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No. They weren't going to die. NO. She refused to let fate capture her family. She knew what she was going to attempt was dangerous, but if she died in the process, it would be better than all of them. She shifted the car into reverse and rammed her foot on the gas. She quickly turned the wheel urging the car to back off the road into a gap between the trees, a safe place. The flames reached out towards the car's passenger side, but were still a fair few feet short thanks to Calleigh's reaction. Then the worst happened, the worst-case scenario. A few feet from the grassy siding, a pickup truck, desperately trying to stop, swerved, clipping the front of the people carrier's driver side, sending the car into an uncontrollable spin, the world whirring around and around, the flames melting into the surroundings till all that could be seen from the car was a orange, yellow and sky blue blur. Suddenly, the world stopped revolving. The car thudded into a palm tree, the driver door crushed by the weight of the rest of the car's crumpled metal. Glass shattered, plastic warped, metal creased, silence only covered by the roar of the flames and the whirr of the sirens. Eric was trapped. He couldn't move, he couldn't breathe. He was enclosed. He was terrified. He dragged himself away from the wreckage that was their car and attempted to compose himself on the grass verge. A tiny, petrified voice tore him from his concussion.


Eric rushed towards the voice, wrenching the back door off its hinges in desperation to get to his possibly injured children. The car was a ruin. By some gift of god, the back seat had remained intact (As opposed to the rest of the car) and the children seemed relatively unscathed. The front passenger seat had shot backward when they hit the tree, the reason for Jessica hugging her legs becoming apparent. If she hadn't, the seat would have crushed her legs. He quickly undid both girls' seatbelts, and helped them clamber out of the car, and placed them quickly on the grass, scanning them for any signs of injury. Satisfied that neither of them were in any mortal danger, he went around to the passenger door, the only viable entrance to the driver's side, the only access point to Calleigh. It was only when he entered the car once more he realised just how badly she was injured. Blood gushed from a wound on her head, running down her blond hair, onto her arm, resting on the twisted metal limply. Cut's and bruises plastered her arms and a large piece of the car's roof was laid on her chest. He shifted it gently, as not to hurt her even though she was clearly unconscious and carried her lifeless, tiny, frail body from the car and laid her down on the cool grass where she was promptly surrounded by two girls, eager to know how their mom was. Eric couldn't restrain a tiny tear as her cradled her unresponsive form. Even as the Emergency services arrived, he remained immobile, praying that she was going to pull through. Before he knew it, Alexx was looking at the girls' cuts at the hospital, trying in vain to get him to see a doctor. Instead, he sat staring into space, asking himself why he didn't drive the car that morning, why he didn't insist, how it was all his fault that the love of his life was hanging by a thread in surgery, mentally punishing himself for not doing more to save her from this grim destiny.

"It's no good reprimanding yourself, you know." Jessica whispered, sitting next to him in the waiting room.

"I know. I feel so guilty." He sighed, suddenly realising they were missing someone, "Where's Emily?"

"Alexx is sorting out the cut on her arm." She said, glancing across the corridor to where Emily was sat on the examination table, happily sucking a lollipop, blissfully unaware of the danger her mother was in. A nurse suddenly blocked the view.

"Mr Delko?" She asked, gazing down at him.

"Yes. How is she? Is she going to be OK?" He replied, jumping up, the immense worry conveying in his voice.

"She's sustained some very bad injuries, but she's going to be absolutely fine." The nurse smiled. Eric released a breath he hadn't even realised he had been holding, noticeably relaxing. Jessica leapt up and ran out of the room, presumably across the hall to tell Alexx the good news.

"You can go in and see her if you like." The nurse added, leaving the waiting room. He didn't need to be told twice.

Light cascaded through the open window, illuminating the pale sheets against her pale skin, glinting off the various wires attached to the life support equipment, a steady beep emitting from the heart monitor. He couldn't stop a faint gasp emanating as he stared down at her fragile, pale body – a Calleigh he'd never seen before. So weak, so helpless. Almost like an abandoned kitten. He sat in the chair next to her bed and watched her sleep for the longest time, her rhythmic breathing soothing his soul, frayed with worry. Hours passed like minutes, the last rays of the setting sun illuminating her angelic slumbering features, red beams reflecting off of her glossy blonde locks, framing her face. Eventually he decided to leave the room, even though it broke his heart to do it.

"Eric? Are you going to be OK, Honey? I can watch the girls for tonight if you want." Alexx whispered once he was outside the room, softly closing the door.

"No thanks, Alexx. I think the girls are the only thing keeping me sane right now." He said walking down the corridor, hand in hand with Jessica, "Where's Emily?"

"I thought she was with you." She stated, glancing around the corridor. Eric began to panic. Calleigh had been away 10 hours and he had already lost the youngest. The event just made the realisation that he had become dependent on her even deeper.

"I'll go talk to reception." Alexx yelled, already half way down the corridor. He quickly glanced around again but nothing could be seen through the swarms of people marching down the corridor. One of his hands suddenly became cold as Jessica pushed through the crowd towards her mothers room, beckoning her father to follow. She steadily pushed open the door, as not to disturb the scene unfolding inside. For the second time that day, Eric gasped at what he saw … and heard. A tiny voice, a sweet articulation, the voice of an angel sounded from inside the darkened room.

"All the flowers that you planted, mama, in the back yard, all died when you went away." Emily sang softly, her feet dangling from the chair next to her mother's bed, wiping her eyes with a tissue. Footsteps made her turn, her father steadily making his way towards her.

"Mummy sings to me when I can't sleep. I thought it might wake her up." She cried, totally ignoring the breathy gasp issuing from her mother.

"It worked, baby." Calleigh whispered, a move she quickly regretted as two little girls jumped on her, happy giggles issuing from them, "You've got a fantastic gift. Just like your sister."

Eric couldn't help smiling when Emily stuck her tongue out at Jessica, who retaliated by smiling sarcastically (Emily hadn't quite got the hang of sarcasm, but Calleigh thought it was going to be interesting when she did)

"I told you she was going to be a singer." Calleigh told Eric as she embraced him, holding onto him, urging him to take them far away, a place where no obstacles could stand between them and becoming a family, a place where fate wouldn't try and pull them apart, a place where they could be safe together.

"Well, you know what Yazz said." Emily laughed, only to be met by blank stares (They weren't as big on music as she was) so, sighing, she decided to elaborate.

"The only way is up."

The End

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