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"This is bad," Miranda said to Declan. Peggy had cried herself to sleep, and Declan just sat there feeling helpless.

"You don't say," Declan replied "And for Peggy to go through this twice…." He let the sentence trail off.

Just the, Peggy woke up. She looked around and offered both Declan and Miranda with a faint smile. She didn't feel as sad as she was the day before. She heard Declan mutter something to Miranda and touched Peggy's arm.

"How are you feeling?" Declan asked.

"Better," she replied.

"So do you want to have a fu-" Declan began before Miranda gave him a hard nudge in his arm. "Ow!"

"Funeral? Not again. I don't think I could handle it," Peggy said as she closed her eyes, trying to forget those painful memories.

"Well, um, you can leave today. The doctors are done observing you," Miranda said, trying to change the subject, cringing on how wrong it sounded.

"I'm not sure if I could spend another night here," Peggy replied, opening her eyes an staring at the ceiling.

Three days later…

Peggy got some well-deserved sleep after her ordeal, Declan was still fuming over how he never got the nerve to tell her how he felt, and Miranda was….well, still Miranda.