the Uchiha in the future.

Sasuke was thoroughly enjoying himself at the moment as he felt the flesh of the pink haired woman grow warm against his tongue. Her sweet, cool taste was like the world's best Popsicle, with skin so soft he thought she might melt in his mouth as he sucked and nibbled hungrily.

His free hand strayed to her waist, gripping her tightly and holding her still when her arching and squirming got out of hand.

Sakura was moaning pleasured praise but she couldn't for the life of her remember a single word she had said. The explosive sensations she was feeling as his tongue circled and flicked her nipple traveled straight to her core and already her shorts and the panties she wore beneath them were soaked through. The liquid ache of arousal was already pulsing strongly between her legs but before he focused his attentions there, Sakura desperately wanted to feel Sasuke's mouth on the breast he was still torturing with a kunai.

Struggling to put her thoughts into a coherent sentence, she managed to pant out, "Sasuke, the other one, please!"

The man at her breast smirked against the supple flesh and gave one more hard suck to the sensitive nipple before releasing it with an audible pop. The kunai he had been rubbing against her was replaced in the ice. Then, he reached up and removed the forehead protector from her eyes before he positioned his mouth over the soft mound so that he could look up into her lust glazed eyes.

"See? I told you you'd change your mind."

Sakura didn't even have time to feel annoyed at her lover's cocky attitude because he immediately closed his lips around the icy nipple and began to apply a gentle suction that quickly escalated into licks and bites.

The kunoichi's moan of ecstasy would have echoed throughout the room if Naruto hadn't leaned over and captured her lips with his. Until now, he had been satisfied with watching Sasuke work his magic on their sexy team mate. But now, he wanted to feel more of her than just her wrists in his hands.

The kiss was awkward at first, their noses bumping against one another in their precarious position, but soon the mechanics were worked out and the two were kissing passionately, Sakura on her back and Naruto upside down above her.

Sasuke chuckled against her breast as her screams of pleasure where abruptly cut off. No doubt Naruto was tired of his role as the "handcuffs."

Pulling his suckling lips away from her pretty pink nipple, he began to make his way downwards, nibbling and licking as he went until he came to the black shorts. He hardly slowed his momentum as he continued kissing and sucking, taking the material with him as he traveled over her hip and down one shapely leg.

Sakura was too busy eagerly returning Naruto's kiss to pay much attention to what Sasuke was up to. Even when the Uchiha pushed her legs open to reveal the petals of her feminine flower she continued to focus her efforts on keeping up with the tongue that was exploring her mouth.

Good God she was beautiful. No matter how many times he saw her like this, she still managed to draw out the lustful animal in him, something he had never before let take control even when he was with other women. He was always calm and in control; that was part of being a shinobi and an Uchiha, but one glance at her slippery folds dripping with glistening nectar shot all that to hell. He wanted her, NEEDED her, needed to hear her scream his name as he touched her and drove her off the edge into the infinite abyss of orgasm.

However, he was planning on taking her there bit by bit; drawing it out until either she could take no more or his desire for her grew too great to hold back.

While she was still fully occupied with Naruto, Sasuke plucked an ice cube from the bowl and without warning, pushed it past her swollen lips up into her heated body as far as it would go.

The shock of such intense cold against the hottest part of her body caused a scream to erupt from the kunoichi, and this time, it DID echo throughout the room as she tore away her mouth from Naruto's in surprise, arching and writhing on the sheets so violently that Sasuke had to hold her legs down so he wouldn't get kicked.

"God damn Sasuke, I've never seen her so wild in bed. What the hell did you do to her?" the blonde marveled as he continued to hold down her arms.

The Uchiha merely smirked in reply and grabbed another ice cube, repeating the process and replacing the one that had already been melted by her throbbing hot body. The action produced a similar result as the kunoichi threw back her head and moaned low in the back of her throat as she felt her inner muscles grip the ice tightly, but then hunger for something else to squeeze as it melted away into nothing.

Now it was Naruto's turn to smirk.

"Nice trick. I bet you like that a lot don't you Sakura?"

The pink haired woman's only reply was another guttural moan as she felt the melted water leak from her center, further wetting the sheets that had already been dampened by her juices.

Sasuke chuckled darkly at the erotic display. Although she was making a mess of his sheets, he wouldn't give up the vision before him for anything, more than a little ironic considering he'd spent a great deal of his youth trying to avoid her all together.

Taking his cue from the Uchiha, Naruto shifted her wrists so he could hold her down with one hand and used his newly freed one to grab a chunk of ice from the bowl. He began to run it over her nipples teasingly until they were rock hard, red and swollen all over again.

Sakura's head was spinning at this point. She had been on sensory overload from the moment Sasuke pulled out those damned kunai. Her center begged to be filled and her body ached so badly for release that not even the chill of the ice could tame the burning within her. She never knew ice held such erotic uses but she was certain she would never look at ice cubes floating in her drinks the same way ever again.

While Naruto occupied himself with the kunoichi's breasts, Sasuke brought another freezing cube to the bundle of nerves centered above her opening. He knew how sensitive she could be to his caresses without the added stimulation of cold so he began with slow, short strokes against her swollen pearl, allowing her to become accustomed to the feeling.

His methods seemed to be to her liking because she called his name in a breathless sigh, drawing out the word into a long pleasured moan that made his cock pulse just from the sound of it.

Becoming bolder now, he pressed the ice against her clit a little harder, rubbing it in circles and focusing more attention on the throbbing button.

"Oh please! Sasuke, more!" she cried with reckless abandon, struggling helplessly against the hand that held her. She wanted to hold them to her, make them touch her exactly where she needed it but it seemed neither man above her intended to let her take the lead for the time being.

Seeing Sakura's perky little nipples distend against the ice in his fingers gave Naruto yet another wicked idea. Taking another ice cube in his mouth this time, he leaned forward so he could capture a pink pebble between his lips, letting the heat of his mouth seep over her skin before maneuvering the ice cube to press against her breast.

"Oh!" Sakura cooed, letting her eyes drifts close against the delicious sensations her team mates were sending through her body. Naruto's talented tongue was sliding against her flesh only to be replaced by the chill of ice, alternately heating and cooling her skin until she thought she might die from pleasure and Sasuke's teasing strokes against her burning clit only made her hotter no matter how many ice cubes melted against her velvety opening. However, her inner muscles ached for something to grip, to pull in deeper and not even the attention she was currently getting could satisfy her.

Sasuke smirked at the way her legs spread for him as he continued his ministrations. He knew what brought her pleasure better than Sakura herself and when her legs started to tremble, he decide he had teased her long enough.

When the last of the ice in his hand had melted away, he reached for a kunai instead, gripping it carefully by the blade instead of the metal ring. Turning his attention back to the squirming kunoichi, he figured he should give her some kind of warning so neither of them got cut.

"Sakura," he said huskily, making sure his voice was loud enough to be heard over her continuous moans.

"Hmm?" she panted, breaking herself out of her lust induced haze long enough answer, biting back whimpers of pleasure as Naruto continued to suck and nibble at her breasts.

"Hold still."

The medic ninja did her best to comply but couldn't help her muscles jumping at the blonde's skilled touch. She couldn't even see what Sasuke was about to do since Naruto was hovering over her, obscuring her vision with his broad chest, not that she minded the view of tanned rippling muscles, she just wished she knew what her team mate was up to.

Her question was answered soon enough when she felt something hard and cold graze against the lips of her sex. Ok, he was NOT going to put a kunai THERE was he?

Soft flesh parted as the cold, unyielding metal entered her, the metal ring stretching her in a strange but not entirely unpleasant way.

Ok…maybe he was.

"S-Sasuke?" she whimpered nervously.

Being touched on the outside was one thing, but having a dangerous weapon inside your…well…it was extremely unnerving. But even so, the frigid metal made her eyes want to roll back and her inner muscles immediately clamped around the invading object and tried to draw it in deeper.

"That's a girl Sakura. Just relax for me."

The whiskered blonde finally lifted his head from her heaving bosom to see what his friend was up to and was immediately transfixed by what he was seeing. He watched as the entire blunt end of the chilled metal disappeared inside his lover's body, stopping when the metal flattened out to form the blade.

"I've done a lot of things with a kunai but THAT is not one of them." He murmured, watching Sasuke's hand carefully as he held the sharp end of the weapon. Slowly, the Uchiha began to move the blunt metal inside her, his obsidian eyes trained on her face and watching her reactions carefully.

Sakura sucked in a breath and caught her lower lip between her teeth, biting it softly as she gazed back into Sasuke's eyes, his body no longer blocked by Naruto since he was sitting up. She trusted this man with her life but she couldn't help but wonder what the hell he was doing to her.

"Does it feel good?" the blonde whispered, brushing a stray strand of pink hair from her eyes.

"It feels…weird." She finally determined. "It's so hard and cold. It's making me nervous."

"Don't be nervous Sakura. I won't hurt you." Sasuke assured, making sure his movements were gentle so as not to alarm her. The metal handle was smooth and well worn, without jagged edges but even so, he knew the lifeless metal scraping her walls must feel very foreign when compared to nimble fingers and throbbing members.

Sakura closed her eyes and swallowed hard, willing her body to relax and it did, the tension leaving her muscles as she commanded it and yet, the pleasure she was receiving from the metal against her wasn't quite as satisfying as she had hoped. Even though feminine muscles contracted against the weapon, they didn't ripple and spasm in ecstasy like they often did. Her body was already far too wet for there to be any danger of inadequate lubrication but all the same, she felt as if the heat in her core had died down somewhat.

Naruto watched the kunoichi's lashes flutter against her cheek as her eyes closed, her lips set in a grim line when she should be in the throes of passion. Sasuke laid a comforting hand on the woman's thigh as his dark eyes met cobalt across the body of the pink haired beauty. Maybe the kunai wasn't such a good idea after all?

The Uchiha was about to withdraw it when Naruto shook his head. There was one more thing he wanted to try. Letting the hand not holding her down drift to her collarbone, he let deft fingers skim over her skin, between her breasts, over her navel, to the patch of trim pink curls.

Sakura's eyes opened at the feeling and she looked at Naruto questioningly only to receive a reassuring smile.

"Let me help you." He whispered as his fingers found the slippery pearl, still wet with her arousal.

Immediately she arched against his touch as he began to rub over her clit gently, causing her walls so quiver and contract around the metal object inside of her.

The strange discomfort of having the kunai within her began to fade as pleasure thrummed through her body, quickly eradicating fear and inhibition and replacing it with the raw need of just needing to feel more.

Sasuke smirked as the green eyed beauty began to rock her hips slightly against the weapon in is hand and he altered his timing to match hers, pushing down into her every time she lifted her pelvis.

"Oh yes! Oh god, please…" she panted mindlessly as her head rolled back and forth in helpless surrender.

All pain and nervousness was gone and she could hardly remember exactly WHAT it was inside her that feminine muscles clung to at the moment. All she knew was that her body was practically singing with pleasure, every nerve ending alight with powerful sensations that threatened to converge into one mind blowing release.

The Uchiha raised his eyes from her writhing body and directed his cocky smirk to the blonde instead. A short nod showed his silent approval for Naruto's plan and the whiskered man grinned back toothily in response as they continued to touch the woman who was currently oblivious to everything but her own pleasure.

She was so wet now that soft squelching sound could be heard as the kunai moved in and out of her dripping center and it only served to make both men even more heated. The rubbing of her clit and the thrusting of the knife both increased in tempo, forcing the kunoichi's moans to increase in volume and soon her body was taunt and trembling as she teetered on the edge of oblivion.

"Come for me Sakura." Sasuke growled, his normally steady voice made harsh and ragged by his desire for her, He wanted, no, NEEDED to see her lose control and surrender utterly and completely to both himself and Naruto in the intimate way that she had never experienced with anybody else.

Sakura hardly needed encouragement as Naruto's masterful fingers circled her swollen nub one last time before scraping his nail over the sensitive tissue. An intense array of colors burst across her vision as synapses fired in her brain, transmitting orgasmic sensations to every nerve ending right down to her fingers and toes. She wasn't aware that she was screaming the names of the two men holding her down in bed nor that her restrained hands were clawing feebly at the sheets. She wasn't even conscious of the two sets of eyes trained on her naked body for if she had, her shyness might have kicked in and caused her to hold back, but in her current state, their twin smiles of smug satisfaction went unnoticed

Even as Naruto watched his childhood crush reach orgasm beneath him, he did not still the teasing fingers on her clit, continuing to rub and pinch the bundle of nerves to intensify her release. The muscles of her womb contracted wildly under his touch and her convulsions were soon accompanied by hot liquid oozing out of her to cover the blonde's fingers despite the kunai blocking her passage.

As she finally began to come down from her high, the Kyuubi container brought his sticky fingers to his mouth and licked them clean of every drop of her nectar, savoring the musky sweet tang that he had come to crave so much.

Sasuke finally pulled the kunai free of her body; a soft wet sound of suction signaled her muscles releasing their grip on the weapon's handle. As he pulled it out, more of her clear juices dribbled out to coat her inner thighs and soak into the sheets, a byproduct of her intense orgasm that had previously been held inside by the metal object. If Sakura hadn't been so dazed and had seen what Sasuke saw, she would have flushed scarlet with embarrassment, but the Uchiha found the sight rather enticing.

The whiskered man finally released the kunoichi's slim wrists. She was too busy basking in the afterglow to put up much of a fight now. He eyed the kunai in Sasuke's hand that was dripping with her fluids and Naruto could only imagine how juicy and wet her velvet folds must be now.

"Sasuke, it's my turn."

As much as the dark haired man would have loved to feast on her nectar himself, he knew that the normally obnoxious blonde had already displayed an uncharacteristically large amount of patience, contenting himself with her lips and breasts while Sasuke had all the fun. Nodding, he replaced the now sticky kunai in the bowl of melted ice water and moved away from between Sakura's trembling legs.

Any other time, Naruto and Sasuke still fought like a couple of cats and dogs, despite both of them having matured. He supposed that was the nature of two clashing rivals. But when it came to bedding Sakura, it had always been an unspoken rule to make it all about her. At first she had been adorably inexperienced and they had taken it upon themselves to teach her everything they knew, but even now, when the three of them were together, it seemed natural to put their own selfish needs aside and focus on her own. In this way, all fighting was avoided and any special attention they wanted Sakura to give them could always wait until the other was away on a mission and they had her all to themselves.

The panting kunoichi finally cracked open a heavy eyelid, her body still tingling in the blissful aftermath. Sasuke had moved away from her and off the bed and was currently removing his dark pants, leaving his pale milky skin completely exposed. Her eyes drifted to the massive erection between his legs and she gulped inwardly. She should know by now that once the two boys started, sleep would be a long time in coming. Maybe she wouldn't get to sleep at all between now and the time her hospital shift started.

The now naked Uchiha made his way back to the bed, climbing to the head of the bed where Naruto had been but instead of sitting above her, he hauled her up in his arms and slid beneath her, settling his head against the pillows while her own head was cradled against his chest. The position centered her rear right over his hips and she could feel his hot, hard arousal prodding the curve of her ass.

"Sasuke…" she panted lustily as his lips descended on the side of her neck pressing hotly to the skin just above her pulse point.

"Shh," he whispered huskily. "Naruto wants to have his fun with you."

Strong, pale hands slid down over her belly and hips to her inner thighs and pulled them open, spreading her embarrassingly wide for the man who was settling right in front of her opening.

Naruto gave the wide eyed kunoichi a devilish smile and licked his lips in anticipation as the scent of her waiting arousal filled his nostrils. Sakura knew what he could do with those lips and tongue and prepared to hang on for one hell of a ride, grabbing a fistful of the sheets on either side of Sasuke's sculpted chest.

The blonde shinobi gazed with rapt appreciation at Sakura's most intimate place. Her pink folds were spread wide, revealing to him the hard little bud of tissue that, when handled just right, could reduce her to a moaning, writhing mass with just one touch, and directly below it, was the entrance to her womb, still slowly leaking fluids and quivering ever so slightly. All of it crowned with a trim patch of hair as pink as what grew on her head. Naruto didn't think there could be a creation more perfect than this and planned to take his time savoring every inch of it.

Gently, he let a single finger trace her slick outer lips before pausing to comb through damp pubic hair. He could hear her breath that had only now stared to even out begin to hitch again as he let the calloused finger tip explore, working slowly inward until it was on the very verge of entering her, but rather than plunge the digit into her welcoming womanhood, he removed it completely and began to wander the same trail all over again, only this time with the tip of his tongue as his hands came up to grip her hips and hold her still.

"Ugh, Naruto…" Sakura sighed, his name falling unbidden from her lips as she felt his wet muscle gentle probe her feminine folds. He was teasing her, barely touching her as his tongue ghosted over her opening and ignored her clit completely. From prior experience, she knew he planned on working her into a frenzy and with Sasuke holding her from behind, there was little she could do but wait out the exquisite torture.

Naruto began to lap at her with a little more force. She tasted divine and he couldn't get enough of her. She was thick and sweet like honey and he let his tongue swirl around her opening before flattening the muscle into a broad surface to give her pussy a firm lick from bottom to top.

Sakura couldn't hold back the lusty moan that welled up within her. Now THIS was what she had been hoping for, the pressure of his pliant tongue against her. She wanted him to thoroughly explore every corner or her and press into her as deep as the muscle would go. Another wet stroke from him told her he would get there soon enough and she hooked her legs over his shoulders in an attempt to keep him right where she wanted him.

Sasuke smirked at her heady moans and Naruto's inexhaustible enthusiasm as he worked between her legs. The Uchiha released his grip on her trembling thighs and let them slide up her sides to cup her breasts, extracting another whine from the woman in his lap.

As his thumb and index pinched one sensitive nipple between them, he moved his hot lips to the shell of her ear, whispering dirty things to the aroused kunoichi.

"You like it when he eats you, don't you?"

Sakura could feel heat rise to her face as her flush of arousal was fueled by her embarrassment. Sasuke never failed to make her blush with the nasty things he loved to whisper to her, and yet, she couldn't deny that his lecherous words and deep husky voice only made the fire in the pit of her belly burn a little bit hotter.

"You want him to suck you dry, to drink every drop of you."

This time it wasn't a question but a statement, one that happened to be correct although she would never admit it. She supposed she would never be as bold as the two of them in bed but they seemed to like it that way, dominating her body and forcing her to feel pleasure beyond anything she had every though possible. She groaned in reply as Sasuke rolled her captured nipple between his fingers and continued to press wet, hungry kisses to the column of her neck as Naruto carried on slurping between her legs.

The blonde was circling her clit now, letting his tongue wander dangerously close but never quite touch it, and Sakura's mewls of need only fueled his mischievous desire to tease.

Sakura released her grip on the sheets and buried her fingers into wild yellow locks instead, trying to press his lips to her throbbing button but the only thing she accomplished was extracting an amused chuckle both from the man holding her and the one between her thighs.

"My my, aren't we impatient?" Sasuke growled, giving the tender skin just below her jaw a soft bite.

The green eyed kunoichi let her head fall to the side, exposing more of her smooth skin to the Uchiha's hungry lips. She whimpered as she felt Naruto's tongue at her opening once more, allowing only the very tip to dip inside before withdrawing it again. His gentle teasing was accompanied by Sasuke tweaking her nipples hard, sending jolts of pleasure up and down her spine but it still wasn't enough. She needed more from the tongue licking her.

"Naruto please!" she whispered shakily, her fingers tightening in his golden hair. Her pleas sounded desperate even to her own ears but she couldn't help it. She needed him to fulfill her.

At first, she thought (you put "though" instead of "thought") her begging would go ignored but Naruto finally lifted his head and Sakura watched breathless as intense blue eyes met her own, cerulean orbs burning into hers as he slowly let his tongue extend and with a quick flick, tapped it over her throbbing clit.

All the breath was driven from her lungs with that one little touch and her body instantly shook right down to her toes. Naruto, seeing the effectiveness of his ministrations, repeated the process without breaking eye contact with her.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Sakura tried to keep her focus trained on the blue eyes staring at her but all too soon she felt her own eyes begin to roll back in her head. She finally shut them in surrender and let her head fall back against Sasuke's chest as intense pleasure coursed through her with every flick of Naruto's tongue.

Even with the blonde's hands on her hips, her pelvis began to undulate on its own, erratically grinding in a blind search for fulfillment. What Sakura didn't realize was that she was grinding her ass directly against Sasuke's cock.

The Uchiha growled animalisticly as she began rubbing over him, trapping his member between his own abdomen and the toned cheeks of her ass.

"Sakura," he hissed, his fingers squeezing the soft globes of her breast even harder as she continued to writhe.

The medic ninja was only dimly aware of her name being called and the hard flesh sliding along the cleft of her buttocks as Naruto continued to play a staccato beat on her clit.

Tap. Tap. Taptaptap.

Sakura's back bowed as he picked up speed. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably around his broad shoulders and she felt as if the ball of fire in her womb would blow apart at any minute. She was so close but the sheer intensity of what awaited her in the abyss made her nervous. It would be too much for her to handle it would—

A soft suction directly over her pearl cut off all coherent thought as a guttural moan fell from her lips. Naruto had abandoned tapping his tongue against her and was now sucking her enflamed button greedily. His sucking grew steadily harder and soon Sakura was screaming his name, Sasuke's name and a whole lot of other incoherent pleas and prayers as the golden haired ninja pushed her steadily to the edge of orgasmic bliss.

She was producing more juices than he could lap up, the excess dripping down his chin but Naruto wouldn't have it any other way. He was lost in the smell and taste and feel of her sex, her beautiful feminine flower that had never been shared with anyone but himself and the dark haired man with his arms around her. As he continued to suck her, he slid two fingers into her in one fluid move. They glided in effortlessly, aided by plentiful lubrication and immediately he began to piston them within her in time with his sucks on her swollen pearl.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!" Sakura cried, jerking in Sasuke's lap as her inner muscles immediately tightened around the two thick fingers within her. She was bucking against him now, driving the blonde's digits ever deeper into her body as the Uchiha beneath her moaned against her shoulder at the delicious friction against his cock.

Naruto could feel feminine muscles clenching and unclenching around his fingers as he pumped them within her mercilessly. Everything from the pitch of her moans to the shaking of her legs told him she was at the brink. Although he would be content to draw this out even more, he decided to finish her off.

Releasing her clit with a wet pop, he began to flick his tongue over it as rapidly as he could, smirking inwardly when her throaty moans spiraled into screams. Immediately her channel clamped down on his fingers with vice like strength as her second orgasm finally hit. Her grinding hips stilled but the fingers in his hair pulled so tightly that he winced from the pain of it. He could feel hot fluid hitting the tips of his fingers and knew that her juices would be plentiful once he withdrew his hand from her, but her body held on to him so tightly that he'd have to wait for her muscles to relax before pulling out.

Sasuke too was feeling the effects of the kunoichi's orgasm against his own body. Her back was arched as far as possible and he had to wrap a supporting arm around her stomach just to keep her from falling out of his lap. Her head rested against his shoulder, her lips parted in a soundless scream as her breath was stolen from her, silencing her previous moans. Every muscle in her body seemed to be shaking and Sasuke marveled at how beautiful she could be, even when her face was contorted by intense pleasure.

Finally, her convulsions began to recede and she sagged heavily in Sasuke's arms as her orgasm left her feeling absolutely boneless.

Naruto sat up and wiped his mouth with the back of the hand that wasn't still trapped between Sakura's thighs, grinning like a maniac at the sight of Sakura all sweaty and disheveled and breathing shallowly as her heart rate began to return to normal. "It sounds like she enjoyed that." Sasuke chuckled, cradling her limp body against his bare chest as the last of her shivers subsided.

"That's nothing compare to other things I have planned for her." Naruto responded with a wink, and by the tent in his pants, it was obvious to the Uchiha just what "other" things he had in mind.

Gently, the rambunctious ninja pulled his fingers free from her core as tight vaginal muscles finally relinquished their grip on him, his digits now wet and glossy from the kunoichi's essence.

The moment Naruto withdrew, a gush of hot milky fluid poured from her and puddled on the sheets. The Kyuubi vessel knew that Sakura would find this particular function of her own body incredibly embarrassing but he thought it was downright sexy. The knowledge that he could make the bed shy beauty cream herself with just the use of his fingers and tongue was quite the ego boost for the whiskered man.

"Mmm…Naruto?" said woman mumbled sleepily, her voice sluggish but carrying the unmistakable sound of deep satisfaction.

"What is it baby?" the blond smiled before sucking clean the fingers that were still dripping with her juices.

"Come here."

Naruto obeyed, crawling forward towards her until he was within her reach. She promptly grabbed him by the waist band of his pants and hauled him towards her with a strength that he didn't think she could possess after such an intense orgasm.

In a flash she had spun him around and pushed him backwards while slipping out of Sasuke's arms. Naruto's back hit the Uchiha's front with enough force to knock them both flat on the bed in a tangle of limbs.

"Get off me you idiot!" Sasuke growled, not at all enjoying being pinned to the bed by his blue eyed counterpart.

"Hey, it's not my fault!" Naruto answered indignantly. "She's the one that pushed me down!"

"Can't you two just shut up for once?" Sakura giggled.

Both boys immediately stopped bickering and looked at her. It seemed she had regained her composure after her climax and was now crawling towards them, biting her lip suggestively.

"Uh Sakura, what's gotten into you?" Naruto asked in confusion, secretly wondering if some sort of alien mind swap had just occurred when he wasn't looking. Sakura was eyeing them both hungrily and the way her body swayed as she crawled towards them was sinfully arousing. When had she learned how to be so…seductive?

"Didn't you promise me a night where I could have you any way I wanted?" she asked innocently as her fingers reached for the fly of Naruto's pants, hoping to god that she wasn't making a complete fool of herself or acting too much like a woman raised in a brothel.

"Yes." Naruto answered cautiously while at the same time Sasuke replied with a resounding, "No."

Hearing the blonde's reply, Sasuke tried to twist around to look at the blond who was currently still sprawled all over him. "What? You never said anything to me about it."

"Oh yeah, well…about that…" Naruto laughing nervously in a way that usually would have been accompanied by a sheepish scratch of the back of his head, "I kinda…well I…"

"Let's just say he lost a bet." Sakura giggled, sparing her friend at least a shred of dignity. "So now, I get to have him any way I want."

"And this includes me how?" Sasuke asked irritably, stiffening as he heard the zipper of Naruto's pants being drawn down.

"I want to have you too Sasuke." Sakura whispered as she tugged the last of the blonde's clothing down over his hips, leaving them all completely nude.

"Hell. No." Sasuke stated firmly the second he felt Naruto's naked backside press against his stomach. "If you think I'm going to let this naked dumb ass lay all over me, you're totally wrong. I won't—"

The Uchiha practically choked on his words as he felt slender fingers wrap around his cock that was currently right between Naruto's splayed legs.

"Sasuke, please?" she pleaded, fixating big green eyes on him that all but begged him to go along with whatever it was she had planned. Ah fuck. Why did she have to look at him like that?

"Sakura, I don't—"

"If you don't want to participate, you could always leave the room." Naruto chuckled teasingly.

"But this is MY house asshole."

"You have other rooms you could sleep in while I keep her busy."

"You son of a—ah…!"

Sakura squeezed her hand a little tighter around his manhood, instantly and effectively ending the argument.

"Don't fight." She whispered softly, still not comfortable in her role of being in charge in the bedroom. "Just let us be together the way I want us to be…just for a little while."

She looked down at both men, the two most important people in her life. Two perfectly crafted male specimens that were all raw power and rippling muscle, and yet she held her own against them on the battlefield. She wanted to hold her own in the bedroom too and make them feel as amazing as she felt.

She crawled into position, straddling two sets of legs and made sure Naruto's pelvis was directly above Sasuke's. Lifting her hips, she guided the member throbbing in her hand to her opening and slowly lowered herself onto him, savoring the feeling of being filled not by hard metal or calloused fingers, but by a warm, pulsating man.

The Uchiha hadn't been expecting being plunged into a world of heavenly sensations as Sakura wrapped herself around him. Instinctively, he moaned harshly and tried to arch towards the feeling but Naruto's body atop of his kept him firmly in place.

Experimenting at first, the kunoichi began to rock slowly against Sasuke's cock, planting her hands on Naruto's muscled chest for leverage.

It was strange at first for the whiskered man. Here he was in the middle of the action and yet, he wasn't really a part of it. He could feel Sasuke attempting to buck beneath him and Sakura's hands pressed to his chest, not to mention he had a perfect view of her bouncing breasts as she ground against their team mate, but he himself was not actively involved.

Well that would just have to change wouldn't it?

The whiskered man bent his knees and planted his feet on either side of Sasuke's pale legs while propping his torso up with his hands so he could see what Sakura was up to. The sight that greeted him was a wonderfully erotic view of Sasuke's manhood slipping in and out of Sakura's pussy, the shaft covered in the same milky juices she had covered his fingers and the sheets in.

She gasped and faltered for a moment when the plane of his chest shifted beneath her hands and nearly fell forward but a strong arm around her waist saved her from collapsing onto Naruto's sculpted chest.

Blue eyes met with green and she smiled timidly as she began to ride up and down again.

So THERE was the Sakura he knew, still shy when it came to sex but slowly learning to take the initiative. Well if practicing meant experimenting in crazy new positions like this, then he would be glad to practice all day, and all night for that matter.

Using the arm around her waist to draw her in closer, Naruto sat up until he could capture a pebbled pink nipple between his lips and contented himself with sucking gently as she continued to grind, impaling herself deeper on Sasuke's member.

Sakura cooed in delight and shifted her gaze to the man laying flat on his back, eyes squeezed tightly shut in pleasure as feminine muscles rippled along the length of his cock. He couldn't even thrust up to meet her under Naruto's weight so he resigned himself to laying back and enjoying the feeling of her clenched around him.

"Sa-Sasuke," she moaned, her words coming out in broken gasps as she bounced up and down.

Dark lashes fluttered open to reveal black eyes glazed over with desire and Sakura was fairly certain that if he hadn't been held down, he might have flipped her over and screwed her brains out. She was currently grateful for their current position that forced him to contain his animalistic urges.

She leaned forward even farther, pressing her bosom more fully to Naruto's suckling mouth as she stretched towards Sasuke and captured his parted lips with her own. The fevered moan he let out as her tongue dueled with his only spurred Sakura on to ride him harder, her nails sinking into the flesh of Naruto's pecs as the spring in the pit of her stomach began to tighten with renewed intensity.

The kunoichi hadn't kissed Sasuke all night and she reveled in his dark, masculine taste as it spread over her tongue. She nibbled briefly on his lower lip before diving back in to plunder his mouth all over again as he growled and moaned against her mouth.

She broke the kiss when Naruto switched his attention to her other breast and began to suck the nipple he had abandoned. Sakura tossed her head back and groaned at the sensation of the blonde's sharp, even teeth scraping against her flesh. She could feel his own erect manhood rubbing against her belly and realized she had been neglecting him in her attempts to appease Sasuke.

She reached between their sweat slicked bodies and wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft that was so hot to the touch she thought it might burn her. Slowly, she began to slide her hand up and down, building speed until she was jerking him in time with her thrusting hips. Naruto's throaty growl vibrated around the puckered nipple between his teeth and Sakura shivered in delight as he continued to suck and nibble with renewed fervor.

Sasuke's head was spinning as he tried to cope with the pleasurable sensations being forced upon him as well as Naruto's sweaty skin sliding on his, which in all truth, wasn't as unpleasant as he though it would be. The sounds of wet suction as Naruto worked Sakura's breasts as well as the noises emanating from her dripping core were threatening to push him over the edge. Trying to anchor himself and gain some sort of control over his body, his hands came around to grip Naruto's biceps tightly as he ground out Sakura's name through clenched teeth.

The kunoichi knew Sasuke was close. She had been with both of them enough times to pick up on telltale signs that signaled their release. Before the Uchiha could reach completion, Sakura lifted her hips off his shaft completely and repositioned her hips to engulf Naruto into her body in one swift move.

Immediately, the room was filled with renewed moans as Naruto cried out at suddenly being inside a woman's body while Sakura savored the way his thick shaft stretched her in ways Sasuke's didn't. The moan of the Sharingan user was one of pure frustration but the kunoichi did her best to ease his sense of loss by reaching behind her to pump his cock with her hand as she began to bounce enthusiastically on Naruto's throbbing member.

The whiskered blonde released Sakura's captive nipple from between his teeth and fell back against Sasuke's chest, panting and moaning without inhibition as Sakura had her way with him. The Uchiha was too caught up in the sensations that the kunoichi's hands wrought on him to complain, flexing his hips as he sought further stimulation.

The pink haired medic had never felt so sexy and powerful as she did right now as she surveyed the view below her that was surely every girl's ultimate fantasy. She had not one, but two hot, sweating men with the bodies of a couple of Greek gods hungry for her touch, both writhing beneath her and calling her name as their well defined muscled jumped and quivered beneath silky skin. Watching Naruto run his tongue over dry pink lips as he looked at her with hooded eyes nearly sent her over the edge, but she managed to hold on and lift her hips off of him, only to impale herself once again on Sasuke's still rigid member.

Sakura moaned as he touched new places deep within her and moved the hand that had been on Sasuke to Naruto, letting her thumb draw circles around the slit at his tip before wrapping around the base to pump up and down.

And so it continued. Every time either of the male ninja's was on the verge of cumming inside her, she would switch and begin riding the other while continuing to stimulate them with her hand, bringing them temporarily away from the edge. The alternate feelings of Naruto's width and Sasuke's length had Sakura going crazy and she found it very hard to stop the momentum of her hips and shift partners when she was often on the brink of orgasm herself.

Sasuke still held onto Naruto's upper arms in a grip that was constantly tightening and there was no doubt that there would be ten, neat finger shaped bruises in the morning but at the moment, none of them seemed to care as Sakura forced them to endure pleasured anticipation for what seemed like forever.

Up. Down. Up. Down. Her hips drove on faster and faster and were moving on their own now, bringing Sakura closer to her own released as she tried for the deepest penetration possible. Sasuke's cock inside her was hitting a spot deep within that caused intense color to flash before her vision with every thrusts of her pelvis. She could feel they were both close and even Naruto, who was only receiving the services of her hand, was at the edge as well.

"Sakura," the dark haired shinobi groaned out. "Don't stop this time. I think I'll go crazy if you do."

The kunoichi fixed deep emerald eyes made dark by lust on the man she had chased for nearly a decade.

"Cum." She ordered in a broken whisper, suddenly overcome with the desire to feel him release inside of her.

One thrust of her hips, then two. And then another. The fourth brought with it the strangled moans of Sasuke's orgasm as he emptied himself into her womb.

Sakura watched his eyes squeeze shut and moaned as she felt hot liquid shoot inside her and coat her inner walls. But before the Uchiha even had a chance to go limp within her, the warmth and tightness of her womanhood was gone and she was on Naruto again, bouncing with renewed vigor as she strove to bring both of them to completion.

"Ah! Sakura! Oh god…!"

The Kyuubi container hadn't thought it possible but Sakura was even hotter and wetter around him, probably do to the seed that had just been poured into her but Naruto was so heated that he didn't even care. He brought his hands to hips and tried to thrust up into her but couldn't do much with Sasuke beneath him, leaving the woman atop him in control.

His thickness stretching her tightness proved to be her undoing. She could only bounce a few more times before she felt her world dissolve into blinding white pleasure. She couldn't breath, couldn't think and didn't try to as she rode the waves of her third and most intense orgasm of the night. She could feel her inner walls undulate around the cock inside her, every contraction sending pleasure coursing through her body to resonate in her clit, the tips of her nipples and even tingle in her fingers and toes. If she was screaming, she didn't know it as she was washed away by the torrent of pleasure.

Naruto was so close to cumming he could hardly stand it but could do nothing to bring himself there any faster. The second Sakura's muscles clamped around him however, he knew he was lost. Immediately something tightened deep within him and a burst of raw, hot pleasure burned through his veins as he felt his body empty into Sakura's in a series of scalding pulsations, his fingers digging into her hips as he arched against her as much as he could.

It seemed like the pleasure took forever to recede, and yet, it was over much too soon as Sakura collapsed forward onto Naruto's chest, oblivious of the fact that they were still joined in the most intimate of ways and that all three of their combined fluids were leaking out from the between their interlocked bodies.

"Wow." The blond managed to gasp once he was capable of speech again, letting his arms slide lazily over her back to wrap around her. "If that's how it's going to be when you're in charge, you can have me any way you like every night!"

"Well, I didn't exactly plan this." Sakura giggled softly, turning her head so the pale hairs on his chest ticked her cheek.

"Naruto, I've put up with you sitting on me for Sakura's sake but I want your big ass off me NOW." had come a voice from below them.

Sakura couldn't help but notice his voice didn't hold the contempt that it sometimes did and she wondered if a mind blowing orgasm had anything to do with it.

Sakura found herself being rolled off to the side along with Naruto, the whiskered man muttering something as he did so. She didn't catch all of it but it was something about Sasuke being a big whiner and having obvious insecurities about his sexuality. Before she could hear any more however, the Uchiha silenced him by threatening to shove the kunai still soaking in the bowl of water straight up his ass.

Sakura was thankful when neither of the men continued the argument and were content to bask in the afterglow instead.

She nuzzled her face against Naruto's chest and sighed in satisfaction, loving the feeling of the two warm bodies pressed to her, but all too soon she felt the blonde rolling away.

"Naruto, what are you…"

"I'm not going to stay inside you all night Sakura." He smiled gently as he let his flaccid length slip out of her.

Instantly, Sakura reddened as she felt sticky liquid seep down her thighs but Sasuke was already there with a washcloth he had pulled from the night stand. He had come to know just how messy their love making could get and had made preparations accordingly.

Dipping the cloth in the bowl of water, he moved between her legs and began to wipe away the remains of their passion as Naruto stroked her hair.

"Sorry," Sakura mumbled, still blushing furiously. "It's probably pretty gross down there."

"Don't apologize." Sasuke answered simply as he let the cool cloth pass over her outer lips. "Besides," he added with smirk, lifting his eyes to meet hers. "We're the ones that made such a mess of you."

"And I would make a mess of you again in a heartbeat." Naruto chuckled against her ear as his fingers combed through soft bubblegum tresses.

"Yeah, too bad you have to sleep now." Sasuke said as he let the cloth slip into the cleft of her vagina, wiping away the thick liquid residing there. "There are plenty of other things we could do to you but I guess if you're too tired…"

Sakura couldn't help but shiver as the rough texture of the cloth ran over her clit, still swollen from previous events.

Her reaction did not go unnoticed and Sasuke slid the cloth over her again, making the act seem innocent as he wiped her clean.

Naruto immediately picked up on what the Uchiha was doing and joined in the mission of trying to arouse Sakura all over again, kissing and licking her neck while his broad palm smoothed over her taunt stomach.

"You guys…" Sakura whimpered, realizing a little too late that they weren't done with her yet. "My shift is early. I need to rest so I—ahh!"

Sasuke had laid the cloth over her clit and was letting his thumb brush back and fourth over the slippery pearl, grinding the rough, wet material against her. All too soon her breath was coming in short pants.

If she had really wanted to, she probably could have summoned the strength for a punch that would have sent one of them flying, but the feeling of their hands and lips on her was so much more appealing than starting a brawl in Sasuke's bedroom.

As Sasuke pulled her legs further part and lowered his head to let his tongue replace the cloth and his thumb, Sakura realized she couldn't imagine her life any other way. The three of them were connected by bonds of a tremendous magnitude she doubted any of them quite understood. She knew she loved them and hell, she might even be IN love with them…both of them, and while that would have been endlessly complicated and devastating to a team in any other situation, with the three of them, it just seemed to work. She didn't dare try and explain it and she found she didn't really need to know the mechanics of it. They were simply hers and she was theirs. They were night and day, light and dark and she was the sunset, the sunrise that connected them. They wouldn't…couldn't be apart now because to lose one would be to lose a part of her self and she knew they felt the same. Their connection was so much more than physical and if that's what it meant to be in love, then she supposed that she was madly, deeply, irreversibly in love with them and they with her, even if Sasuke would never admit it.

As she felt the wet caress of Sasuke's tongue on her inner thigh and Naruto's lips on her neck, she was infinitely grateful for the decision to group the three of them together as Team 7 all those years ago, even though she had hated it at the time. But now, in the arms of these two friends turned lovers, she knew that she was undoubtedly the luckiest girl in the world.

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