Okay, this is not a High school fic, the setting is in a high school. The difference is the focus isn't in students and classes. It's the teacher and student relationship. This fic came about because of my three shady math teachers who are very suspicious together. So, that's that. I wasn't planning on this, it just happened. Take care

Naruto looked away from the teacher guiltily. It happened again. Biting his lip he looked away from the scene before him.

Itachi was leaning back against the wall. Eyes closed, there was a look of slight annoyance. Naruto forced himself not to make eye contact.

"Naruto-kun is there a reason that you weren't in class for the last few weeks?"

Looking at his locker that was across from Itachi and the wall he was leaning on. He walked up to it. Opening his locker he grabbed his things his day was over. Naruto answered his high school math teacher.

"No particular reason sensei." "You know how we lazy students skip classes."

"If you weren't coming to school at all, but you have me seventh period and you are going to all the rest of your classes. You even give a classmate your work that is due. Before now you showed up to every class on time and participated in every class. So it would be natural to assume a student like you had some sort of problem."

"There's no problem." Naruto said, shutting his locker. Straightening up his asked, "If there's nothing else Sensei I would like to leave now."

"You're staying after Naruto."

"What? Why?"

"Give me a reason or you're staying after."

"Fine. I don't mind staying after. Promise to give me a ride?" Naruto looked directly at him for the first time since the conversation began. He smiled like he use to.


"Thanks sensei." Naruto said happily and bounced off to Itachi's classroom. Itachi followed after. Naruto put down his stuff and sat on top of a desk. Of course where there is Itachi and free time there was Kisame.

Kisame was the swim teacher and enjoyed throwing kids in the cold water, and listening to them scream from the lack of heat in the water. When someone didn't know how to swim Kisame took pride in 'teaching' them. Mostly the almost drowning was what he liked, you could tell that from his evil smirk. Just like was expected Kisame comes into the classroom.

"Brat? What you doing here? You're usually pretty good."

"Meh, ask him" Naruto said while pointing at Itachi.

"He's been avoiding me like the plague for the last few weeks and stopped coming to class."

"Eh? That's not like you at all brat. What's wrong? You seemed to like school."

In response he just rolled his eyes.

"Grade these papers." Itachi said and dropped the stack of papers of his desk with the answer keys. Sighing Naruto got to work.

"Well? Brat, is someone messing with you? Is it someone in your class?"

"Yes. His name's Kisame."

Smack! Kisame's hand hit the back of Naruto's head.

"Kisame-san. Leave him alone."

"Whatever" replied Kisame and moved toward Itachi. They talked in low voices, and Naruto couldn't tell what they were saying. Since no one was talking to him he let his mind go.

'Well at least I'm fine. It will all be fine. He won't find out why I've been avoiding him.'