Title: I'll play you for it (Ch 2, Who's the real winner?)

Author: What'sLeftOfABizarreChildhood

Genre: Romance

Rating: Mature


Warnings: This story will contain a SLASH pairing people!! Which translates into huge amounts of GAYNESS on the main character's parts!! So if you're one of those homophobic closed minded types, leave now!! That was your only warning.

Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own any of these characters. I wish I did, though many of you probably don't cause I'd hella turn the series into a bunch romance novels. XD Plus I'd be rich off my arse!

A/N: Okay, so I'd originally intended this to be a one-shot, but I got a few reviews saying that they wanted another chapter. One that shows Harry being 'Tops.' That got me thinking and then one boring day in 6th period it just kind of wrote itself. So let that be a lesson to you all! Writing reviews gets you what you want!! XP

"Aw! Come on Ron! It's not so bad now, is it?"

Ron huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. Looking for all the world like a petulant child who'd been denied a shiny new toy they'd seen in a store front window.

Harry almost felt bad for winning.


"I'll let you be on top, yeah?"

Rom's face reddened again at his offer. "It's not the same!" He nearly pouted, his bottom lip sticking out ever so slightly.

Harry's cock gave a sudden jerk at the sight. He'd never been able to resist 'the pouty face.'

Slowly Harry stood and moved around the small table to where Ron sat. He raised one hand and cupped Ron's cheek. Ron closed his eyes and leaned into the touch. Smiling Harry stepped over his legs and sat behind him on the couch, wrapping his arms around the red heads waist. He began to kiss, nibble and lick the taller man's neck while one hand was busy with the fly of Ron's jeans.

Delighting in the small gasps and breathy moans that were coming from his love Harry moved his mouth up to his ear and whispered, his lips lightly brushing over the soft skin, "See? It's not so bad at all. I'd actually say you're enjoying it." As he said the last part his hand slipped under the waistband of Ron's jeans and boxers to wrap around hard, heated flesh.

Another gasp leading into a moan from Ron was all the assurance Harry needed.

Ron wasn't liking this.

He was loving it!

Grinning to himself Harry allowed his free hand to come up slip inside the unbuttoned shirt and begin toying and tweaking one of Ron's nipples. By now Ron's moaning had become a slur of yes', mores, Harry's and other unintelligible pleas.

Then Harry gave his cock a light squeeze and his hips jerked forward into his hand then back, straight into Harry's groin. Ripping a ragged moan from Harry's own throat.

Unable to stand it any longer Harry stood up quickly pulling a startled Ron with him. He spun the redhead around and crushed their lips together in a scorching kiss.

Not breaking the kiss he began to lead his lover back, towards the hall, and their bedroom.

Harry'd always loved the way Ron tasted. It was almost a sweet taste. Probably from all the Honeyduke's treats he ate. But whatever it was, it was intoxicating. It made Harry crazy and light headed. It almost felt like falling.

Then his backside hit the floor, hard.

And he realized he had been falling.

Ron's unfastened pants had fallen down and gotten caught around his ankles, causing him to trip. And since he and Harry had been practically attached at the lips, Harry'd gone down with him.

For a moment Harry just stared up at Ron's shocked face. Then he bust out laughing, which caused Ron's expression to turn to one of confusion.

Harry the leaned up and recaptured the other's lips in another kiss. This one gentler, more tender than the last.

Harry's hands came up to pull Ron's shirt down his shoulders and off of him completely. Moving to nibble on one earlobe he ran his fingers slowly up Ron's sides, causing small shivers to travel up the redhead's spine and a gasp to escape his parted lips.

Reaching down Harry unfastened his own pants and grabbing the bands of both his Ron's pants he pushed them both down and off the rest of the way.

He let out a low groan as he felt his lover's erection brush against his own. He lifted his knees up, spreading Ron's until the taller man was sitting astride him. Then hold onto his hips Harry began to rock his own, creating glorious friction as the cocks rubbed back and forth.

Soon he no longer needed to thrust, as Ron started to role his hips slowly in a rhythmic pattern. His lips parted, little breathy moans, sighs and pleas falling from his lips like water from a stream.

"Beautiful." Harry growled as he raised one hand and wordlessly summoned a jar of lube from their bedroom down the hall. Tightening his grip on Ron's hips he topped the redhead before he could finish.

Ron let out a small whine in protest and bucked his hips trying to continue, but Harry had a strong hold on him. He ran his hand up Ron's back leaning him forward so that he rested on Harry's chest. Then bringing the jar up he unscrewed the top and dipped his fingers into the gooey liquid. Scooping out and ample amount he let some drip into the cleft of Ron's arse. The redhead shivered at the feel of the cool goo. Harry set the jar aside and began to tease his lover's entrance with his slicked fingers.

A needy moan escaped Ron's lips, his breathe ghosting over Harry's ear sending a shiver all the way down to his toes. Ron tried desperately to push back onto those probing digits, but to no avail, Harry held him still once more.

"Patience love." Harry whispered nuzzling Ron's neck kissing and nibble lightly. He slipped the first finger inside the tight opening. Ron cried out and arced against him. He began to babble again, mostly incoherent slurs but Harry picked up a few words like now, more, please, let me.

Smiling Harry released his hold on his lover and the taller man began to rock back and forth, impaling himself onto Harry's finger. He added a second and third, turning and scissoring them as the other moved. When his fingertips brushed against Ron's prostate he jerked sharply letting loose another low moan.

Harry decided then that he was prepared enough and withdrew his fingers.

"Sit up." He said his voice hoarse.

Ron lifted himself up to give Harry room. He used the extra lube on his fingers to slick himself up. Then taking Ron's hand he led it to his erection he said with his eyes heavy lidded with lust, "Guide me in."

Ron took him gently in hand and positioned himself over his cock. He leaned down and captured Harry's lips in another kiss as he slowly slid down his length. Harry's hands came up to run along his side, then finally to stop at his buttocks spreading them apart, to allow him in deeper. Ron set the rhythm, slow and leisurely he moved up and down, riding his love.

Harry move his legs up and Ron leaned back angling himself he braised one hand on his knee and one on his chest for more leverage. Ron moved down and let loose another cry as his prostate was hit again. He began to move faster, going down harder, losing the slow pattern he'd set, for more hurried and fervid one. Harry trust up his hips with every down stroke of Ron's and began to stroke his weeping erection with one hand using the redhead's own pre cum as more lubricant.

Harry felt the pleasure like a coil tightening in his lower abdomen, he was close. Ron was too, he could tell by the clenching of the muscles around his shaft.

Ron's head fell back and he screamed Harry's name as his orgasm hit, his release spilling out over both of their chests and his muscles tightening around Harry's erection. Almost painfully so. It was enough to send Harry over the edge as well. With a shout of his own Harry shot his seed deep into his lover.

Ron collapsed into Harry's arms and the rolled onto their sides. They lay there for a few moments, their eyes closed and chests heaving.

When he'd caught his breath Harry opened his eyes and watched Ron for a moment. His chest still rising and falling a bit fast, his eyes closed and a sated smile on his freckled face. Harry leaned over and placed a chaste kiss on his parted lips. "Bed?" he asked quietly.

The redhead hummed in agreement.

Silently Harry cast a wandless cleaning charm on them and the floor before climbing to his feet and extending a hand to Ron. As he help the other man to his feet he felt and ache in his backside. He rubbed his bum and stretched backwards to try and relieve the pain.

"What's wrong?" Ron asked worriedly.

"Nothing, I just think that fall bruised my bum." He replied with a frown.

Ron let out a laugh at this. Harry raised a brow at him, wondering why that was funny. But Ron just scooped up their clothes and walked towards the room the shared. As he walked away Harry could swear he heard Ron say, "Looks like I wont be the only one who's arse will be sore in the morning this time will I?"

Harry thought about that for a moment. He wouldn't-- couldn't have… Could he? No, not Ron. But still…

"Ron!" Harry yelled, limping down the hall after his lover. He could hear him laughing again inside the bedroom.

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