Title: I'll play you for it
Author: What'sLeftOfABizarreChildhood
Genre: Romance
Rating: M
Summary: Ron's tired of being Uke and challenges Harry for the role of Seme. But Harry wont give up his top spot with out a fight! One-Shot.
Warnings: This story will contain a SLASH pairing people!!! Which translates into huge amounts of GAYNESS on the main character's parts!!! So if you're one of those homophobic closed minded types, leave now!!! That was your only warning.
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own any of these characters. I wish I did, though many of you probably don't cause I'd hella turn the series into a bunch romance novels. XD Plus I'd be rich off my arse!
A/N: I don't usually go for this pairing but it just popped into my head during French class and it was so cute I just couldn't not write it down.

"Check mate."
Harry blinked, sighed and slumped back into his chair. He glared at the broken pieces that used to be his king.
"You know Harry, in the nine years I've known you, your chess skills haven't improved very much." Ron said, grinning broadly.
"Which is really a big surprise, since you make me play nearly every day." Harry grumbled while leaning on the arm of his chair and resting his chin in his palm.
Ron gave an overly dramatic gasp and made a mock hurt face. "You mean you don't like playing with me?"
Harry lifted his head to look at Ron. After a silent moment his expression turned from irritated to a leer. "Of course not Ron! I love playing with you." He purred, leaning across the small coffee table and brushing his fingers over the other man's cheek.
Ron's face flushed, his ears turning red as well. Harry loved the way that, even after four years of being lovers, he could still make Ron blush so easily.
Harry stood and slowly circled the small table to join his lover on the couch. He leaned close tilting Ron's head to the side and started to trail small kisses, light nips and gentle sucks from his jaw down his neck to his collarbone, earning him a low, guttural moan.
Ron's hand came up to tangle in Harry's wild, black hair. His body arching in a silent plea for more touches, for more of that delicious contact.
Harry started unbuttoning Ron's shirt, running gentle fingers over the newly exposed flesh. Still kissing his neck, Harry started to lean Ron back on the couch while simultaneously positioning himself between his legs. His own confined erection brushed a similar bulge in the other's pants.
"Wait, Ron gasped out, placing a hand on Harry's chest to still him.
Harry gazed down at him clearly confused.
"What? What's wrong?"
Ron dropped his gaze, blushing madly. He mumbled something unintelligible, still not looking up at the other man.
Harry smiled tenderly at his lover. His friend. Then he lifted Ron's chin with two fingers and placed a small chaste kiss on his lips. When he pulled away he looked straight into his eyes and spoke softly, reassuringly, "Come on love. You can tell me. What's on your mind?"
Ron just stared at him for a moment then, gathering his courage he spoke, "I want to try something different tonight."
Harry raised his eyebrows at this. "That's it? You've never had a problem saying that before. What so different this time?"
"I want to top." Ron replied firmly.
Harry stared for a moment, Ron's words not registering right away. Then he sat up, his own face now red.
"You want to… b-but I always..." He stammered lamely, thinking, trying to think of a way to get through this with out bottoming. Then he just said simply, but adamantly, "No."
Ron stared shocked.
"What? Why not?!" He exclaimed, frustrated.
"Because." Harry replied, rather childishly.
"Because why?" Ron demanded.
"Because. I always top." he replied matter-of-factly.
Ron spluttered incoherently for a moment then said in an irritated tone, "That's not any real reason!"
But Harry just sat there, his arms crossed and his expression determined. He would not bottom. Even if he did love Ron, he just wouldn't do it. He had always been the dominant one in the relationship, and it would just feel… Not quite right, to play the submissive role.
Realizing that Harry wasn't going to give in, Ron slid over to the other side of the couch. He leaned on the armrest, trying to think of a way to get his stubborn lover to do what he wanted him to do. Then an idea came to him.
"I'll play you for it."
Harry looked up, surprised and a bit puzzled.
"Play me for what?" He questioned cautiously.
"The top position tonight."
Harry thought about it for a moment.
"What would we play?"
"What? You afraid you'll lose?" Ron goaded, ginning at him.
"No! I just don't want to, okay?" Harry answered, glaring.
Ron crawled seductively towards Harry. Then, while supporting himself on the back and the arm of the couch, he leaned over him. Not making contact with him though, he leaned his head in until his mouth was almost touching Harry's ear and whispered, "Oh but Harry, I think you are. You're afraid. Because you know you can't beat me." With this he gave a little nip to Harry's earlobe.
Harry breathed in sharply. Leaning back he looked Ron square in the eye. After a while he nodded hesitantly.
"Alright, we'll play." He said determinedly.
Ron grinned wickedly. He turned to set the board up again while Harry moved back to his chair.
Harry played as best he could. He thought long and hard before each move, though it didn't help much. Ron was just better at this than he was.
How was he ever going to win?
The only way would be to-
No! Harry wouldn't cheat. He was an honorable and chivalrous Gryffindor! Not a cunning and conniving Slytherin! But if he didn't how would he beat Ron? He had to figure out a way! There was no way Harry was going to bottom.
Then it hit him. Like, excuse the bad pun, lightening to the brain.
It wasn't cheating per se. It wouldn't even be intentional, as far as Ron would know.
Harry would just have to get Ron's mind off the game, and onto more interesting things.
Grinning evilly on the inside Harry started to pull at the collar of his t-shirt. "Is it a bit warm in here? Or is it just me?"
Ron looked up at him, then considered for a moment, "No not really why? You hot?"
"Yeah." He replied, grabbing the hem of his shirt and lifting it over his head and tossing it nonchalantly to the floor. Harry sat back, now completely naked from the waist up, with a slight smile. His abs and arms were tanned and well toned from his training as an Auror.
He glanced up at Ron to see him staring, with hungry eyes. "Much better." Harry sighed, "Your turn."
"Right." He murmured, shaking his head slightly. His face had a slight flush once again.
Harry took to chewing sensually on his lower lip, running his fingers through his hair or rubbing his finger over the pieces in what could be taken as an obscene way, while he thought about his next move. During Ron's turns he would fidget in his seat, shifting from one seductive position to another.
Harry would occasionally look up to catch Ron leering at him. Then Ron's eyes would dart back to the board and he'd hasten to make a move.
The game started to go gradually better for Harry, and worse for Ron.
Getting Ron so flustered was so much fun that Harry was almost sorry to see it end.
"Check mate." He declared to a stunned Ron.
"What?!" Ron asked astonished, "How? You never win!"
"I guess I just got lucky this time." Harry replied, a sweet smile plastered on his face. The smile quickly turned to a lascivious smirk as he stood, hoisted Ron up and crushed their lips together in a demanding, passionate kiss. As they pulled apart, breathing heavily Harry leaned in to nuzzle at Ron's neck, just below his ear. He whispered softly, as his hands snaked around to squeeze Ron's arse possessively, "Looks like I'm still on top."

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