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"Dean, when's Dad getting back?" Sam asked his big brother for what seemed like the hundredth time.

The brothers were staying in another of a long lime of crappy hotels, this time in northern Mississippi while their dad was off on a hunt.

"Sammy, what day is today?" asked a slightly exasperated Dean.

"Thursday," answered Sammy.

"And when did Dad say he would be home?" asked Dean.

"Friday," replied Sammy.

"What day is tomorrow?" prodded Dean.

"Friday, That mean's Dad's getting back tomorrow." replied Sammy rather pleased with himself for figuring it out.

"Okay Sammy, its time for bed. Do you want me to read you a story?" offered Dean.

"Dean, what does Dad do when he's away?" asked Sam.

Dean let out a small sigh. He knew this was coming. Sam was bound to want to know what their father did when he went on a trip, but he felt his brother was too young to understand what hunting was all about. Plus it would probably give the poor kid nightmares.

"Don't you want me to read you a story?" asked Dean trying to avoid Sam's question.

"You didn't answer me Dean," said Sammy.

Dean sat there for a moment trying to figure out a satisfactory answer to his brother's question. One he could understand, but wouldn't frighten him. Their dad had always tried to keep Sam's knowledge of what he did to the bare minimum. At only six, John felt Sam was too young to understand what he did. Plus a part of him was a little reluctant to shatter his son's innocence. Poor Dean's seemed to die right along with Mary, but Sammy still had his. John wanted to keep it that way, at least for a little while longer. Dean felt that same way too.

"Sammy you know King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table," said Dean knowing Sammy's favorite toy at the moment was a King Arthur Lego set that was a birthday gift from Pastor Jim. "Well Dad's like one of the Knights of the Round Table. He's away saving people."

"Does he slay dragons?" asked Sammy, his eyes wide in amazement.

"Something like that," replied Dean, not mentioning that poltergeists and wendigos weren't really anything like dragons.

"Dean, we don't have a round table," said Sam wondering how his dad could be a knight if they didn't have a round table.

Dean thought about that for a moment before answering. "We have the Impala."

"The Impala's not the same thing as a round table," countered Sam.

"No, it's a lot better than a round table," said Dean.

"What's Dad's knight name?" asked Sam.

"Sir John of the Impala," answered Dean.

Instead of reading his brother a book, Dean told him a story about Sir John riding around in his Impala battling evil to save the good people of the kingdom. Sam fell asleep clutching his Sir Galahad Lego man, who from now on was named Sir John.


John Winchester was weary from his hunt and glad to be back at the motel. He wanted nothing more than to spend some quality time with his boys and take a long nap. Knocking three times on the door, he waited for one of the boys to ask him for the code word.

"What's the code word?" asked Sammy.

"AC/DC rocks," replied John. It had been Dean's turn to pick the code word.

Undoing the chain and unlocking the lock, Sam opened up the door to reveal his father. Being careful as not to disturb the salt line in the doorway, John entered the room and closed the door behind him.

"Welcome back Sir John of the Impala," said Sammy just before he put his arms out to hug his father.

John reached down and pulled his youngest up into his arms and squeezed him tight. He glanced over at Dean for an explanation of Sam's strange words.

"It's a long story Dad," was Dean's answer.

The End

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