Let's stop for a bit

"Can we stop for a rest?" Rin whined. "I'm tired from traveling so long."

"Why are you complaining? At least you get to ride Ah-Un. I should be the one complaining," Jaken grumbled.

Just then, Rin looked up ahead and exclaimed, "Oh! Let's stop at that meadow over there! Then I can pick lots and lots of flowers!" She grinned giddily at the prospect of so many flowers, then added, "Please?"

Sessho-Maru said nothing, but he led Ah-Un over there. Rin gave a cry of joy before hopping off Ah-Un and immersing herself in the field.

" lord…shouldn't we be looking for Naraku?" Jaken protested.

"…That can wait," Sessho-Maru replied.

"Well, I don't see why we should stop our search just so Rin can pick flowers," Jaken continued. "It's just a waste of time, since we never bring them with us and they're only left there to rot—"

Unexpectedly, Jaken found himself being forcibly flung at a tree. He was then raised up close to Sessho-Maru's hateful face. "Don't ever say that again!" he snarled before flinging him to the ground and storming away. As Jaken struggled to get his thoughts clear, he still trembled from the fury he had just beheld. 'I've never seen Lord Sessho-Maru this angry before,' he thought, wondering what it was he said that could have enraged him so.

Sessho-Maru slumped down onto the shaded grass beneath an old, withered tree. He didn't mean to react so violently to what Jaken said, but he didn't want to remember when…

"Lord Sessho-Maru!" Rin cried, disrupting his thoughts. She ran towards him with an arm full of freshly picked flowers. "Do you huff mind if I huff leave these here huff while I go pick more?" she panted.


"Thanks!" Rin put them beside his fluffy before running off once more. Sessho-Maru watched her frolic among the flowers for a while before turning his gaze on the flowers she left by his side. There were a few pinks, several yellows, and one or two were red. They were very simple to look at, and their smell was not unique. It seemed to blend in with all the other flowers' in the meadow. It was very soothing, and it brought him back to his very first memory of being in a meadow himself, collecting these very same flowers and smelling this very same fragrance with his mother.

Author's Note: Sorry it took so long to put this up (for any of you who were waiting). School was busy (same old excuse) and, dare I say it? I forgot to upload it last week instead, it is now! I know this is kind of incomplete, but more will follow next week!