Author's note: I don't own Mysterious Ways, or Friends.

By: Taylorama

Summary: Peggy's joy is the base for Declan's next investigation. Partly based on the Friend's episode "The One Where Rachel Has a Baby."

"Peggy's Baby."

"This can't be happening," thought Peggy after taking an at-home pregnancy test. "I can't be pregnant. I haven't slept with anyone since my husband died."

She took two more, and they both came back positive. "Oh, my God. I can't believe this. I have to tell someone."

Slowly, she reached for the phone and dialed Declan's cell number.

"Hello?" answered Declan.

"Hi. I hope I'm not bothering you," she said, carefully choosing her words, and hoping that Declan couldn't see that she was nervous, but he could.

"What's wrong, Peg?" he asked with sudden alertness.

"I'm pregnant," she said really fast, then burst into tears.

"Oh, my God, I'm coming over," he said before hanging up, but Peggy couldn't hear him.

Five minutes later, Declan arrived at Peggy's doorstep with Miranda in tow. Declan was about to knock before Miranda said, "Don't you think the door would be open?"

"Why would she have her door open?" asked Declan.

Miranda opened Peggy's door, and Declan ran in.

"Oh Peggy, are you okay?" asked Miranda. Declan held her wordlessly for an hour, when Peggy could compose herself.

"You're really pregnant?" asked Declan.

"Yeah. I can't believe it," replied Peggy.

"But, you're not dating anyone, are you?" asked Miranda.

"No. I haven't been with anyone since my husband died," said Peggy.

Declan was about to say something, but Miranda stopped him.

"Let me guess: you have another investigation on our hands, am I right?"

"Is that how predictable I am?" said Declan.

"Yeah, pretty much," said Peggy with a smile. Even now she can't help smiling at Declan and Miranda.