Never Felt This Way


Note: OK, so I really wanted to write an HSM fic that started from a little before the beginning of the first movie, but twisted things up a little bit. Hope you enjoy it!


Gabriella held her breath in, her eyes amazed at the sight before her. Stepping carefully out of the cab and onto the walkway, she took in the humongous old-fashioned ski lodge before her, admiring the blanket of snow covering the grounds. Her fingers grasped the strap of her messenger bag and she let out an excited squeal as they walked into the lobby.

Gabriella was on winter break and she and her mother had decided to come to the Lodge for the entire vacation period of two weeks. Never before had they gone on such an extravagant vacation and it was going to last for two whole weeks. It was a sort of gift to Gabriella to make up for the fact that they had to move to a whole new town… yet again. While the Montez's were on their little excursion, their things were being shipped to their new home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

But right now, Gabriella didn't want to think about starting a brand new life in a foreign place. She wanted to enjoy this, to put all her nervous feelings aside and live in the present. She had two whole weeks to sort her feelings out and to have fun before regular life resumed again. And by gosh, she was going to enjoy it.

A bellhop came over to assist them after Ms. Montez checked in.

"Welcome to the Lodge, Ms. And Ms, Montez. May I assist you with your bags?" he asked politely.

Gabriella and her mother looked at each other their eyes twinkling with the joy of living a fantasy life. A life where people waited on them, where they didn't have to do anything for two whole weeks; could anything be better than this?

"Yes, thank you," Ms. Montez replied humbly, a slight Spanish accent in her voice.

The bellhop took the bags that lay in a heap on the lobby floor and placed them on the cart. He then ushered them to follow him down through the lobby and over to the elevators. He pressed number 6 and lights flashed yellow and bells dinged as the elevator made its way to the ground level.

Gabriella watched as the glass elevator descended down from the upper levels. She noticed a boy with caramel colored hair in snowboarding attire, a bag slung across his toned shoulders, riding in the elevator. As the elevator reached the lobby level, she noticed the boy had a gorgeous tan and piercing blue eyes that made her heart skip a beat. Gabby blushed as the boy exited the elevator and glanced her way. He gave her a smile small as he and his dad made their way through the lobby and out the huge oak doors.

Gabby smiled shyly back and then quickly hopped onto the elevator. She backed into a corner and closed her eyes. What had just gone on there? Was that some sort of look of approval? Did that guy think she was pretty?

She shook her head. What was she doing? She never did this stupid analyzing-a-boy's-every-move-thing that other girls did! Truthfully, Gabriella never even thought about boys. She had never had a boyfriend, had never been kissed and she really didn't care. She was much too focused on her schoolwork to worry about petty little things like crushes. She figured that when the time was right she would find her one true love and that would be that!

But now, Gabriella was feeling something she had never felt before. She had a crush… on this boy she didn't even know. One glance in her direction and she was smitten.

Gabby came back down to earth once she realized everyone was off the elevator except her. Gabby felt her face turn red as she ran to catch up with her mom and the bellhop. She couldn't believe how this was affecting her!

Gabby was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she almost ran into her mother, when they abruptly stopped in front of their door.

The bellhop turned towards the door and pulled a key out of his pocket, expertly unlocking the door. "A key for you both," he said handing both Gabby and her mom a key to the room.

He wheeled the cart in, placing their luggage in the closet and then said, "Enjoy your stay" as he exalted.

The room was absolutely gorgeous. Or should I say rooms. The Montez's stood inside the living/kitchen room. Yet there were also two bedrooms off the main room.

"Mom," Gabriella exclaimed as she walked into her very own room admiring the Victorian furniture, "I can't believe you booked a suite!"

Gabriella turned around and gave her mother a huge hug and kissed on the cheek.

"This is going to be the best Christmas and New Year's ever!" Gabriella cried.

It was December 24, just one more day till Christmas. Gabriella was so excited to spend Christmas in such an exciting place. And school didn't start till the 10th of January! She couldn't believe how long Albuquerque's winter break was.

Gabby walked back into the main room and her mouth dropped open at the sight of the ornamented Christmas tree in a corner of the room, the fireplace glowing merrily beside it. Gabby gently touched a small icicle ornament that hung from one of the branches when she noticed an envelope with her name on it. She tore open the letter and read it aloud to her mother:

Ms. Gabriella Montez you are cordially invited to the Lodge Christmas Party for Teens. This even will take place from 7 PM-1 AM in the Teen Game Room this Christmas Eve. Don't worry parents the teens will be supervised so the late hour of the party is nothing to be concerned about. Hope to see you there!

"Oh Gabby," Ms. Montez exclaimed. "Doesn't that sound like fun? You should go!"

"I don't know," Gabriella said softly. She really wasn't very into going to parties. She preferred to just read a book for the rest of the day.

"Oh come on Gabby," Ms. Montez said wrapping her arm around Gabriella. "Don't you want to make some friends while we're here. You know, someone to pal around with for the rest of the week."

"Not really," Gabby mumbled under her breath. She knew her mom really wanted her to go though, so she said, "Fine I'll go."

Ms. Montez clapped her hands together, jumping up and down excitedly. "Let's go pick out your outfit."

Gabriella sighed and looked up at the clock hanging on the wall. Four more hours till the party that she didn't care to go to would start.


A limo pulled up to the lodge a pile of expensive-looking pink luggage tied to the top of the sleek black car. All of the luggage hadn't fit in the car. But that was quite typical for one half of the Evans twins.

Sharpay Evans daintily stepped out of the limo, wearing a bright pink mini dress with pink pumps. Not exactly weather appropriate huh? She fluffed her bright blonde hair as she examined her reflection in an ice puddle on the sidewalk.

"Ryan!" Sharpay shrilled impatiently. "Get out of the limo!"

Ryan sighed and slipped out of the limo, pulling a gray sweater over his green pinstripe shirt and pulling his bright green beret down over his ears. "It's freezing." Ryan exclaimed as he hugged himself, shivering.

"I'm cold too!" Sharpay cried. "Give me your sweater!"

"No," Ryan said meekly. "It's not my fault you decided to dress like its 100 degrees outside."

"But, you're at least wearing a long-sleeve shirt," Sharpay pouted sticking out her lower lip. "Fine, that ugly sweater would clash with my fabulous outfit anyway!"

Ryan glared at her and said, "Let's just go inside, Shar."

The blonde twins walked through the revolving doors and took a seat in the lobby while they waited for the bellhop to gather all of their luggage. This might take a while.

"Why did we have to come here anyway?" Sharpay whined. "Couldn't Mommy and Daddy have picked like a beach or something? Somewhere where I could actually dress cute."

"The weather doesn't seem to be stopping you." Ryan mumbled.

"What did you just say?" Sharpay asked menacingly.

"Nothing!" Ryan said smiling sweetly at his sister.

"That's what I thought," Sharpay said smugly.

Ryan rolled his eyes slumping down on the sofa.

Finally, the bellhop came inside trying to push 2 carts at the same time. It wasn't working too well.

"Geez, Shar, did you have to bring so much?" Ryan asked, running over to the bellhop.

"I can push one of those carts," Ryan said, helpfully.

The bellhop smiled at Ryan and the both of them began pushing the carts to the elevator.

"Wait for me!" Sharpay cried, tottering in her four-inch pumps as she tried to catch up with them.


Ryan helped the bellhop carry his and Sharpay's bags into the three-bedroom suite Mr. and Mrs. Evans had booked for the family. Their parents had arrived the night before and had sent for Ryan and Sharpay early this morning.

Ryan took his beret off and began to fan his face with it. He wasn't really used to lifting things, or rather working out at all. The only kind of exercise he ever did was dancing. Dancing, singing, acting, Ryan did it all, along with Sharpay, of course. They had starred in the lead roles of every school play since kindergarten. So Ryan was fit, but not exactly strong.

"I'm bored," Sharpay complained as she lay on a chaise in the living room, rubbing her feet. They were pretty sore after wearing those killer shoes all day.

"Well," Ryan said irritatingly, "Why don't you help us with your bags?"

"I'm not that bored." Sharpay said laughing.

Suddenly, Sharpay's eyes caught sight of a cream envelope with Sharpay and Ryan Evans printed on it in gold lettering, hanging on the tree.

Sharpay raced over to the tree and plucked the letter off the tree, ripping the envelope open and scanning the contents of the letter.

Sharpay squealed and yelled, "RYAN!"

"What Shar?" Ryan asked exasperated as he dropped yet another matching pink suitcase that he guessed to weigh about one hundred pounds in Sharpay's room.

"We are going to a Christmas Eve party tonight!" Sharpay said excitedly.

"Do we have too?" Ryan asked glumly. He was really tired after their long day of traveling. All he really wanted to do was rehearse his try-out song for the winter musical and go to bed early.

"Ryan you have to come! You have to be my escort! I can't show up alone!" Sharpay exclaimed dramatically.

"Okay, okay…don't throw a fit!" Ryan said trying to calm her down. "Fine, I'll go with you."

"YAY!" Sharpay said hugging him.

"Oh my gosh, I only have three hours to get ready!" Sharpay screamed as she hurried into her room.

"Oh lord, only three hours," Ryan mumbled sarcastically as he tipped the bellhop.


Troy sighed as he sat next to his dad on a ski lift that was taking them to a mountainside coffee shop. He couldn't stop thinking about the girl he had seen by the elevators. She was so beautiful with her long dark hair and golden skin. He hadn't seen someone so exotically and naturally beautiful in a long time. Just one look at her and he was instantly attracted to her. He hoped he would run into her again.

"Troy…TROY!" his father yelled, waving his hands in front of Troy's face. "Snap out of it. We're here."

Troy shook his head and hopped off the ski lift, grabbing his snowboard. He'd had a pretty good run today, but he was wiped out. And freezing!

Troy relaxed as he walked into the coffee shop, instantly feeling the heater warm him up. Mr. Bolton and Troy took a seat in one of the booths and took their scarves and gloves off. After ordering two cups of coffee, Mr. Bolton's cell phone started to ring.

As he answered it, Troy drifted back into his thoughts. What would he do if he saw her again? Would he introduce himself? Would he wait for her to come to him?

Troy was brought back to reality when he realized his dad was getting out of the booth.

"Where are you going?" Troy asked.

"Didn't you just hear me? We're leaving," Mr. Bolton replied.

"But what about our drinks?" Troy asked confused.

"We have to go back to the Lodge. Your mom just called and told me that you are going to a kids party or something like that and we are going to some adult event so we have to get back and get ready."

Troy nodded. Ugh! He didn't want to go to some stupid party, when he could be snowboarding or playing basketball. Its not like he would know anyone at the party. Troy reluctantly bundled back up and grabbed his snowboard, following his dad out the door.


Gabriella stood in front of the full-length mirror in her room. She had pulled her long dark hair into a low ponytail flipped over her shoulder, the curls tumbling down. She was wearing a blue sweater and her favorite pair of jeans with brown boots.

"How do I look?" Gabriella asked her mother.

"You look beautiful Gabby!" Ms. Montez reassured her. "Now go knock those boys dead!"

Gabby blushed. Her mother turned around and Gabby quickly threw a book into her bag before her mom could notice.

"Bye Mom," Gabriella said as she walked out the door and began walking down the hallway toward the elevator, her arms folded across her chest and her heart pounding nervously.


Ryan sat on the bed in his room examining his sheet music, making sure everything was in his key. He had dressed hours ago, yet Sharpay still wasn't ready. He was wearing white corduroy pants, a pink polo, and a black beret atop his shock of blonde hair.

Ryan sighed as he realized it was time to go. He got up off the bed and walked over to Sharpay's door.
He tapped lightly on the door and said, "Shar are you ready yet?"

Sharpay opened the door ushering Ryan inside.

"Whoa, Shar, doncha you think the whole things a little too much?" Ryan asked in shock.

Sharpay was wearing a sparkling golden sequin dress with golden platform heels. Her hair was sleek and straight and she was wearing at least five layers of makeup.

"What?" Sharpay asked confused.

"Never mind," Ryan said rolling his eyes. "Let's just get this over with."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door before she could make herself look even scarier than she already did.


Troy pulled a black dress jacket over his blue button-up shirt, and started to walk out the door when his mom grabbed him by the hand and turned him around.

"Look at my handsome young man," Mrs. Bolton exclaimed smoothing down his jacket.

"Mom," Troy groaned.

"Sorry," his mom said giggling. "Have fun."

Troy nodded and left the hotel room, making his way towards the party room.


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